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This site is aimed at bringing you memories from the glory days of sportscar racing in the US.



IMSA History news

 Some links have been disabled. They should be available very soon. Stay tuned !

 Galleries have been redesigned. They should be updated every week.

 Articles are now published via an embedded blog.

 Links to Forms will be included in various pages. You will be able to add content such as stories, car data or personal memories.

 Articles are now part of a brand new blog powered by Wordpress, and embedded within the webste. You will be able to contribute, comment or add content if you wish.

 I have been saddened by the sudden passing of Patrick Paternie, who contributed to this website. RIP Patrick.

 Updates link now available from the Homepage(to the right)

 Stories about specific cars should also be added.

 Overall standings to be added every now and then.

 Online Database to be included within IMSA History website.

 CarProfile Menu to be added for easier access. Go to Tech Data>Car Profile List.

 Stay tuned for more information!

 The imsahistory forum has been closed definitively, due to a lack of activity. I must admit that it's a shame, but I cannot spend my time taking care about a project which appears to be doomed. I would like to say that something kind of similar should be introduced within this website. Please consider being a part of this community. Thanks!

 A new Database Intro page has been set up in order to give everybody a more acute grasp of the whole thing. You should get much more information about this special project which should evolve with time.

 The Database links are about to be available as a whole : it's just a matter of weeks. The 1971 thru 1993 seasons should be available, and should cover every aspect of the cars entered in the IMSA Camel GT series. It should also evolve on a regular basis. Some of you drivers have contributed, and I thank you for this, but many things remain to get done. You can find some useful information pertaining to the Database development, such as car evolution, links and more.

 Contributions are welcome. Why not share some of your magazines or pictures? Please contact me here.

 Seasontalk pages are fragments of information gathered from any source and related to specific seasons. It is some kind of chatter, and will talk about anything IMSA. Whether it be drivers, cars, team owners or specific events.

 A new Facebook page has been set up. This page will allow the Facebook fans to keep in touch with the website. Take a look at the Facebook badge on the bottom left of this page.

 The Technical area is kind of different. The CarProfile pages should deal with very specific cars, entered and driven by a specific driver or team.

 The Technical pages, dealing with cars that were somewhat widespread, are much more related to a specific make/model, entered by many different teams. They are strongly similar, but with some slight differences due to preparation. Those pages are not quite complete. Missing data is strongly needed.

 Drivers Portraits is a short resume of the drivers career. The Story section is their personal story, in their own words.

 Links to videos are added on a weekly basis. They are an easy way to access those Youtube videos from within this website. They are embedded and easily viewable thanks to Apture.

 Miscellaneous page to be added about Teams and People. Everything about IMSA, i.e anecdotes, unwritten stories or anything else. It should become your favorite page.

 Check out my Facebook page for much more information about this project. Unpublished galleries and testimonials wil be added in a regular basis.