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Constructor Fabcar Inc.
Chassis Steel spaceframe with aluminum and carbon fiber panels.
Body steel doors, hood and engine cover.
Suspension Front : Double A-arm/ inboard coil-shock units with push rod. Rear : double A-arm/ high mount coil shock unit.
Gearbox Hewland 5speed.
Wheelbase : 2475mm
Front track 1625mm
Rear track 1581mm
Engine Mazda 26B rotary engine(4rotor) 2616cm3. 600hp/8500rpm.

The Mazda RX7 quadrirotor was powered by the R26B engine. This engine was to develop as much as 600hp in competition trim and was slightly detuned for the longest events. The car weighed less than 2300lbs and stood on 14"5 wide tires. The car was able to post very high cornering speeds. But, it was as strong as the big V8 cars. It was lighter and very reliable, though. This project was a radical departure for Mazda Competition. Ken Kinoshita had initiated the program, obtained the funding from Mazda Japan, and secured the services of Lee Dyjkstra and Dave Klym for the construction of the cars. Jim Downing's team was to field and develop the cars. The roof and windshield were the only actual parts from a RX7. Cars would run on regular unleaded gasoline. Cars were entered in 1990 and 1991, with Pete Halsmer taking the GTO title in 1991. Then, the cars were not to be entered anymore, nor sold to any private team.