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Constructor Spice Engineering.
Chassis Sheet aluminium and honeycomb monocoque, with carbon fiber reinforcements.
Body Three piece Kevlar and carbon fiber.
Suspension Front double wishbone pushrod, rear upper rocker arms with lower wishbones.
Gearbox Hewland DGB or DG400 5speed.
Wheelbase : 2720mm
Front track 1490mm
Rear track 1475mm
Engine 60 degree L4 3000cm3 330hp at 8500rpm, 6 Weber carburetors 4 dohc, 2 valves/cylinder, dry sump.

Gordon Spice and Ray Bellm formed Spice Engineering in 1985. Gordon Spice was a successful race driver, and he also was a successful businessman. His automotive parts concern helped him fuel his racecar workshop. He would become a race car builder in 1986, when Pontiac would get in touch with him and secure a contract with him. Pontiac Motorsport dictated the bodyshape of the car and a joint development project was set up between the two companies. The Spice Fiero GTP was born. The car was to bear a resemblance with the Pontiac Fiero and use the Pontiac super duty powerplant. The monocoques were built to designer Graham Humphrey's drawings by B.S Fabrications. They were built at the Spice works located near the Silverstone race track. The Spice SE87C was a revised version of rhe Fiero, with the same bodywork. Four teams would purchase those chassis, taking ten victories out of sixteen races, but the title went to Jim Downing, who was more consistent.  Chassis list