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GTU Porsche 911 #89 and Porsche 914-6 #85

"Tom Barrick owned the 911 and John Hulen, Ron Copeland and I owned the 914-6. The 914-6 was a carry-over from our SCCA CP effort in 1971 and 1972. We converted the CP car to a closed 914-6 and entered it in the 1973 Sebring 12 hour. John Hulen, Ron Jones and I would share the 914-6 Tom Barrick entered the 911 for Dave Causey, Ed Taylor and me. I as going to try to be drive both cars and try to get points in both. Needless to say, this didn't happen. The 914 had mechanical problems. Sorry, I don't remember what exactly happened. The 911 came home and we finish our very first IMSA event. All the guys involved in both cars were from the Indy area and had been involved in SCCA for some time. Dave Causey being the "biggest name" with his Can-Am successes in the early 70's. As the year went on, my interest in the 914-6 was turned over to Ron and John and I would never race the 914 again. Ron Copeland and John Hulen campaigned this car for several years.

Dave Causey and I would continue to drive the 911 with some success in the 1973 - 77 season. We won the Porsche Cup in one of those years, don't remember which one. I do remember the Ontario race in 1973 or 1974 as being one of our better efforts that went south during a pit stop. We realized that we were a little faster overall in GTU and a couple of the CA. guys but they were faster on the long front straight. So, we use a good qualifying strategy to make sure we were in front of these guys. All went to plan until our first pit stop. The guy manning the fuel filler was a good friend of Tom's and he was new to us. So before the event, I told him that it was going to seem like the refueling was taking forever. Well, we came in with a decent advantage over the competition. The fueling went on and on!! After about, what seemed like an eternity, Tom had the fuel guy pull the fueling hose and sent me out. A lap or two later they called me back in and the fueling went without a hitch. But this time out we were right behind the guy that was slightly slower and we never could get around him. So a good day ruined. And another lesson learned.

It turned out we didn't take the rag out of the end of fuel lose before installing the actual metal probe. One of the highlights of that weekend was having John Bishop invite our little team to a party in Costa Mesa. This was a very high-end party and we took full advantage of the generous portions of adult beverages on hand. At one point we discussed letting the tropical fish in this huge 150 - 200 gallon tank in the living room, out to play. Fortunately, we didn't get that carried away. We did try to push EFR into the pool. No luck there either... thank God! The only other thing I seem to remember was the yard had a plaque saying that this was voted the nicest yard in Costa Mesa. It was like a golf green......."

Don Parish and Dave Causey on the grid at Mid Ohio in 1975.