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MARCH 82G-01
Bob Garretson
The very first March GTP to be privately run. Later sold to Jimmy Leeward, who ran it in a very few races, in 1985 and 1986.
MARCH 82G-02
Red Lobster
Powered by a BMW M1 3,5L 6 in line powerplant, the car was short on power. It would use a Porsche 935 engine for the next season.
MARCH 82G-03
Gianpiero Moretti
V8 Chevrolet powered in the first place, a Porsche 935 engine will be fitted in 1983. Car destroyed at Brainerd.
MARCH 82G-04
Semi works
sold to Marty Hinze. Sold to Steve and Tom Shelton?
MARCH 83G-01
Motorsport Marketing
Later sold to Personalized Autohaus, driven by Wayne Baker. Sold to Don Walker.
MARCH 83G-02
March Engineering, Pepe Romero, Leon Bros, Blue Thunder Racing
run by Al Holbert, who took the first history in a March. Sold to Pepe Romero, nicknamed Penelope. Sold to Al and Art Leon, who did not enjoy any success. Reappeared under Marty Hinze banner, for one race. Rent by Ralph Sanchez for the Miami 1984 race, it would be run by Bill Whittington and Randy Lanier. The latter took the IMSA crown.
MARCH 83G-03
Holbert Racing, Red Lobster
Powered by a Chevrolet engine, the car was sold to Red Lobster Racing. Went to RJ Reynolds Tobacco, ended up as a show car.
MARCH 83G-04
Holbert Racing, Kreepy Krauly, Hotschkis Racing
Al Holbert would drive it to the 1983 title. Sold to DJ Racing, the car would win the 1984 Daytona enduro. Later sold to Hotschkis Racing, then was retired in 1986.
MARCH 84G-01
Leon Bros
Car was run steadily. Livery would switch from red to blue and car was fielded until 1987, with little success.
MARCH 84G-02
Pegasus Racing
Power by a Buick 3,4L turbo. Sold to Conte Racing, but enjoyed no success. Jim Briody later ran this car in 1988.
MARCH 84G-03
Kreepy Krauly Racing
ran by DJ Racing, with Sarel van der Merwe as lead driver. Powered by a 3,2L Porsche prepared by Andial. Car destroyer at Road Atlanta.
MARCH 84G-04
Kalagian Racing
Powered by a Chevrolet engine. Rent once to Red Lobster Racing, then sold to Joe Hill? Then to Mosler Racing?
MARCH 84G-05
Blue Thunder Racing
nicknamed Sweet Pea, and powered by a V8 Chevrolet prepared by Ryan Falconer. Randy Lanier and Bill Whittington would pull out a string of victories. Randy Lanier took the GTP title in 1984.
MARCH 84G-06
Conte Racing, DeAtley
rent to DeAtley Racing for Daytona 1985. Ralph Sanchez also rent the for Miami, with Emerson Fittipaldi at the wheel.
MARCH 85G-01
Conte Racing
Conte Racing
MARCH 85G-02
Ralph Sanchez
Ralph Sanchez then sold to John Kalagian.
MARCH 85G-03
Conte Racing
MARCH 85G-04
De Atley
MARCH 85G-05
Leon Bros
MARCH 85G-06
John Kalagian
MARCH 85G-07
BMW North America
MARCH 85G-11
Conte Racing