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"If my memory serves me correctly my first IMSA race with the NAFT team (North American Ferrari Team) in 1982. The gear box broke after about 16 hours. The year I came close to winning was 1983. The race was called early because of the heavy rain. At one point we had lapped the entire field. Water got into the distributor and we fell behind finishing 2nd. Blue Thunder Racing team was a team I owned. Bill Whittington helped me by being a codriver and friend. He introduced me to Keith Leighton who became the crew chief for Blue Thunder Racing.

The 1984 season brings back memories that are awe inspiring. Such as leading Sebring and going off the track, busting the radiator and limping into the pits and the crew fixes the car and we finish 2nd. We won the L.A. Grand Prix! And the next week at Laguna Seca I had been running 2nd but couldnt pass the Red Lobster March. As I went by the pits on the last lap my crew chief and crew guys were on the wall shaking their fists telling me to pass this guy. Approaching the corkscrew I was able to get the nose inside of the Red Lobster March and that's all I needed! Won it on the last lap! We won the title at the next to last race of the year, Watkins Glen. The team was ecstatic. My wife and I along with friends flew to New York City and partied at Club 21. Life was good!

You ask how I feel now. Do you mean regarding racing or how things turned out? Of course I have many regrets. I feel like the struggle that has been constant for the last two decades (the struggle to gain my freedom) has made me appreciate the little things in life. I have an abundance of gratitude for the people that are in my life. This struggle has made me become aware of my inner awareness. Life is what we make it. I practice daily Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and meditate. Through these positive practices I have learned to remove my errors in thinking and to let go of any regrets.....by living in the truth. Life is good!"

Randy Lanier at Mid Ohio 1984.