The history of the Road to Hana in Maui

Maui is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Hawaii and the Road to Hana in Maui is one of the greatest attractions in Maui that is worth visiting. Travelers from all around the world come to visit this beautiful island every year. All the visitors that come to Maui are interested in visiting this beautiful road as there are plenty of beautiful places that they can see while traveling on this road.

When we take a look at the ancient history of Maui, we see that there were no specific roads in Maui to travel from one place to another and people used to travel from one beach to another to reach different villages. This was very time consuming as the people had to travel a lot to go from one place to another that’s why many people were not interested in visiting this beautiful island. Here you can see the history of the road to Hana.

In 14th century, the first road built in Maui by the order of the emperor of that time. The emperor wanted to travel on foot from one place to another, therefore, a proper path was designed for him so he may not face any difficulty while travelling on the road. This took a lot of time but the first road in Maui was finally created.

The trend of building roads for different villages started in 18th century when several roads were built near oahu zipline. And this is the time when Road to Hana was built and it also became very popular during this era as it was used as a center point for all the roads. Everybody that wanted to travel from village to another had to travel on the road to Hana because it was the only road that was used to connect all the other roads.

In the 19th century, the Maui became very popular because of its natural beauty and several other aspect and many people started traveling to this beautiful island to create some memories. The road to Hana always became popular with the popularity of Maui. Several developments were made to this road during the 19th century so the visitors may feel more comfortable while traveling on this road.

During the 1970s the road was formed into a highway to provide extreme comfort to the travelers. Since then this road is widely being used to travel to several parts of the Maui. And everybody that comes to visit Maui wants to travel on this road because of the extreme popularity that this road has gained over time. Click Here and take a look at the detailed history of the road to Hana.