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 1 83 NISSAN NPT91A 90-05 Geoff Brabham 99 Laps 1.GTP
 2  5 INTREPID RM1 Chevrolet 003 Wayne Taylor 97 Laps 2.GTP
 3 84 NISSAN NPT91A 90-03 Chip Robinson-Bob Earl 97 Laps 3.GTP
 4  7 PORSCHE 962C 129 Bernd Schneider-Oscar Larrauri 96 Laps 4.GTP
 5 19 SPICE SE92P Chevrolet 025 David Tennyson 95 Laps 5.GTP
 6  2 JAGUAR XJR14 791 Davy Jones 91 Laps 6.GTP
 7 49 SPICE SE91P Acura Parker Johnstone-Dan Marvin 91 Laps 1.Lights
 8 30 PORSCHE 962C 011 Gianpiero Moretti-Massimo Sigala 90 Laps 7.GTP
 9 33 SPICE SE90P Chevrolet 013 Charles Zwolsman-Cor Euser 89 Laps 8.GTP
10 45 KUDZU DG1 Buick 003 Charles Morgan-Firmin Velez 82 Laps 2.Lights
11 12 INTREPID RM1 Chevrolet 004 Tom Kendall 59 Laps 9.GTP
12 66 PORSCHE 966 001 John Paul Jr-Albert Naon Jr 55 Laps 10.GTP
13 43 TIGA GT287 Buick 321 Bobby Brown-Albert Naon Jr 41 Laps 3.Lights
14 99 EAGLE MKIII Toyota Juan Fangio II 21 Laps 11.GTP
15  4 INTREPID RM1 Chevrolet 001 François Migault 19 Laps 12.GTP
16 44 KUDZU DG2 Buick Andy Evans-Firmin Velez 10 Laps 4.Lights
17 98 EAGLE MKIII Toyota P.J Jones 0 Lap 13.GTP

Cars that did not start

    1 NISSAN NPT91A Bob Earl GTP
   77 MAZDA RX792P 001 Price Cobb-Pete Halsmer GTP

Geoff Brabham

Jaguar brought its XJR14 and had modified it to GTP specs. Willing to grab the crown, they would do everything to beat Nissan. The war which had really begun in 1991 was to continue. A 19 car field was to take the green, with only four Lights cars facing fifteen GTPs. Davy Jones stuck the Jaguar on the pole, almost one second faster than Geoff Brabham Nissan NPT91A. Tom Kendall was third in his Chevrolet GTP, followed by Juan Fangio II in the Eagle MKIII Toyota. It looked like the race should be interesting, with four makes capable to win.

Davy Jones would jump into the lead at the start, followed by Geoff Brabham, Juan Fangio II, Tom Kendall, PJ Jones and Chip Robinson. PJ Jones Eagle Toyota would not do a single lap, however, as he spun into the wall, bringing a full caution period. After seven minutes, the race was on again, with Davy Jones still in the lead, followed closely by Geoff Brabham. Juan Fangio II had some engine problems and would retire on lap 21 with a burned piston. In fact, both cars would nearly keep in touch until lap 33. Then, Davy Jones would face a problem regarding cockpit excessive heat. He was also facing another problem, which was relearning driving habits, with a left hand gearbox. He missed a couple of gears, and had to pit after a spin. Geoff Brabham would take over, but found himself stuck behind an oil spewing slower car. Behind the two leading cars, Tom Kendall, Chip Robinson and were battling hard, followed by Wayne Taylor. Tom Kendall would get the upper when trying to pass a slower car. Then the Nissan pitted and Bob Earl was behind the wheel. Tom Kendall was running fine, in third place, when the water pump went away. So the Chevrolet GTP was out just after the end of the First Hour. Wayne Taylor inherited third place in his Chevrolet GTP, and he had to fight a challenge from Bob Earl's Nissan NPT91 and Bernd Schneider-Oscar Larrauri Porsche 962. Fighting with a pain in the back, Bob Earl simply could not overtake the Chevrolet GTP. David Tennyson was also running hard with his Spice SE91P Chevrolet, threatening the Brun Motorsport Porsche 962. He would finish in fifth place. Geoff Brabham was maintaining his lead, followed by Davy Jones, who seemed to settle for second place. After pitting for fuel for the second Time, he would pit one more time forced by a deflating tire. He was still in second place, but he would miss a gear on a down-change. The car would refuse to restart. Geoff Brabham won over Wayne Taylor and Chip Robinson-Bob Earl in the second Nissan.

The Lights race was unusually boring, with Parker Johnstone-Dan Marvin Spice SE91P Acura virtually running alone! Andy Evans retired after ten laps while Charles Morgan-Firmin Velez was hampered by mechanical problems. Parker Johnstone won by a nine lap margin!