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 1 83 NISSAN NPT90 90-03 Geoff Brabham-Derek Daly-Gary Brabham 298 Laps 1.GTP
 2 84 NISSAN NPT90 90-02 Chip Robinson-Bob Earl-Julian Bailey 297 Laps 2.GTP
 3  6 PORSCHE 962C 145 Bob Wollek-Bernd Schneider-Massimo Sigala 296 Laps 3.GTP
 4  7 PORSCHE 962C 129 Frank Jelinski-Henri Pescarolo-John Winter 295 Laps 4.GTP
 5  3 JAGUAR XJR12D 190 Davy Jones-Raul Boesel-John Nielsen 284 Laps 5.GTP
 6  4 SPICE SE89P Chevrolet 001 Brian Bonner-Scott Sharp-Jeff Kline 283 Laps 6.GTP
 7  8 KUDZU DG1 Buick 002 Charles Morgan-Jim Pace 280 Laps 1.Lights
 8 15 FORD MUSTANG Max Jones-Robby Gordon 279 Laps 1.GTO
 9 10 SPICE SE90P Pontiac 008 Chris Cord-Jim Adams-John Hotschkis 278 Laps 7.GTP
10 30 PORSCHE 962C 001GS Gianpiero Moretti-Helmut Mundas-Stanley Dickens 277 Laps 8.GTP
11 75 NISSAN 300ZX Tc 004 Jeremy Dale-Steve Millen-Johnny O'connell 277 Laps 2.GTO
12 63 MAZDA RX7 John O'steen-Price Cobb-Brian Redman 275 Laps 3.GTO
13 12 FORD MUSTANG Dorsey Schroeder-John Fergus 271 Laps 4.GTO
14 62 MAZDA RX7 Calvin Fish-Pete Halsmer-John Morton 270 Laps 5.GTO
15 33 SPICE SE90P Buick 015 Almo Coppelli-Jay Hill 265 Laps 2.Lights
16 92 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 008 Andy Pilgrim-R.K Smith 260 Laps 6.GTO
17 95 NISSAN 240SX LR001 Bob Leitzinger-David Loring 257 Laps 1.GTU
18 99 EAGLE HF90 Toyota Juna Fangio II-Willy T.Ribbs 256 Laps 9.GTP
19 90 FORD MUSTANG Jim Stevens-Jim Jaeger-Don Walker 250 Laps 7.GTO
20 26 PORSCHE 911 AJR911GTU1 Alex Job-Chris Kraft-Jack Refenning 247 Laps 2.GTU
21 18 SPICE SE90P Buick 002 Andy Evans-George Robinson-Carlos Bobeda 236 Laps 3.Lights
22 69 MAZDA RX7 Brad Hoyt-Leighton Reese 234 Laps 3.GTU
23 82 MAZDA RX7 Dick Greer-Al Bacon-Peter Uria 232 Laps 4.GTU
24 54 SPICE SE89P Buick Michael Dow-David Tennyson-Ken Knott 227 Laps 4.Lights
25 24 PORSCHE 962GTi DR-1 James Weaver-John Paul Jr 218 Laps 10.GTP
26 57 NISSAN 240SX Reed Kryder-Frank Del Vecchio-Joe Danaher 207 Laps 5.GTU
27 48 SPICE SE90P Acura 88-004 Parker Johnstone-Doug Peterson 204 Laps 5.Lights
28 04 CHEVROLET CAMARO Henry Brosnaham-Steve Roberts-Bobby Scolo-Paul Mazzacane-Richard Andison 166 Laps 8.GTO
29  5 SPICE SE89P Chevrolet 002 Tim McAdam-Jeff Purner-Fred Phillips 165 Laps 11.GTP
30 80 SPICE SE89P Ferrari Ruggero Melgrati-Martino Finotto-Firmin Velez 147 Laps 6.Lights
31 37 MAZDA MX6 GT Rob Wilson-Felipe Solano-Francisco Lopez-Honorato Espinosa 140 Laps 6.GTU
32 40 ALBA AR2 Ferrari Uli Bieri-John Graham 138 Laps 7.Lights
33 91 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 007 Stu Hayner-Scott Lagasse-Don Knowles 134 Laps 9.GTO
34  9 KUDZU DG1 Buick 003 Tom Hessert-Costas Los 128 Laps 8.Lights
35 94 MAZDA RX7 E.J Generotti-Paul Tavilla-Guy Church 113 Laps 7.GTU
36 53 CHEVROLET CAMARO 0001 Richard McDill-Bill McDill 112 Laps 10.GTO
37 72 PORSCHE 911 Jay Kjoller-Patrick Mooney-Steve Volk 108 Laps 8.GTU
38 41 BMW 325 David Russell-Mike Graham-Cameron Worth 103 Laps 9.GTU
39 98 EAGLE HF90 Toyota 005 Rocky Moran-Andy Wallace 82 Laps 12.GTP
40 09 TIGA GC287 Buick 352 Tommy Johnson-Rob Robertson-John Sheldon 82 Laps 9.Lights
41 87 CHEVROLET CAMARO Anthony Puleo-John Annis-Tom Panaggio-Tom Walsh 75 Laps 11.GTO
42 21 PORSCHE 962 C06 René Herzog-Hurley Haywood-Wayne Taylor-Daniel Mueller 70 Laps 13.GTP
43 96 NISSAN 240SX LR002 Bob Leitzinger-Chuck Kurtz-Butch Leitzinger 52 Laps 10.GTU
44 76 NISSAN 300ZX Tc 002 Johnny O'connell-Jeremy Dale-Steve Millen 33 Laps 12.GTO
45 05 FABCAR Chevrolet 001 Craig Carter-Les Delano-Andy Peterey 23 Laps 14.GTP
46 52 CHEVROLET CAMARO Ken Bupp-Rob Peters 3 Laps 13.GTO

Cars that did not start

    2 JAGUAR XJR12D 290 Davy Jones-Kenny Acheson-Raul Boesel GTP
   06 CHEVROLET CAMARO 05 Oma Kimbrough-Mark Montgomery-Hoyt Overbagh GTO
   17 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Don Beckett-Scott Lieb-Robert McElnehy GTO
    1 NISSAN NPT90 Geoff Brabham-Chip Robinson-Derek Daly-Bob Earl GTP
   77 NISSAN 300ZX Tc 001 Jeremy Dale-Steve Millen-Johnny O'connell GTO
   70 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS Boris Said-Roger Schramm-Mike Nolan GTO
   16 PORSCHE 962C 148 Rob Dyson-James Weaver-John Paul Jr GTP
   32 SPICE SE90P Buick David Tennyson Lights

Nissan 1-2

The track had been widely improved, with most of the asphalt section of the track widened and resurfaced. 47 cars were to take the green for the round 3 of the 1991 IMSA Camel GT championship. It would feature a battle between Nissan, who did not win a race for five races, Porsche, Toyota, Jaguar and a bunch of private Spice entries. It was clear that Nissan was eager to get back in winning form. The two NPT90s were driven by Geoff Brabham-Derek Daly-Gary Brabham and Chip Robinson-Bob Earl-Julian Bailey. Jaguar had only one XJR12 for Davy Jones-Raul Boesel-John Nielsen. The opposition consisted of some 962s. Joest Racing brought a pair of cars for Bob Wollek-Bernd Schneider-Massimo Sigala and John Winter-Henry Pescarolo-Frank Jelinski. Both cars had been successful at Daytona. Gianpiero Moretti had his familiar Momo car with Stanley Dickens and Helmut Mundas Co-driving him. An unusual entry was the Shapiro entered car, which was driven by John Paul Jr-James Weaver and Morris Shirazi! A swiss entered car was driven by René Herzog-Hurley Haywood-Daniel Mueller-Wayne Taylor. AAR fielded a pair of Eagle HF90s for Juan Fangio-Willy T Ribbs and Rocky Moran-Andy Wallace. The cars were fast but were still searching for some reliability. Tom Milner entered two Spice SE89Ps for Jeff Purner-Fred Phillips-Tim McAdam and Brian Bonner-Scott Sharp-Jeff Kline. Those cars were Chevrolet powered, which was thé case for the Hotschkis Racing SE90P entry, which was Pontiac powered. Jim Adams, John Hotschkis and Chris Cord drove it. The last car was also the most unknown one, it was a Fabcar Chevrolet, driven by Les Delano-Andy Peterey-Craig Carter.

The Lights class would showcase a battle between Spice and Kudzu cars. The Comptech Spice Acura appeared as the favorite, with Parker Johnstone-Doug Peterson-Steve Cameron at the wheel. The Essex Racing Kudzu DG1 Buick were its strongest opponents. Tom Hessert-Costas Los and Charles Morgan-Jim Pace were very eager to prove their mettle on such a track. The Ferrari powered Spice SE90P driven by Martino Finotto-Ruggero Melgrati-Firmin Velez was also to be counted upon. The remainder of the Lights field consisted of a couple of Spices and an older Tiga. The GTO entry would Be quite interesting, with Ford, Nissan and Mazda putting up a fight. Dorsey Schroeder-John Fergus and Robby Gordon-Max Jones drove the two Roush Mustangs. Steve Millen-Jeremy Dale-Johnny O'Connell shared two cars, with the lower placed car to be dropped early in the race. Two Mazda RX7 quadrirotor were entered, with Price Cobb-John O'steen-Brian Redman and Pete Halsmer-Calvin Fish-John Morton driving. A pair of experimental Chevrolet Corvettes was also running, with Scott Lagasse-John Heinricy-Don Knowles-Stu Hayner and Andy Pilgrim-RK Smith-Tommy Morrison doing their Best to keep up with the top guns. As per usual, a Bunch of private Chevrolet Camaros would run for the roses. The GTU field was probably the less exciting one, because of lack from competition. Two semi-factory Nissan 240SXs were entered under the Leitzinger Racing banner. Bob Leitzinger and David Loring drove the First car, with Butch Leitzinger and Chuck Kurtz at the wheel of the second one. Three Mazda RX7s and one MX6 would try to match the speed of the Nissans. Dick Greer-Al Bacon-Peter Uria-Mike Mees and Brad Hoyt-Leighton Reese were the fastest of the Mazdas. The Botero Racing MX6 was driven by Honorato Espinosa-Rob Wilson-Felipe Solano-Francisco Lopez. Two Porsche 911s, entered by Alex Job Racing and Kjoller Racing would count upon their reliability to get the highest finish. A BMW 325 added some zest to the race, with David Russell-Mike Graham-Cameron Worth Driving.

The practice sessions saw a rude battle between the Joest Porsche 962 driven by Bernd Schneider and the Nissan NPT90 driven by Geoff Brabham. The latter would finally post a 1m49s761, with Bernd Schneider in second place. Chip Robinson was in third place, just ahead of Juan Fangio in the Eagle HF90. Davy Jones would destroy his car while overtaking a GTU car, so he had to get back to the remaining car. The weather was not to be very cooperative during the week-end, and it would help some teams get the results they expected. Some teams would rely on intermediate tires, while others would gamble on dry ones. It was like a lottery, with winners and losers.

The Joest Racing strategy was to go flat out, and Bernd Schneider took the lead for the first 20 laps. His lead had stretched to 15.8s only, should we say, as the Nissans easily followed the pace. The second Porsche 962, driven by Henri Pescarolo, began to slip to fourth place. The other Joest Porsche 962, driven by Bernd Schneider, pitted with a broken shift linkage just before the end of the third hour, losing three laps in the process. Both Nissan NPT90s were in the lead, with Geoff and Gary Brabham, along with Derek Daly, leading the other car. The Eagle Toyota HF90 driven by Rocky Moran and Andy Wallace retired with an engine failure at the three hour mark. The second car was then running fine, holding third place, one lap down, driven by Juan Fangio and Willy T Ribbs. The Jaguar XJR12 driven by John Nielsen would tangle with Brian Bonner's Spice SE89P Chevrolet and the Jaguar was beginning to lose pieces of bodywork. Many stops occured for the TWR car, which eventually drove the car to a lowly 18th position. Then the car gradually climbed up the charts, with a persistent misfire preventing the car from running as good as they hoped to. When entering the fourth hour, there was no doubt Nissan would win. The only concern seemed to Be which one would prevail. At mid point, however, Geoff Brabham, who took over the car from younger brother Gary, went into the weeds for a wild ride, managing to keep the lead. The weather was still rainy and it was the heaviest downpour so far.

Caution periods were commonplace during this race and kind of soothed the drivers. The car would stay in the lead until nearly the end of the race, but it could have Turner into a nightmare. Derek Daly was at the wheel, and the car had begun to slip out of second and third gear. He just tagged the wall and damaged the rear wing. He went into the pits and had repairs made. Chip Robinson took the lead and thought he had made it. Then, only 16 minutes from the chequered, he would get stuck at pit entrance, unable to move to his pit. His team would run to his aid, frantically searching for the problem. Geoff Brabham had re-taken the lead while the most threatening Porsche 962 was suddenly closing in. It was the ignition box which was in trouble, but he could restart before the Porsche was too near. The end of the race was like a liberation for everyone, as the weather was really deteriorating, and Nissan did an unchallenged 1-2. The Lights race was interesting, with Ruggero Melgrati and Parker Johnstone dicing during the first laps. The Acura powered car then had the edge over the Ferrari powered one. While it seemed that it would b another Comptech domination, Doug Peterson suddenly stopped on the track, for good. The gearbox was hit and it would take a long time for repairs to get done. Ruggero Melgrati, along with Firmin Velez and Martino Finotto, took over the lead, just ahead of the Spice Buick driven by Almo Coppelli and Jay Hill. Then the Spice Ferrari would get stuck at turn eight, with engine trouble. While sitting on the side of the Track, he was tagged by John Graham, who drove the Alba sister car! Jay Hill could have taken over the lead, but he slipped off the track, losing one lap in the process. He was able to restart, but had lost the lead to Charles Morgan and Jim Pace, whose Kudzu DG1 Buick was running fine. The Spice USA entered car, who was also well driven, then lost a great deal of time when the rear wing took off. Repairs and a wheel bearing failure expanded the lead to 15 laps in the end. But they were still in second place in the end.

The GTO class would be a fine battle between there cars. The start of the race saw the Nissan 300 ZX Tc driven by Jeremy Dale, who would maintain his position during two hours. Price Cobb was behind him, while both Ford Mustangs waited for their time. Dorsey Schroeder had to pit for a broken windshield, losing some ground to the leaders. The Nissan 300ZX Tc, then driven by Johnny O'Connell, pitted for repairs when a piece of debris knocked off the alternator belt. It was Robby Gordon and Max Jones Ford Mustang who took the lead, followed by Price Cobb-Brian Redman-John O'steen Mazda RX7. Al. was threatening, the car lost a couple of laps thanks to a windshield wiper malfunction. Behind them, the Nissan was charging hard and it looked like they could do it. But the two laps deficit was simply too much for them, so they had to settle for second in the end. The Ford Mustang driven by Robby Gordon and Max Jones again took the class win with Robby Gordon having fun in the rain all race long.

The GTU class was to be dominated by Nissan, as expected. Dodge had opted not to run the enduros, so they were the favorites. However, it was the Botero Racing Mazda MX6 driven by Rob Wilson who took the lead during the first hour. Then, Bob Leitzinger took over the lead, for good. The second car, driven by son Butch, coasted to a halt early in the race. When the Mazda lost some ground at midway point, it was the Alex Job Porsche 911, which was an old car, which inherited second place in class. The team ran consistently until the chequered, and was happy to grab the second place finish, far away from the unreachable Nissan, but they did it right. Third place was finally taken by Brad Hoyt and Leighton Reese, in a private Mazda RX7.