John Paul drove this Greenwood Corvette at Road Atlanta 1978.

John Paul
Mike Keyser
JLP Racing
Greenwood 002


Chassis : 002
Team : JLP Racing
Drivers : John Paul Sr
BodyBox flairs were added. Then, fiberglass front fenders designed to produce down force were added in the front. Similar down force style flairs were added to the rear. Shafer panels. Full cage, Freon, Minilites. Many more extras, this car weighs 2900 lbs, w/o ballast.
Rear axle/brakes Modified 9" Ford axle, adjustable upper control rods, center mounted al adjustable Z-bar, 2,5" Carrera springs, Bilstein shocks, 10" rear rotors with ATE calipers. Brake control Tilton dual master cylinder.
Engine 355ci small block or 305ci turbocharged.


The 1976 season ushered a new era in GT racing with new rules allowing tubeframe chassis and complete suspension redesign. It was at the track that John Paul Sr met John Greenwood.

By late 1977, John Paul Sr purchased the second tubeframe designed chassis from Jack Roush's Protofab organisation. It was a Riley design. He ran it throughout the 1978 season in its distinctive blue and yellow colors. The car was fitted with 17" diameter and 15" wide wheels in front. The rear wheels were 19" or 20" wide depending on the configuration of the track. The brakes are reported to have been especially built by Hurst Airheart Division.

The engine was a big Can-Am aluminum block from Don Nicholls shops. They were built by John Muir and gave 770hp with the Kinsler injection system. The car ran the specially coil over shocks which John Greenwood designed in conjunction with Koni. The fuel tank was mounted low in the rear overhang. Twin oil coolers and air jacks used were also specific for the IMSA series. There were some differences in engine setback and offset. The body panels evolved with time. The aim was to improve downforce so different solutions were tried. The big rollcage designed by Bob Riley was made out of huge 2" chrome moly tubing with extensive triangulation. Lighter and more efficient than the classical tubing, it proved very efficient. John used the conventional stock Corvette rear end, unlike the Valentine car which experimented with a transaxle setup. John's dashes and gauges were methodical and functional; a Greenwood dash naturally includes a very large tach and all the independent electrical switches for side-to-side control of each circuit.

John had even altered the wheelbase from race to race and from one side relative to the other side. The body panels would be massaged to hide each modification and any inconsistencies that might have otherwise been noticed. John has confirmed that some experimentation might have taken place. In an effort to reduce drag and increase top speed the design of 002 differed from the first car and was built with a narrower track and more aerodynamic bodywork. There was even talk of running the car for a land speed record.

John Paul Sr drove the car in the 1978 IMSA season competing for overall wins in the premier GTX category. There was on going research and development with this car as the Porsche 935 were now the dominant car to beat. John Paul had many podium finishes with a best finish of 2nd overall at Hallett. Finally at the end of the 1978 season, John Paul retired the Greenwood Supervette and began campaigning a Porsche 935.

John Paul Sr sold the car to Tico Almeida and Rene Rodriguez of T&R Racing.