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Constructor Porsche AG.
Chassis Aluminum monocoque.
Body GRP with carbon-fiber reinforcements.
Suspension Front wishbones, coil springs over dampers. Rear : rocker arms, coil springs over dampers
Gearbox 5 speed Manual.
Wheelbase : 2650mm
Front track 1473mm
Rear track 1448mm
Engine Type 962/72 B6 Location Mid, longitudinally mounted, Construction alloy block and head Displacement 2.6L to 3,2L Bore / Stroke 95.0 mm (3.7 in) / 70.4 mm (2.8 in) Compression 9.5:1 Valvetrain 4 valves / cylinder, DOHC Fuel feed Bosch Fuel Injection Aspiration 2 KKK Turbos Power 780 bhp / 582 KW @ 8200 rpm

The prototype 962-001 ran once at Daytona and then was kept by the works as a test and display car. The 962s differed from the 956s in that the pedalbox had to lie behind the axis of the front wheels. While some cars were to be used exclusively by the Rothmans squad and later by Joest Racing, customers production of the chassis began in april 1984. Further modifications included the addition of a steel rollcage. Five IMSA 962s were constructed for the 1984 season. Work was under way on a larger engine, but in the meantime the 934 derived 2.8 litre engine was used. As well as the official factory produced bodyworks, a large number of honeycomb and/or carbonfibre clones were to be produced by a variety of fabricators, John Thompson's TC Prototypes and Fabcar to name a few. The Porsche 962 would have a very successful career, and it would also be extremely durable. It would undergo some body and underbody modifications, such as nose-mounted nose aerofoils, engine bay suction cooling fans. Engines would progress from 2,6L to 3,2L with time, with various bore/stroke 4valve/2valve turbocharger/compression ratio. The adoption of the Motronic 1.7 series, combined with the adoption of the turbocharger wastegate gave the car an extra 50hp, which was more than welcome. The cars would have hard times when it came to remaining up to date, but they still were able to win races, as the last one was Daytona 1991, nearly ten years after the birth of this legendary car.

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