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Benefits of Getting Insurance for Classic Cars

Relive the glory days of the IMSA Camel GT era, which was one of the earliest sports car racing events held in the United States as well as Canada. The International Motor Sports Association began hosting its car racing series during the 1970s and it featured sports cars that were popular way back then including the Porsche 914-6 GTU, which was driven by the racing series' first champions Hurley Haywood and Peter H. Gregg. The Porsche automobile brand dominated the whole series and the most successful car during the Camel GT era was the Porsche 935 driven by Peter H. Gregg, who took home six championships. Despite the end of the era, people still hold on to the memories of the IMSA GT by collecting the classic cars that made a name during the racing series. In Ireland, car racing enthusiasts can still get a glimpse of classic cars at the Mondello Park, which is located a few miles away from Naas and Dublin. If you wish you participate in any of its car racing events or auto shows using your own classic car, then it is a must to get motor insurance for it. Here are some reasons why you should get one:

Inexpensive Rates

It is mandatory to have a motor insurance in Ireland if you plan to drive your vehicle in public places to protect other road users. Since classic cars aren't driven by the owners that much, then you will get lower insurance rates. Most companies base their rates on the mileage of the automobile. There are even some that give discounts when the insured car didn't exceed 7,500 miles a year.

Added Benefits

Because of the competition among insurance companies, some of them offer added benefits. Make sure to compare the rates and packages offered by insurance companies so you can choose what your car needs most. Also choose trusted insurance companies that already have a proven track record. There are even some companies that work closely together such as aviva.ie and Towergate Classic Motor to provide excellent service. Some of the benefits that classic car insurance packages include are windscreen replacement, breakdown service, and more. It is best to choose a premium that also includes laid up car insurance so that your medical expenses will be covered in case you get into any vehicular accidents.