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Database : how it will evolve.

The purpose of this project within the IMSA History project is to index/identify every car which actually ran in the IMSA Camel GT series from 1971 to 1993. More than 4000 cars should be indexed in this Database. Each known chassis will be listed when available. This huge work should be a work in progress for years.

Every information should be added as time goes by. That is to say that this Database is by no means complete. Fields should be added later, in order to give a much more insight to it.

Here they are :

  • link to picture
  • displacement

The information is gathered from various sources and every contribution is welcome. Chassis numbers as well as information about any specific car should be very helpful. Team owners, mechanics or drivers involved in those races can help.

Database are now available in PDF format. You can download them here : PDFs

Chassis numbers should also be added to the Results pages. A specific link should be added later.

The cars displayed in this Database will appear with the drivers who actually drove a specific car, but not necessarily as a team(together).

A specific car may have run for many seasons, and may be owned by different team owners. The car history should also be detailed in a specific field. A Database with every season run by a specific car should also be available within a few months or so.

The chassis numbers sometimes appear as a sole figure(i.e March chassis), this should be fixed later.

One car(chassis) may belong to different teams, if sold within a specific season. The chassis number then appears more than once within a season.

One car entered by a team displaying a specific race number may have two or more chassis numbers. If destroyed during a season, for example, and replaced by another one.

Cars appearing in a Database may have been listed in the Entry list, and not actually running, for some reasons(did not arrive, did not qualify).

Everybody is encouraged to contribute, as did some of you. I wish to thank those who got involved!

You are also encouraged to give your suggestions, in order to improve this Database.

Please contact me!