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"Thank you very much for your great work in securing and telling the story of the hay days of IMSA and sports car racing in general. It is appreciated more than you know that you do this for the sports car drivers, teams and fans out there. I was at the Long Beach Grand Prix last weekend talking with some of my driver buddies from back in the day. Billy Auberlen and I were talking about how great the racing was back then and how large the fields of cars were. I was talking with some other people about the great names that were in the series back then. Great racing and great times in sports car racing for sure.

Up until the end of the 1992 racing season, there were 4 major racing series in America. NASCAR, NHRA, CART and IMSA. When the factories pulled out of IMSA after the 1992 season and businessmen with no particular racing passion took over, the wonderful days of the (visionary) John Bishop run series was over and (for all intents and purposes) it's still on life support. While IMSA and CART (and the IRL fiasco) were working overtime to do everything they could to ruin what they had, NASCAR and NHRA just kept marching along doing what they have done well for over 50 years. It is very sad for me to see what has happened to open wheel and sports car racing in America. Hopefully someday, both series will rise to prominence again.

IMSA was such a good series that it allowed my team, operating as a privateer team (with some factory support) to be the first "privateer" team in the history of IMSA, to be sponsored by a Fortune 500 company. I actually ended up securing many more Fortune 500 marketing partners because of IMSA's reach through substantial electronic and print media coverage. We had a great TV package with ESPN and races were shown in re-broadcasts numerous times. WE also had great newsprint coverage and exposure in the IMSA "Arrow" magazine, On Track, Racer and may more publications. It was a very special time in racing and I was glad that I was a part of it."

Don Swanson at Long Beach 1990.