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Constructor Lola Cars.
Chassis Aluminum honeycomb monocoque with carbon-fiber reinforcements. designed by Eric Broadley.
Body GRP with carbon-fiber reinforcements.
Suspension Traditional wishbone and coil/dampers front and rear. Lockheed outboard brakes, Bilstein shocks, Gotti rims.
Gearbox Hewland 5speed.
Wheelbase : 2650mm
Front track 1473mm
Rear track 1448mm
Engine Engine : Mazda 13B 2 rotor, water cooled, cast-iron block side housings, aluminum rotor housing, chrome-moly epitrochoid surface 2 plain rotor boss bearings, steel eccentric shaft, cast iron rotors, carbon/aluminum apex seals, 1 each peripheral inlet and exhaust port, 2 plugs Nippon Denso mechanical injection 300hp at 8500rpm
4 in line, water cooled unblown 1975cc(designed by Matty Holzberg) Graphite and glass-fiber reinforced Amoco Chemicals TORLON(Hart BDA based) block. Ceramic-lined TORLON head with steel camshafts DOHC, belt driven, Nikasil wet aluminum liners, 5 plain main bearings, steel crankshaft, TORLON con rods, alloy capped TORLON pistons, 4 valves per cylinder, 1 plug

Eric Broadley found the time to develop a new chassis while concentrating on the Corvette GTP(which were the T710 and T711). It was a further development of the T610 series which ran in 1982 and 1983. BF Goodrich would back the car, thus it would be required to use the radial tires produced by the make. Jim Busby Racing would take in charge the maintenance and preparation of the cars. The tiny Mazda 13B engine would be used. Four tubs were constructed, three of them going to the tire manufacturer, and the fourth one went to Matty Holzberg, who was willing to fit his plastic motor in this specific chassis. When the Lola T616 Mazda first took to the track, it featured a modified 13B rotary engine and was rated at 300-horsepower. As with all rotary engines, the T616 lacked the displacement of competitors' engines, but more than made up for this short-coming with incredible, high-revving reliability and the engine's small size and low weight.

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