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"In my early years I was a huge fan of John Morton from the 2.5 TranAm series in his Datsun 510 but, I have to say my biggest influence was Peter "Perfect" Greg in his Porsches. I remember driving by myself from the small town I was from in Oregon all the way down to Laguna Seca each summer in central California just to watch him driving his 935's. I still have the photo's I took hanging on my wall to this day. Of course being from Oregon another Porsche hero of mine was Monte Shelton of Portland Oregon. I first starting racing in AutoX (Solo1 type) when I was 16 in my 66 Corvair then later I went to a 76 Capri and the next year I got a 1973 Porsche 911E that I ran rather successfully. After I finished College I loaded up my Porsche and moved to Manhattan Beach, California. It wasn't 6 months and I bought a 1979 Datsun 280ZX fully prepared GTU car from Casey Mollet and I was ready to go wheel to wheel racing.

I got all my licenses and as soon as possible I started running local IMSA Races. While racing I met another local Californian Gary Auberlen (Bill Auberlens Father) and he was racing a Porsche at the time which was what I really wanted to be driving. He asked me if I wanted to drive with him and a couple other friends at Sebring in 1985 so, the preparation began. There were 4 of us driving because it was the only way we could all afford it. We all did our first stints and I then I was in my last one and got the car in the lead so, when I came in for fuel they all said they wanted me to stay in and double stint if I thought I could do it... I was 24 hell yes! So, I went back out to finish and win my first IMSA race!

I continued to do the long races with the Auberlens and by 88 Bill was driving with us and we had a good lead at Daytona 24. Bill was driving at the time and limped in to the pits with a dead fuel pump. By the time it was installed and working again we'd fallen back to 2nd and weren't able to recapture the lead even though the lead car (mazda) was starting to slow with engine problems.... In 89 we went back and had car problems so we didn't finish well, however, I was able to team up with driver Monte Shelton which was another highlight of my career. I drove some in the early 90's but, it was starting getting so expensive and I wasn't able to continue but, I'm usually still in a car a few times a year at one level or another and I operate and own ERP a Porsche racing suspension business."