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"I purchased a Camaro from Mo Carter as a roller in the spring of 68 for $1800. He had driven it on the 69 Shell 4000 Cross Canada Rally before club racing it that summer. It was a very basic car, just a roll cage, drum brakes on the rear, and street Koni shocks. It was one of the first Z 28's imported into Canada by his dealership City Chev in Hamilton Ontario. This car was a work in progress. My previous racing experience was with a 998cc Mini, so it was a steep learning curve. A friend built an almost stock 302 engine for me and we did a few club races in 68 at Harewood and Mosport before trying the T/A at the Glen that year. A racing friend Rick Stevens co-drove that race with me at the Glen. He also raced that 4 hr. 67 Sebring T/A race with his Mini. At that Glen race, we had front suspension problems, and just limped the car home. Despite this, we finished 7th in the over 2 litre class and 12 o/a. We learned that we had a long way to go to be somewhat competitive, even as a privateer. Note that in the race I waved Jerry Titus by during a caution period as we were very slow with problems. Later after the race there was a meeting with the stewards as Jerry had been called for passing under the yellow. I assured them I had waved him by and Jerry's victory was allowed to stand.

I sold the car as a roller, at the end of 68, to Al Richards in Toronto. Al was a mechanic by trade and had a drag racing background. I managed to con him into trying the Sebring 12 hr. in 69 if I supplied the engine. It was quite the adventure and Rick Stevens and I managed to finish 3rd in the over 2 touring class and 25th o/a. That summer I co-drove that car at the Mid Ohio T/A with GM engineer Dick Hoffman (who later built 2 1970/71 T/A camaros, one of which I owned and raced in 1980 in 3 T/A races) Dick had already been racing with Dave Horchler in a 67 Camaro (H & H Racing). I've had some email contact recently with Dave, but Dick sadly died in a road crash in the mid eighties in CA. I continued on driving for Al Richards till the end of 72. We had no budget and the prize money we won helped us thru.. My job was to keep the car in one piece and find us a tow vehicle for each race. I had to borrow one from friends for each race. I was also very good at scrounging spare parts in the paddock. One time at Mid Ohio we needed some front brake parts and actually went out into the parking area, found a Z 28 and jacked up the guy's car, and removed the parts, and left a note on his window saying we would be back after the race. The guy was thrilled that he was able to help us out - imagine!

Rick Stevens and I have thought all along it was also raced by Mo Carter in 70, but not 100% certain on this - are doing some investigative digging on that. That red camaro was later sold to Leon Alain in PQ and was destroyed in a garage fire in 75. By the end of 72 the 67 was old, and worn out, and we could see the writing on the wall for the series. It was sold to a stock car racer who wrecked it at Pinecrest Speedway, near Toronto. I managed to contact the stock car driver's son a few years ago and asked him what happened to the car. He said it got "bent" and was parted out. No idea what happened to the remains, except that the 12 bolt rear end was in his street camaro. It was a great time, running with the "Big Dogs". If you check out both our results on ultimateracinghistory.com you can see which IMSA Camel GT races we were in with that camaro. That previous photo of Rick leaning against the car was taken at Mid Ohio in 72. I was scheduled to drive at the Daytona Nov. IMSA with Cam Champion in his big block Corvette but only did a few practise laps - he drove the whole race by himself.

Those early days in IMSA were good days. John and Peggy were very supportive of the racers. I can remember going to Pocono in 73 and we blew ihe tranny in practise and never got to race. They even refunded our entry! Many of the Trans Am cars in 71 and 72 also raced in those early IMSA races - some racers did both series, but it was hard to compete against big block cars with puny 302 engines. My racing was done at the end of 73 at the eastern tracks, as I moved to BC in the spring of 74 and raced a 72 Cortina in club races at Westwood from 74-76. Went back east from 77- July 80 before moving back to BC for good. Did a few more T/A races in 80 but no IMSA races. I keep my hand in it with half ownership of an 86 SCCA A sedan car that a friend drives. Have just recently got started with an old 67 camaro that a friend wants to replicate as my original 67 camaro T/A car.

Always thought that IMSA in the hands of John and Peggy was a good deal for the racers. The story should be told of those early days."

Robert Barg and co-driver Rick Stevens leaning on the car at Mid Ohio 1973.