A very important year, with the advent of the 12 Hour of Sebring race. Bill France was not prone to back up the event but he was proved wrong.

Second title for Peter Gregg, but he had to wait for the very last race, as for 1972, to be crowned.

Peter Gregg-Hurley Haywood and Dave Helmick won the 12 Hours of Sebring in a Porsche Carrera RS owned by the latter. Michael Keyser and Milt Minter finished second whie John Greenwood, Ron Grable and Michael Brockman finished third in a Chevrolet Corvette. Vince Gimondo and Billy Dingman won the TO class in a Chevrolet Camaro, with Dan Moore and David McCullogh second in a Ford Mustang. Don Lindley, Steve Behr and Brian Goellnicht won the GTU class in a Porsche 911, George Stone and Mike Downs were second. Jim Grob and Juan Montalvo won the TU class in a BMW 2002.

Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood won the second race at Daytona in the Brumos car, just ahead of Dave Heinz, in the RED Chevrolet Corvette. Michael Keyser was next, in the Toad Hall Porsche Carrera RS. Maurice Carter was the winner of the TO class in his Chevrolet Camaro. Jim Cook and Bob Bergstrom were the GTU class winners in a Porsche 911, George Rollin took second in a Porsche 911. Juan Montalvo and Jim Grob again took the TU class in their BMW 2002.

At Pocono, Maurice Carter and Tony de Lorenzo won the race in a Chevrolet Camaro, beating the Porsche Carrera RS driven by Michael Keyser and Steve Behr. Gene Felton and Robert Hennig finished third. Bob Bergstrom and Jim Cook were the GTU winners, beating Ed Wachs and George Dickinson who drove a Porsche 911. Ray Walle, Bob Speakman and Richard Schuck won the TU class in a Mazda RX2, Dave Nicholas and John Magee were second in a BMW 2002.

Gene Felton earned the victory at the Daytona Paul Revere race in his Chevrolet Camaro 7,0L. Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood were in the same lap, followed by Maurice Carter, who owned the TO class. Bob Bergstrom again won the GTU class, far ahead of Pedro Vasquez in a Porsche 911. Phil Dermer won the TU class in a BMW 2002, while George Cheyne finished second in a Ford Pinto.

The Mid Ohio race was dominated by the Ford Capri RS driven by Horst Kwech-Harry Theodoracopoulos, but they would have to let the Porsche Carrera RS driven by Michael Keyser-Bob Beasley go by. Ike Knupp and Allan Barker were second at the finish. The Ford Capri finished third, winning the TO class. Bob Bergstrom and Jim Cook won again the GTU class, while Frank Harmstad and Jim Lynch were second. Dave Nicholas and John Magee took a first TU class win in a BMW 2002. Ray Walle was a distant second.

The Lime Rock race, a two heat race, saw Michael Keyser win the first one, ahead of Peter Gregg and Sam Posey, who drove a John Greenwood Chevrolet Corvette. Peter Gregg won the second heat, and the race, just ahead of Warren Agor in a Chevrolet Camaro. Bob Bergstrom still dominated the GTUs, in the first heat, but Ludwig Heimrath won the second one, with Bruce Jennings taking second. Dave Nicholas and John Magee won both heats in the TU class.

At Road Atlanta, a new victory for Peter Gregg, beating again Horst Kwech while Michael Keyser ended up third. Ludwig Heimrath won the GTU class over Jim Cook and Bob Beasley. Dave Nicholas and John Magee were the only TU entrants, so the race was theirs.

Peter Gregg mastered the Indianapolis race, which was dominated by Horst Kwech and Harry Theodoracopoulos, in their nice Ford Capri RS. Michael Keyser and Tony Adamowicz finished second, ahead of the Ford, who took the TO class. Ludwig Heimrath won again the GTU, beating John Hotschkis-Bob Kirby. Ray Walle and Ray Kraftson gave Mazda another TU win.

The Daytona Finale was dominated by the Chevrolet Camaro driven by Warren Agor, until he got into trouble, then Peter Gregg took the lead and he cruised to victory. He took the title in this last race. Warren Agor finished second, winning the TO class. Michael Keyser and Mike Downs were next. Ludwig Heimrath was dominant in GTU, Bob Beasley was second and George Dickinson-Ed Wachs third. Phil Dermer won the TU class.

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