The Ferrari F40LM entered by Ferrari in 1989 showed great promise but did not capitalize on it.

Jean Alesi
Jean Pierre Jabouille
Jean Louis Schlesser
Ferrari France


  • Configuration Type F120 A 90º V8
  • Location Mid, longitudinally mounted
  • Construction alloy block and head
  • Displacement 2.936 liter / 179.2 cu in
  • Bore / Stroke 82.0 mm (3.2 in) / 69.5 mm (2.7 in)
  • Compression 7.8:1
  • train 4 valves / cylinder, DOHC

Daniel Marin , CEO of Ferrari France , has always been passionate about everything related to the competition. The Ferrari F40, released in 1989 , was designed to be aligned in the B group races from 1st January 1989. The construction of 20 cars overturned due to delays in the production of F40 series . Originally, the idea was to engage in the GTC class , but this solution was not the wisest , because of the lack of competitors. The study and the outcome of this car was due to Michelotto, who was tightly bound to Daniel Marin. The development of the car so went with Jean Pierre Jabouille , Alain Ferté , Jean Alesi and Eric van de Poele . Daniel Marin had to wriggle to get the green light from Ferrari in order to field teh car in IMSA GTO. Once the decision was ratified, Jean Sage went to Topeka, to follow the GT race. Then we had to adapt the F40 to settle the GTO class and discuss with officials of the IMSA. Changes focused on reducing the spoiler, the air extractor was replaced by the production one, and the flat bottom should be rigorously stock. For the engine, two flanges 38mm were imposed, and the weight was increased from 1050 to 1235 kilos. The car arrived in the USA and has been tested in Topeka, for a very useful and promising practice session. After starting the season halftone , the team would be projected on a 1990 season , and the car would be developed so as to be competitive with high-performance opponents.