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Constructor Lola Cars Ltd
Chassis aluminium honeycomb monocoque with carbon fiber reinforcements. Designed by Eric Broadley.
Body GRP with carbon fiber reinforcements.
Suspension traditional wishbone and coil/dampers front and rear. Lockheed outboard brakes. Bilstein shocks. BBS rims.
Gearbox Hewland 5 speed.
Wheelbase : 2650mm
Front track 1473mm
Rear track 1448mm
Engine Chevrolet small block.

The Lola T600 was a low-cost, easy to run prototype race car. It was also adapted to a wide variety of motors. The cars were produced back in 1981 and immediately competitive against the Porsche 935s. They featured a full length sheet and honeycomb aluminium monocoque chassis with outboard suspension and twin 60 liter tanks. The car would accept a variety of engine options. Lola was never very advanced in aerodynamics." So Broadley went looking for help. In 1980, one of the few people who know anything about ground-effects aerodynamics was an engineer named Max Sardou, who was associated with the famous SERA Eiffel wind tunnel where work was currently being done on a ground-effects chassis for BMW. Lola hired Sardou as an advisor. Venturis started from under the cockpit floor and GRP bodywork. The Lola's front suspension was typical of the era's racing cars with upper and lower wishbones fabricated from steel tubing and a coil-over spring/shock unit set behind the arms. Rack and pinion steering was mounted high on the bulkhead, and 13-inch Dunlop vented discs, BBS-style centerlock alloys, and Goodyear racing tires lurked inside the wheelwells. Lola intentionally routed its ground-effects tunnels so as to leave the engine bay large enough for most any racing engine its customers might select. Later some customers would start fitting their own composite panels.

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