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Constructor Spice Engineering.
Chassis Aluminium honeycomb and carbon fibre monocoque with machined aluminium bulkheads assembled at Spice Engineering.
Body Carbon fibre and Kevlar.
Suspension Double wishbone front and rear suspension.
Gearbox Hewland DGB 5 speed.
Wheelbase : 2720mm
Front track 1490mm
Rear track 1475mm
Engine Buick 4,5 litre V6 (4.000" bore by 3.625" stroke). Aluminium stage 2 heads. Kinsler injection manifold. MBE ECU fitted.
Ferrari 90° Alloy V8 3,0L Dual Overhead Camshafts Two Valves per Cylinder Weber 40 DCNF Carburettors Ignition System : Magneti-Marelli

Spice Engineering entered IMSA Racing in 1986 by using the GM look-alike , and powered by the Iron Duke Pontiac engine. It would last two years. In 1988, Spice was freed from the contractual need to use such bodywork, and the SE range was born. A true customer car, which could host a variety of powerplants. Cars were always fast, but it was not before 1989 that it took the Lights crown. Scott Schubot and Linda Ludemann won the title with a Buick powered car. The following season saw Tomas Lopez do the same with a works entered car. Such cars were also to be entered in the GTP class, with Pontiac or Buick powerplant as well. They were nimble on street circuits, but lacked the power to challenge the Porsche, Jaguar and Nissan racers, which dominated the Championship. By the end of 1990, rules were Modified in favour of pushrod engines, but with no significant results.

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