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This site is aimed at bringing you memories from the glory days of sportscar racing in the US.



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The Technical pages are divided into two parts

1-The main Chassis Lists page displays every race cars which ran in the IMSA series. From this page, you'll be directed to the Chassis List page for a typical model(eg Porsche 934) and you'll get two links per model :

a) link to the Introduction page for this specific model(Intro).
b) link to the Chassis List for this specific model(Chassis List).

a-The Intro page for each model will describe and tell you anything about this car. Technical data should be displayed :

Chassis #
Front track
Rear track

On the Intro page, you'll get a link to the Chassis List and a link to Car Profiles(if available).

b-The Chassis List Page will list every chassis # for a specific make/model.

2-The CarProfiles main page lists every specific car. It relates to any given car, built in a specific way. A link to some specific CarProfiles pages will be available on some Intro pages.

A list of specific cars will be covered. It is meant to be updated.
This tdst is not complete up until now. Every chassis # should be added whenever available.
This tdst features every owner, teams, drivers and car history.
Any miscellaneous info should also be added. Should this car have been sold, destroyed, rebuilt, or heavily modified.
If heavily modified/rebuilt by a new chassis builder, new chassis #?
Some of them cars have an unclear history. Many chassis # are even unavailable.
You can help improve this page if you own(ed) or drove one of the cars appearing in this page.
The Car profiles are much more specific pages about a very specific car. One car appearing in one of these pages may also appear in the Articles page. It just features much more historical data.

A car profile page will display some technical data about this car. It will also tell the story of this car, and anything which made this car so special.

The goal is to cover as many cars as possible.


- If you own or have any information about a car that was involved in this series, you can add your information.

Chassis #

- The chassis numbers will be displayed whenever available. You may contribute to this website if you can provide any information about any car.

- Every contributor will be properly credited.

The IMSA History Team