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Constructor March Racing.
Chassis March 86G aluminium honeycomb monocoque, design by Robin Herd and Adrian Newey.
Body carbon fibre and Kevlar composite, designed by Manfred Rennen.
Suspension conventional coil/damper and wishbone front and rear. BBS rims. Goodyear tires.
Gearbox March 86T 5 speed.
Wheelbase : 2685mm
Front track 1565mm
Rear track 1539mm
Engine BMW M12/14 4-in-line, water-cooled, blown. 89.2X80.0mm/2000cc Semi-stressed chassis member Single Garrett AiResearch turbocharger. Iron block(linerless), aluminium head. Mahle light alloy pistons. Goetze rings. DOHC, gear driven, 4 valves/cylinder, 1 plug, Bosch Motronic. Up to 800bhp.
BMW had already entered the GTP fray with an early version of the future March GTPs. The BMW 81P would be a flop before the project would be later dropped. BMW purchased a March 85G chassis in order to build their own car around it. Using their 2,0L turbo engine, the bodywork was built by McLaren North America, and it was to be driven by David Hobbs. The 86G chassis were specifically built for BMW North America, and six of them were finally built. The beginning of the 1986 season was marred by some bonfires which had become quite commonplace in the first half season. A victory was to be taken by Davy Jones and John Andretti at Watkins Glen in September. By the end of the season, after some strong showings, the team was disbanded and two chassis were sold to Gianpiero Moretti.

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