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Constructor Fabcar Engineering
Chassis Sheet aluminium, riveted and bonded semi monocoque. Side-mounted water and oil radiators.
Body Color impregnated gel coasted kevlar and GRP. Porsche 962 laminated wind screen.
Suspension Front double unequal length wishbones with outboard Koni coil/dampers. All up rights and arms fabricated in heat-treated 4130 chrome Moly by Fabcar. Porsche spindles, bearings and cv joints. Cabin ajustable roll bar. Porsche 962 calipers and ventilated discs outboard.
Gearbox Porsche Quick change or Hewland DG5 speed with remote mounted coolers.
Wheelbase : ####mm
Front track ####mm
Rear track ####mm
Engine Porsche 901 opposed 6 cylinder, water cooled heads and air cooled cylinders with boxer fan. 2 valves per cylinder, 1 plug.

Dave Klym's Fabcar have been introduced in 1985, when he launched a small prototype fitted with a Flat 6 Porsche engine. The Lights chassis was designed by himself. The very First race saw an immediate success when Elliot Forbes-Robinson drove the car to a class victory at Road Atlanta. This proved to be the sole one in 1985, however. During one year and a half, the Fabcar Porsche had a frustrating season, running most of the time in the middle of the pack. The cars were sold and later entered by the White-Allen Team, who had a host of semi-pro drivers. The 1987 season was to prove somewhat successful, however, with five wind taken by the Team. This Chassis 001 set an all-time IMSA record with over 5200 racing miles in one year, without one single mechanical failure. The car continued to offer podium finishes for the team until its retirement in 1989. Among notable drivers who co-drove this car were 1996 Indy 500 Champion Buddy Lazier, actors Lorenzo Lamas and Perry King, plus ZZ Top drummer Frank Beard.

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