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Masahiro Hasemi, Kazuyoshi Hoshino and Toshio Suzuki led most of the race in their Nissan R91CP to win the 24 Hours of Daytona in an impressive way. They won the LeMans class. Second overall was the Jaguar XJR12D driven by Davy Jones, Scott Pruett, David Brabham and Scott Goodyear, who won the GTP class over the Porsche 962 driven by Hurley Haywood, Eje Elgh, Roland Ratzenberger and Duncan Dayton. The Spice SE91P Acura driven by Parker Johnstone, Steve Cameron, Jimmy Vasser and Dan Marvin took the Lights class win over the Kudzu DG1 Buick driven by Firmin Velez, Andy Evans, Lon Bender and Dominic Dobson.The Mazda RX7 driven by Dick Greer, Al Bacon, Peter Uria and Mike Mees had a repeat GTU win, bettering the GTS class winners at the end. Dorsey Schroeder, Wally Dallenbach Jr and Robby Gordon took the GTS win over the Oldsmobile Cutlass driven by Jeff Kline, George Robinson, Darin Brassfield and Paul Gentilozzi.

Steve Millen and Jeremy dale won the GT race at Miami, doing a nice 1-2 with their Nissan 300ZX, Luis Mendez was impressive in his Chevrolet Corvette, finishing third. Tommy Riggins won the GTO class in his Oldsmobile Cutlass, while David Loring and Bob Leitzinger were dominant in GTU with their Nissan 240SXs. Geoff Brabham took the GTP race, but Wayne Taylor did a great job with his Intrepid Chevrolet, and finished second. The Nissan NPT91A driven by Chip Robinson and Bob Earl was third. Parker Johnstone and Dan Marvin won the Lights class in their Spice SE92P Acura, with Charles Morgan and Firmin Velez far second in class.

Juan Fangio II and Andy Wallace won the 12 Hours of Sebring with the Eagle Toyota MKIII. The Nissan NPT91A driven by Geoff Brabham, Derek Daly, Gary Brabham and Arie Luyendijk was always a threat, but lost a wheel in the closing laps. The Porsche 962C driven by Oscar Larrauri, Massimo Sigala and Gianpiero Moretti finished third. The Kudzu DG1 Mazda driven by Howard Katz, Tim McAdam and Jim Downing won the Lights class over the Kudzu DG1 Buick driven by Charles Morgan and Tommy Riggins. The GTS class went to the Oldsmobile Cutlass driven by George Robinson, Darin Brassfield, Irv Hoerr and Paul Gentilozzi. They finished just ahead of the fantastic Nissan 240SX driven by John Paul Jr and David Loring, who won the GTU class, with Butch Leitzinger, Chuck Kurtz and Bob Leitzinger just behind.

Davy Jones won at Road Atlanta with the brand new Jaguar XJR14. He was followed by Tom Kendall's Intrepid RM1 Chevrolet and François Migault-Hugh Fuller's car. Parker Johnstone and Dan Marvin won the Lights class over Andy Evans and Firmin Velez, who drove a Kudzu DG2 Buick.

The Mosport GT race was a Nissan show, with Jeremy Dale winning the race over Steve Millen. Paul Gentilozzi was next in his Oldsmobile Cutlass. Les Lindley took the fourth place in his Chevrolet Camaro to win the GTO class, followed by Irv Hoerr. David Loring won the GTU class in his Nissan 240SX, Butch Leitzinger and father Bob co-driven by Don Knowles were next for a 1-2-3.

Lime Rock was won by Juan Fangio's Eagle Toyota MKIII, one lap ahead of Geoff Brabham and Chip Robinson's Nissan NPT91A. Pete Halsmer finished third in his Mazda RX792P. Parker Johnstone-Dan Marvin took another Lights win over Jim Downing-Tim McAdam's Kudzu DG2 Buick.

Steve Millen and Jeremy Dale had another convincing win at Mid Ohio, with their Nissan 300ZX. Darin Brassfield was right behind them, his Oldsmobile Cutlass in third place, ahead of Les Lindley's Chevrolet Camaro who was once again the GTO winner. John Fergus won the GTU class in his Dodge Daytona, beating David Loring's Nissan 240SX. Davy Jones won a rainy race and could hold off Juan Fangio's Eagle Toyota MKIII until the end. Geoff Brabham's Nissan NPT91A finished third.

Steve Millen and Jeremy Dale went on dominating the New Orleans race, ahead of the two Oldsmobile Cutlasses driven by Darin Brassfield and Paul Gentilozzi. Irv Hoerr won the GTO class and Butch Leitzinger and David Loring took another new 1-2 GTU win. Juan Fangio II won the GTP race, with Geoff Brabham leading the Nissan NPT91B to a fine second place, followed by PJ Jones' Eagle Toyota MKIII. Scandia Motorsports scored a fine win with both cars on top. Charles Morgan-Tommy Riggins ahead of Firmin Velez and Andy Evans.

Paul Gentilozzi took his win at Laguna Seca, his Oldsmobile Cutlass winning over the two Nissan 300ZXs driven by Jeremy Dale and Steve Millen. Irv Hoerr won the GTO class and John Fergus and Don Walker would win the GTU class with their Dodge Daytona. Juan Fangio and PJ Jones had the race their own way, doing 1-2 with the Eagle Toyota MKIIIs. Davy Jones would finish in third place.

Juan Fangio won the fastest race held ever at Watkins Glen, five laps ahead of Price Cobb's Mazda RX792P. Davy Jones finished third after losing time in the pits. Parker Johnstone and Dan Marvin did not seem to give back their domination in Lights, beating the Kudzu DG2 Buick driven by Firmin Velez and Andy Evans.

Darin Brassfield won the GT race at Portland, again beating the two Nissan 300ZXs driven by Steve Millen and Jeremy Dale. Irv Hoerr won again the GTO class, with Les Lindley following. John Fergus took another GTU win in his Dodge Daytona, leading teammate Don Walker. PJ Jones won the race over teammate Juan Fangio, while Chip Robinson finished in third place, three laps down in his Nissan NPT91B.

Paul Gentilozzi won the Road America race, with Steve Millen taking second pl.ace in his Nissan NISSAN 300ZX and Darin Brassfield in third place. Irv Hoerr and Les Lindley were the two top GTO finishers, and Butch and Bob Leitzinger wound up another victory for Nissan with their 240SXs. Juan Fangio and PJ Jones owned the race and it was Geoff Brabham who managed to finish in third place in his Nissan NPT91C.

Steve Millen and Johnny O'connell's Nissan 300ZXs won the Lime Rock GT race, leaving Irv Hoerr three laps down for a GTO win. Les Lindley was again in second place. Don Walker took his first GTU win in his Dodge Daytona, with David Loring and Bob Leitzinger's Nissan 240SXs next to him.

Juan Fangio won the Phoenix race Davy Jones' Jaguar XJR14 and Geoff Brabham's Nissan NPT91D. Ruggero Melgrati and Parker Johnstone took another Lights win and finished over Charles Morgan and Tommy Riggins Kudzu DG2 Buick.

The Del Mar GT race was won by Robby Gordon, who led his Fordrd Mustang to a rare GTS win over Paul Gentilozzi's Oldsmobile Cutlass and Jeremy Dale's Nissan 300ZX. Butch Leitzinger won the GTU class over John Fergus Dodge Daytona. Bruce Nesbitt took the GTO class in his Chevrolet Camaro over Joe Llauget's Oldsmobile Cutlass. PJ Jones won the GTP race over Geoff Brabham and Davy Jones, who broke a halfshaft close to the finish. Andy Evans and Firmin Velez took the Lights win, beating Parker Johnstone and Dan Marvin's Spice SE91P Acura.

Juan Fangio was the 1992 GTP Champion, while Parker Johnstone was the Lights Champion.