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 1 75 NISSAN 300ZX Tc Steve Millen 47 Laps 1.GTO
 2  9 FORD MUSTANG Robby Gordon 47 Laps 2.GTO
 3  8 CHEVROLET CAMARO Les Lindley 47 Laps 3.GTO
 4 76 NISSAN 300ZX Tc Jeremy Dale 47 Laps 4.GTO
 5 08 PONTIAC FIERO Dominic Dobson 46 Laps 5.GTO
 6  6 FORD MUSTANG Dorsey Schroeder 46 Laps 6.GTO
 7 42 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Bob Patch 46 Laps 7.GTO
 8 12 CHEVROLET CAMARO Randy Ruhlman 45 Laps 8.GTO
 9 07 DODGE DAYTONA John Fergus 45 Laps 1.GTU
10 96 NISSAN 240SX David Loring 44 Laps 2.GTU
11 95 NISSAN 240SX Bob Leitzinger 44 Laps 3.GTU
12 85 NISSAN 240SX Don Reynolds 44 Laps 4.GTU
13 79 CHEVROLET CAMARO J.D Smith 43 Laps 1.AAC
14 82 CHEVROLET CAMARO Dick Greer 43 Laps 2.AAC
15 22 CHEVROLET CAMARO Keith Lowande 42 Laps 3.AAC
16 83 MERCURY CAPRI Vic Manuelli 41 Laps 4.AAC
17  0 CHEVROLET CAMARO John Anderson 40 Laps 5.AAC
18 27 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS Dave Meziere 40 Laps 6.AAC
19  2 CHEVROLET CAMARO Kent Painter 39 Laps 7.AAC
20 62 MAZDA RX7 Pete Halsmer 38 Laps 9.GTO
21 97 CHEVROLET CAMARO Alex Tradd 38 Laps 10.GTO
22  7 MAZDA RX7 Bill Auberlen 27 Laps 5.GTU
23 74 MAZDA RX7 Frank Zucchi 23 Laps 6.GTU
24 63 MAZDA RX7 Price Cobb 22 Laps 11.GTO
25 77 CHEVROLET CAMARO Richard Gottlieb 22 Laps 12.GTO
26 14 CHEVROLET CAMARO Jerry Clinton 19 Laps 13.GTO
27 93 PORSCHE 911 Tc Milt Minter 12 Laps 14.GTO
28 36 CHEVROLET CAMARO Mark Staenberg 11 Laps 8.AAC
29 15 CHEVROLET CAMARO Andy Porterfield 10 Laps 15.GTO
30 61 MAZDA MX6 GT Don Swanson 10 Laps 7.GTU
31 00 DODGE DAYTONA Don Knowles 9 Laps 8.GTU
32 57 NISSAN 240SX Reed Kryder 9 Laps 9.GTU
33 43 CHEVROLET BERETTA Steve Blinderman 6 Laps 9.AAC
34  4 CHEVROLET LUMINA Jon Olch 2 Laps 10.AAC

Cars that did not start

Steve Millen.

It was the first time the GT cars would pound the streets of Long Beach, and it had a very special flavor. Ford, Nissan and Mazda all had a chance at winning that race, but with different weapons, of course. 34 cars were entered, which was a big field for such a track. Along with the GTOs, GTUs and AAC cars would produce some fierce racing. Robby Gordon and Dorsey Schroeder drove Ford Mustangs Steve Millen and Jeremy Dale were at the wheel of the Nissan 300ZX Tcs. Pete Halsmer and Price Cobb drove the nimble Mazda RX7 4rotors. Those were your typical factory entries. The remainder of the GTO field consisted of semi-private entries. Dominic Dobson had a 4,5L Pontiac Fiero which could do well on such a track. Les Lindley and Andy Porterfield both drove Chevrolet Camaros, they did it well but could not match the speed of the factories. Nine GTU cars were entered, with Dodge Daytonas and Nissan 240SXs running for victory. Some Mazdas were running, but only Bill Auberlen looked fast enough to be a threat. Don Knowles and John Fergus drove a Dodge Daytona, they would have to challenge David Loring, Bob Leitzinger and Don Reynolds, who were very fast. Local driver Don Swanson entered a fine looking Mazda MX6, but his race would Be short lived. The AAC cars were mainly American GT cars, they were closer to real GT concept, and slower too. Manu Chevrolet Camaros were entered, with JD Smith, Dick Greer and Kent Painter. A Mercury Capri was driven by Vic Manuelli, and you could also find a Chevrolet Lumina, one Beretta and one Oldsmobile Cutlass driven by Dave Meziere.

Jeremy Dale would grab his very first pole in his Nissan 300ZX Tc, followed by Pete Halsmer. Steve Millen was third, with Robby Gordon next. Price Cobb and Dorsey Schroeder were fiftyfifty and sixth. Les Lindley and Dominic Dobson were next. When the green flag was waved, Robby Gordon jumped frankly into the lead, while his teammate spun. He would restart, but his car was not handling good, and he had to maintain a lowly sixth place until the chequered. Robby Gordon ran well, with Pete Halsmer closely tucked behind him. Jeremy Dale was having problems with his Nissan, and he son had to pit when he met an AAC car. He changed his tires and had his car repaired. Price Cobb Mazda RX7 moved to third. Then he had to retire after 22 laps, when his radiator lost water. Up front, Robby Gordon was still ahead, pressured by Pete Halsmer. Then Robby Gordon missed a gear, and was passed by Pete Halsmer. The Ford Mustang driver was quick to react, but it was somewhat harsh, and he sent the Mazda into a spin. The Mazda brushed the wall while the Ford Mustang handling was upset. The Mazda then plowed into the tail of the Ford Mustang. Then it was over, and the car retired after 38 laps. Robby Gordon was still ahead, but the damaged bodywork did not allow his car to run as fast as he would. Steve Millen, in the second Nissan 300ZX Tc, was in second place. He was soon looming on the ailing Ford Mustang who could not resist. The chequered waved on Steve Millen, who was pleased to earn this one. Second was Robby Gordon, who finally managed to maintain his position, followed by Les Lindley, who had a fine race in his Chevrolet Camaro.

Fergus was on the GTU pole, followed by the Nissan 240SXs of David Loring and Bob Leitzinger. John Fergus was in the lead right from the start, pressed by Bill Auberlen's Mazda RX7 and by both Nissans. Bob Leitzinger would let his teammate pass when he heard a clatter in the engine compartment. In fact, he discovered after the race that one disc of the clutch had disintegrated, sawing the bell housing. Bill Auberlen would maintain his pressure on John Fergus until lap 27, then retired when the throttle linkage quit. Both David Loring and Bob Leitzinger Nissan 240SXs were second and third, until the chequered. Don Reynolds similar car could also have been a threat, but his engine management control unit fault light blinked right from the start. He ended up fourth, well down on power. JD Smith was the star of the AAC field, starting from the pole, and never to be threatened. Dick Greer and Keith Lowande cars were next, for a clean 1-2-3 Chevrolet Camaro sweep.