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 1 76 NISSAN 300ZX Tc Jeremy Dale 43 Laps 1.GTO
 2 62 MAZDA RX7 Pete Halsmer 43 Laps 2.GTO
 3 07 DODGE DAYTONA John Fergus 41 Laps 1.GTU
 4 24 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS Rick Dittman 40 Laps 1.AAC
 5 82 CHEVROLET CAMARO Dick Greer 40 Laps 2.AAC
 6 97 NISSAN 240SX Butch Leitzinger 40 Laps 2.GTU
 7 71 MAZDA RX7 Ken Parschauer 40 Laps 3.GTU
 8 99 CHEVROLET CAMARO Phil Currin 40 Laps 3.AAC
 9 15 MAZDA RX7 Eduardo Pellerano 40 Laps 4.GTU
10 80 OLDSMOBILE CALAIS Scott Hoerr 39 Laps 5.GTU
11 93 MAZDA RX7 Helmut Silberberger 39 Laps 6.GTU
12 31 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS Tom Forgione 39 Laps 4.AAC
13  2 BUICK SOMERSET Kent Painter 38 Laps 5.AAC
14 89 PORSCHE 911 truce Jones 38 Laps 7.GTU
15 43 CHEVROLET LUMINA Glenn Andrew 38 Laps 6.AAC
16 49 CHEVROLET CAMARO Clint Welding 38 Laps 7.AAC
17 12 CHEVROLET CAMARO Del Taylor 36 Laps 8.AAC
18 18 MAZDA RX7 David Yarmoluk 36 Laps 8.GTU
19 51 BUICK SOMERSET Bill Fuller 36 Laps 9.AAC
20 57 NISSAN 240SX Reed Kryder 35 Laps 9.GTU
21 44 CHEVROLET CAMARO Kendall Cranston 35 Laps 10.AAC
22 20 CHEVROLET BERETTA Dan Osterholt 34 Laps 11.AAC
23 69 MAZDA RX7 trad Hoyt 34 Laps 10.GTU
24 40 CHEVROLET BERETTA Steve Blinderman 33 Laps 12.AAC
25 27 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS Dave Meziere 32 Laps 13.AAC
26 10 CHEVROLET BERETTA Clay Young 32 Laps 14.AAC
27 95 NISSAN 240SX Bob Leitzinger 29 Laps 11.GTU
28 75 NISSAN 300ZX Tc Steve Millen 27 Laps 3.GTO
29 63 MAZDA RX7 Price Cobb 26 Laps 4.GTO
30 11 CHEVROLET BERETTA Mark Porcaro 23 Laps 15.AAC
31  7 MAZDA RX7 Bill Auberlen 22 Laps 12.GTU
32 26 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Dan Furey 21 Laps 5.GTO
33  6 FORD MUSTANG Dorsey Schroeder 13 Laps 6.GTO
34 45 CHEVROLET CAMARO Frank Herchick 11 Laps 16.AAC
35 28 MAZDA RX7 Matt Mnich 10 Laps 13.GTU
36  9 FORD MUSTANG Robby Gordon 9 Laps 7.GTO
37 96 NISSAN 240SX David Loring 8 Laps 14.GTU
38 02 PONTIAC FIREBIRD Keith Delaney 8 Laps 17.AAC
39 00 DODGE DAYTONA Don Knowles 4 Laps 15.GTU
40 86 FORD RS200 Wayne Cerbo 3 Laps 8.GTO
41 84 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Kim Mason 3 Laps 18.AAC

Cars that did not start

   36 CHEVROLET CAMARO Mike Dougherty AAC
   42 MAZDA RX7 Glenn Smith-Chuck Coffey GTU
   87 CHEVROLET CAMARO Anthony Puleo AAC

Jeremy Dale in a Nissan.

It was the seventh round of the 1991 Exxon Supreme Series for GT cars, which included GTO, GTU and AAC cars. 41 cars were entered on the 2.25 miles track. It would again feature a battle between Nissan, Mazda and Ford for the overall. Only Dan Furey, in his Chevrolet Corvette, and Wayne Cerbo, in a very impressive Ford RS200, entered the GTO class as private contenders. Jeremy Dale and Steve Millen drove the Nissan 300ZX Tc, and they would have to face two quadrirotor Mazda RX7s driven by Pete Halsmer and Price Cobb. Ford was back with two Ford Mustangs, solidly driven by Robby Gordon and Dorsey Schroeder. Those six cars were really close in terms of speed and performance, and the race was looking exciting. The GTU class also was more than interesting, with Dodge and Nissan having an eye on the championship. Mazda was the challenger. John Fergus and Don Knowles drove for Dodge, Bob and Butch Leitzinger, along with David Loring, were at the wheel of Nissan 240SXs, and they were eager to win. Bill Auberlen was the strongest Mazda opponent, while newcomer Ken Parschauer drove the team Highball car. A single Porsche 911 was entered and driven by Bruce Jones. An interesting car was to be seen in the name of an Oldsmobile Calais. It was to be driven by Scott Hoerr. The AAC class was probably the most open, with a variety of cars and drivers which were really close. A Bunch of Chevrolet Camaros was entered, with Phil Currin, Dick Gree and Del Russo Taylor along the fastest. They would face Oldsmobile Cutlasses, driven by Rick Dittman and Dave Meziere. Chevrolet Berettas were driven by Clay Young, Steve Blinderman and Dan Osterholt. A single Chevrolet Lumina was driven by Glen Andrew. Kim Mason drove a Chevrolet Corvette which was eligible for the first time. Two Buick Somerset were entered, Kent Painter and Bill Fuller drove them. A single Pontiac Firebird was to be seen, with Keith Delaney at the wheel.

Even with only six cars apparently able to win the race, things were really hotting up. The practice session saw Pete Halsmer took the pole by a mere 0.052s over Jeremy Dale. The race was finally disappointing, with Jeremy Dale jumping into the lead at the start, followed by Pete Halsmer. The gap was around 6s, with Steve Millen and Price Cobb fighting off for third place. Then the Nissan was to be hit by an AAC car, and Steve Millen had to pit for repairs. The Mazda was also hit by the Nissan, and Price Cobb's car caught fire when the muffler was hit. He had to pit and lost several laps when his team tried to put the fire out. Behind those four cars, the two Ford Mustangs had a very bad week end. Robby Gordon had a brunt piston after less than nine laps. Dorsey Schroeder was running strong, but his car also brunt à piston after 13 laps. It was a brand new car, completely rebuilt after the Mosport fire. The Ford RS200 driven by Wayne Cerbo did only three laps, while Dan Furey retired after 21 laps.

The GTU race was led by John Fergus, who already was the fastest qualifyer. Leading teammate Don Knowles, who drove Nadine. Surprisingly, it was Bill Auberlen Mazda RX7 in the third spot, just ahead of Bob Leitzinger, David Loring and Butch Leitzinger. At the start, John Fergus jumped into the lead, followed by Bill Auberlen, Don Knowles and the three Nissan 240 SXs. After five laps, Don Knowles Dodge Daytona was out, with a mechanical problem. Then it was David Loring who retired due to electrical problems. However, Bob and Butch Leitzinger were charging hard at Bill Auberlen. Bob Leitzinger passed Bill Auberlen on lap 11, then decided to close in on John Fergus. It was done by mid race, as he was right on John Fergus' tail. Then he took the lead, and John Fergus would stay around four seconds behind him, trying not to overuse his tires. Then something happened, which made Bob Leitzinger go into the wall at the carousel. The suspension was broken and he was out after 29 laps. John Fergus was back in the lead, with Butch Leitzinger now in second place. He was getting closer, but then he lost a cylinder, which made him slow down, and hold on to a second place finish. Bill Auberlen had retired with a rear end failure. John Fergus class win also materialized with a third place overall! The AAC class was won by independant racer Rick Dittman, who was there for fun in his Oldsmobile Cutlass. He set up an early pace, just ahead of everybody. Second was Dick Greer, who inherited this place when Dave Meziere retired on lap 32.