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Constructor Pontiac Motorsports.
Chassis Steel tubing space frame. Chrome molybdene
Body Fiberglass reinforced plastic.
Suspension Front : Independant, unequal-length control arms, coil springs, anti-roll bar. Rear : idem plus one lateral toe-control link. Bilstein coil-over absorbers.
Gearbox 4speed.
Wheelbase : 2373mm
Front track 1422mm
Rear track 1412mm
Engine GTU Rear mounted L4 Super Duty 2,7L or 3,0L Pontiac/Kinsler mechanical fuel injection, 275hp.
GTO V6 or V8 4,5L up to 500hp at 7500rpm, 6 Weber carburetors, iron block and head.

John Callies designed this beautiful mid engine racer. It featured a chrome moly tubular chassis, , a Pontiac-Kinsler fuel injection 4 cylinder, V6 or V8 small block. Hewland Gearbox DCB 5 speed manual gearbox(GTO) or 4speed (GTU); Spice front and rear suspension; pontiac fiero fiberglass body, neumatics lift system; dual MSD system. Both ends were fitted with adjustable rollbars. Brake calipers were from Hurst Airheart. Fuel tank location was central. GM designed ignition system with adjustable rev limiter. Quartermaster dual plate clutch. Different fuel injection systems have been tried in the search for power and reliability. Clay Young entered the first one in 1984 and fared well, taking two victories in his first season. Huffaker built many chassis, and later GTO versions would fight against the big bore cars. Bob Earl took two wins in 1987 in the Spice built Dingman Bros car. Jeff Hazel would supervise the car evolution. It featured many Spice components.

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