Waterproof motorcycle gear every rider should have

these waterproof motorcycle gloves

A reliable garment is a substantial thing for every motorcycle rider, especially during the rain. However, many riders fail to make the difference between “water-resistant” and “waterproof” gear. A water-resistant garment can be an excellent choice for a wet ride, but when the rain starts to fall it gets soaked wet. It’s not designed to get wet for a prolonged period. Waterproof gear, on the other hand, aims to keep you dry and warm despite the rain. More importantly, it’s designed to maintain the moisture out.

How will you know if the gear is waterproof or not?

When buying a waterproof motorcycle gear, there aren’t reliable ways to know if it’s 100% waterproof or not until you try it. However, there are some tricks to help you determine whether the garment is waterproof as the manufacturer claim or not.these waterproof motorcycle gloves

The first thing you need to look is the price. The chances that a high-quality motorcycle garment will be inexpensive are slim – be prepared to spend a decent amount of cash on it.

The second thing is the quality of design. Although some gear wears the “lightweight” tag, any experienced bikers would know that it simply cannot be of a high-quality nor waterproof. Plus, if you want a garment that will last a long time and comes with amenities like high collars, better design, or materials, you should go for the higher price.

Here are some suggestions on the gear every biker should have


these waterproof motorcycle glovesThe gloves are the essential piece of equipment for every rider, especially during the rain. Not only they are designed to keep your hands protected from physical injuries, but also to keep them warm and dry. These waterproof motorcycle gloves, for example, will help you get a firmer grip on the handlebars, which will make your riding experience more secure and fun.


Your hands are not the only thing you have to keep dry and warm during the rain. With a high-quality pair of overboots, your feet will be protected from the water and moisture. On the other hand, they will preserve the life of your boots by keeping them out of the water.


A high-quality motorcycle jacket will give you a kind support during the rain. Not only it would be functional in keeping you dry, but it will also keep you warm on the inside. Some jackets are made of durable material that will prevent the moisture from getting inside the jacket. Don’t have to worry about the comfort – a nicely designed motorcycle jacket will still keep you free to move no matter how thick the material is.

these waterproof motorcycle gloves

Rain covers

Although they seem lightweight, rain covers are made of a heavy-duty material, which provides you with the highest level of protection. Plus, your grip will be better, with less chance to lose the control over the bike. Additionally, rain covers have an excellent grip on your jacket, too, which will minimize the chances of getting wet.