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Tips to keep your classic car looking like new

If you are a car lover or you own a classic car that you truly appreciate, then you will know that dealing with classic cars can really be time consuming and without patience it is difficult to get it right. However, the labors of love I really worth it. If you think about having a classic car, you also need to be considering the maintenance of the car before you get one.

Here are some of the tips you need to keep your classic car looking new.

You Need A Car Cover And A Garage Storage

When you purchase a car cover that has been specifically made to suite your classic car, you will soon realize its one of the best things you can do to prevent anything from happening to the paint of your car and its appearance. There are different types of car covers, however, you will just want to get the one that best suite your car. Keeping your car clear from debris and dust will go a long way in protecting you car and one of the ways to do this is to have a soft skin car cover that will not create any form of bruises.

Having a garage where you park your classic car is almost as important as covering it. Not only that it protect your car from different hands touching it or different things falling it. Also having a garage protects your car from being stolen by people who have been admiring your care from far. Beyond that, during a damp weather, your need to look for something to protect you sleek beautiful car, get a dehumidifiers right there in the garage. The idea behind humidifying the to prevent excess moisture from causing your classic car to rust.

Determine Your Car’s Finishing

Many cars that are build prior to the 1990’s have a single stage paint, its just a kind of paint which do not include clear coat over the car’s paint. It feels like the old paint style is just a set up for fading style. You should respray your car again to protect the original finished paint from damage.

When waxing, cleaning and polishing your classic car, you need to be aware of the finish work done on the car or else you might see the paint cleaning away. Be very aware of the kind of finish work that is done on your car paint to avoid the paint damage.

Remove Scratch

There are different opinions on what to use to remove a car scratch; some have suggested the use of toothpaste. I will rather suggest the use of a good scratch car remover such as these classic vehicle paint repair kits here. You might in the process of using something you are not very sure of cause more damage to your car, so it better to use what you know and you are sure of.

Before Waxing, Remove Contaminants and Oxidation before Waxing

The condition of your classic car will determine how you should clean it to remove all contaminant and treat any oxidation that could or has occurred. Check your car out if it appears shiny, but rough, then you need to polish it. And if the paint is dull in the eyes then you need to go buffer it.