The Ford Mustang entered by Marketing Corp of America and Firestone shod.

John Bauer
Gary Pratt
Milt Minter
Marketing Corp. of America


Constructor Ford SVO
Chassis front-engined composite monocoque, comprising honeycomb Nomex sandwiched in carbon-fiber. Ground effects car.
Body carbon-fiber.
Suspension conventional double wishbone front and rear, inboard vertically mounted coil/dampers front and angled coil/dampers outboard rear.
Gearbox Hewland VG5 speed, mounted in rear transaxle assembly.
Wheelbase : 2687mm
Front track 1549mm
Rear track 1625mm
Engine Ford V8 5,0L

StoryFord Motor Company withdrew from racing in late 1970 and by the early 1980s it was time to re-establish Ford's reputation in motor racing. This is when Michael Kranefuss was made director of the newly formed Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) with the task of Ford's re-entry into Motorsports using the Mustang Within the SVO group were marketing, finance, engineering and public relations people. Kranefuss along with Walter Hayes had several tasks at hand. Select a private race team and provide them with parts, technical backup, financial support and to expand the racing and high-performance street parts program known as Ford Motorsports. Also to produce a limited production high- performance street car that would bring SVOs racing success to the streets. By mid-1982 SVO and Ford Motorsports had spread into every form of racing in the USA. The #02 and #01 cars were designed by Bob Riley and Gary Pratt at their Pinckney, Michigan based Protofab Engineering facility and the race team was managed by Gary Kohs-Marketing Corp of America. IMSA rules allowed a full tube frame as long as it's made to fit around a stock floorpan and some measure of an original firewall in it's stock location. Cars weighted 2,450 lbs and the fuel call capacity was 32 gallons. Engines were dry sump BOSS 302 supplied by Bud Moore Engineering and were rubber mounted to cut down on the vibration and shock-transmission that can could shake loose some parts and fracture others. The 02 car raced on the treaded HPR tires and the sister 01 car raced on slicks. For the 1982 race season the 01 car was painted blue, for the 1983 season is was painted red to match the 02 car. Team drivers were John Bauer, Milt Minter, John Morton, Gary Pratt, Ronnie Bucknum, GT Enduro s/n 002 and IMSA GTO racer. Tom Klausler and John Bright with Bauer and Minter as the main drivers of the 02 car. This car won the WEC Fuji 6 hour race (World Endurance Championship) in Japan with Bauer and Klausler at the wheel. This was the first win for FoMoCo in an International race since the GT40s at Lemans.