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Constructor March Engineering Ltd
Chassis Aluminium monocoque. 120 fuel tank.
Body Lightweight aluminium composite, stretched tails and extended wings.
Suspension Standard BMW M1 package.
Gearbox Hewland LG600 5 speed.
Wheelbase : 2560mm
Front track 1549mm
Rear track 1575mm
Engine S6 3,5L.

BMW commissioned March to build a Group 5 version of its supercar. Many people would be surprised by this fact. Providing considerably more scope for development than Group 4, Group 5 dictated little more than a vague resemblance between a racing car and the 400 road-going machines on which they were based. March's chief designer, Robin Herd, led the exciting programme, BMW Motorsport taking responsibility for the engine whilst everything else was done in England on their behalf. These two companies had already forged a successful alliance in Formula 2 and sports car racing, March having been granted exclusive use of BMW's two-litre powerplant during the early 1970's. For this car, John Gentry created an all-new aluminium monocoque that was much lighter and stronger than before. It had been designed to initially accomodate the familiar Group 4 spec motor although an 800bhp twin turbocharged unit was in development back in Germany. As the full house engine wouldn't be available until after the 1979 Le Mans, a short-term measure saw Rand Linger of Freiburg supply 480bhp versions of the straight six mated to a Hewland LG600 gearbox. The striking bodywork was fabricated from a mixture of lightweight aluminium and composite and resembled the production M1 in just its basic outline, this thanks mainly to a massive new front spoiler, stretched tail and extended wings. 2 cars were effectively built and run in IMSA. The first one should make one appearance at the 1980 Daytona 24 Hour race, with Patrick Neve, Mike Korten and Ian Grob, ending up a lowly 43rd, while the second car was sold to Jim Busby, who ran it in the first half of the 1980 season. Underpowered, the car would be granted a 5,0L Chevrolet engine!

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