IMSA History FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

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Race results : is it a work in progress?

Of course, because they have been extracted from the Yearbooks. Updates just mean that original entry lists provide some entrants who have not actually entered the race, but they were on the early entry forms. They are listed for informational purposes. So, they are updated whenever we grab new info.

What if I find a mistake?

It may happen! Please contact me in order to correct it as soon as possible.

May I contribute to the IMSA History website?

You are welcome to do so. I would appreciate any contribution such as race results, stories, pictures or anything related to the IMSA Camel GT golden years. Every contributor will be credited.

If you wish to help the IMSA History website grow, you are encouraged to contribute in any way you want. Pictures, race programs, entry lists, race reports and memorabilia are welcome. Please contact me.

I would like to have my banner displayed.

You can do so by getting in touch with me. You can have your banner displayed on the main page for a reasonable price.


Galleries are meant to grow on a weekly basis. They are yearly based, and should also get richer. Contributions from photographers, as well as from spectators will be credited to their respective owners.

Cars for sale : how can I have my car displayed?

If you wish to put your beloved racer for sale, you may do so. A dedicated page has been set in order to help owners and buyers get in touch.

Please take a look at the dedicated page.

Mailing list.

If you wish to belong to the IMSA History community, please send me your email address. You'll receive a confirmation email. Then, you'll get a notification each time the IMSA History website is updated.

Database : how is it organized?

One of the biggest challenge tackled by this website. Every single car which did at least one race is bound to be a part of this huge database. It's also a work in progress, which should grow steadily but slowly.

Please take a look at the Database page.

Chassis lists : my car does not appear in the roster.

If your car does not appear in the dedicated chassis list, you may also contact me to add it as soon as possible. Please send me any accurate data in order to update the listing.

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Car profiles : which cars?

Any specific cars are bound to be added to this page. Please note that this page is dedicated to outstanding cars. If you want to have your car displayed in this page, please contact me.

Tech files : what is the difference?

Tech files are meant to provide some basic technical data about cars that were involved in the IMSA Camel GT series.


Wether you wish to say hello or get in touch in a more complete way. Sign up the guestbook!

Drivers' stories.

Get involved! You drivers may want to tell your own story or share your memories. Please get in touch with me.

Any missing feature?

If you think something interesting could be added to this website, any suggestion is welcome. You are also welcomed to vote if you feel that a forum would be a welcome addition. Please get in touch with me.

Owners registry.

This page is dedicated to the current owners of the cars that were involved in the IMSA series. If you own a car and feel that it should be registered, please get in touch.

Please take a look at the dedicated page.

Artwork : may I have my work displayed?

Of course! As long as it is related to the IMSA Camel GT series.

Please take a look at the dedicated page.