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The 24 Hours of Daytona race was won by the Joest Porsche 962 driven by John Winter, Frank Jelinski, Henri Pescarolo, Hurley Haywood and Bob Wollek. They easily won over the Nissan R90C driven by Geoff Brabham, Chip Robinson, Derek Daly and Bob Earl, winners of the LeMans class. Third was the Porsche 962 driven by John Hotschkis, Jim Adams, Chris Cord and Rob Dyson. Ford managed to win the GTO class, thanks to Robby Gordon, Mark Martin and Wally Dallenbach Jr, who finished just ahead of Dorsey Schroeder, Max Jones and John Fergus. Parker Johnstone, Steve Cameron, Bob Lesnett and Doug Peterson took the Lights class, driving the Spice SE90P Acura. They were not running at the finish but were so far away from their closest opponent they had the win packed up. Frank Jellinek, John Grooms, Michael and Peter Greenfield were second. Dick Greer, Al Bacon, Peter Uria and Mike Mees took a fine GTU victory, driving the Wendy's Mazda RX7. Honorato Espinosa, Rob Wilson, Felipe Solano and Miguel Morejon finished second in the Botero Mazda MX6.

West Palm Beach was won by Davy Jones, who drove his Jaguar XJR10to a fine victory over Wayne Taylor's Intrepid Chevrolet. Geoff Brabham took third place in his Nissan NPT90. Parker Johnstone won the Lights class, his Spice SE90P Acura finishing ahead of Patrick Bardinon and Pierre Petit, who drove the works Spice SE90P Buick. Pete Halsmer and Price Cobb took the two first spots in the GT race with their Mazda RX7s. Third was Jeremy Dale's Nissan 300ZX.

At Sebring, Geoff Brabham, Derek Daly and Gary Brabham won the race over teammates Chip Robinson, Bob Earl and Julian Bailey for a fine Nissan 1-2. Bob Wollek, Bernd Schneider and Massimo Sigala ended up in third place, with the Joest Porsche 962. Charles Morgan and Jim Pace took the Essex Racing Kudzu DG1 Buick to the Lights win, Almo Coppelli and Jay Hill ending in second place. Robby Gordon and Max Jones won the GTO class, two laps clear of the Nissan 300ZX driven by Steve Millen, Jeremy Dale and Johnny O'connell. Bob Leitzinger and David Loring dominated the GTU class, with the Nissan 240SX ten laps ahead of Alex Job's Porsche 911.

Raul Boesel gave Jaguar another victory at Miami. Tom Kendall had a great race, at the wheel of the Miller Chevrolet, which was a modified Spice. He finished in second place, with Geoff Brabham right behind him. Parker Johnstone's Spice SE90P Acura was still on top in Lights class, with Brent O'neill fonishing in second place in his Argo JM19 Buick. Pete Halsmer won the GT race, ahead of Robby Gordon's Ford Mustang and Price Cobb's second Mazda RX7.

Davy Jones new Jaguar XJR16 proved very efficient at Road Atlanta, as he won over Chip Robinson's new Nissan NPT91. Raul Boesel took third place in his Jaguar XJR10. Parker Johnstone managed to win the Lights class over Perry McCarthy's Spice SE90P Buick.

Steve Millen won the GT race held at Long Beach in his Nissan 300ZX. Robby Gordon was second in his Ford Mustang while Les Lindley had a fine race in his Chevrolet Camaro and finished third.

At Topeka, Chip Robinson won the race, beating Davy Jones' Jaguar XJR16 and Wayne Taylor's Intrepid Chevrolet. Parker Johnstone Spice SE90P Acura won the Lights class, followed by Charles Morgan's Kudzu DG1 Buick.

The Mosport GT race was won by Pete Halsmer, in his Mazda RX7, who defeated local driver Jeremy Dale, in his Nissan 300ZX, and Price Cobb's Mazda RX7. -Chip Robinson took another win at Lime Rock. Juan Fangio II finished second in his Eagle Toyota, jist ahead of Geoff Brabham's second Nissan NPT91. David Tennyson and Ken Knott earned their first Lights victory in a Spice SE90P Ferrari, followed by Jim Pace, in a Kudzu DG1 Buick.

At Mid Ohio, Davy Jones took another win, at the wheel of the Jaguar XJR16. Wayne Taylor and Tom Kendall, both driving Intrepid Chevrolets, finished second and third. Parker Johnstone won the Lights class, followed by Jim Pace, in a Kudzu DG1 Buick. Jeremy Dale won the GT race in his Nissan 300ZX, Pete Halsmer finished second in his Mazda RX7, but John Fergus was impressive in his Dodge Daytona, taking third place and winning the GTU class. Butch Leitzinger was second in his Nissan 240SX. Rick Dittman won the AAC class in his Oldsmobile Cutlass over Dick Greer, who drove a Chevrolet Camaro.

Wayne Taylor took the overall win at New Orleans, driving an Intrepid Chevrolet. Geoff Brabham finished second, while Jeff Purner ended up third in his Spice SE90P Chevrolet. David Tennyson took a new Lights class win in his Spice SE90P Ferrari, just ahead of Charles Morgan. Price Cobb earned his first GTO win at the wheel of the Mazda RX7, beating Steve Millen's Nissan 300ZX and Pete Halsmer. David Loring won the GTU class in his Nissan 240SX, John Fergus finshed second in his Dodge Daytona. Phil Currin won the AAC class in his Chevrolet Camaro.

Juan Fangio II took his first GTP win at Watkins Glen, driving his Eagle Toyota. Trailing him were the two Nisqan NPT91s driven by Geoff Brabham and Chip Robinson, who finished on the same lap. Parker Johnstone secured another win and was just ahead of David Tennyson at the finish.

Davy Jones won another race at Laguna Seca, beating Geoff Brabham and Perry McCarthy's Spice SE90P Chevrolet. Ruggero Melgrati went on to win the Lights class as Parker Johnstone experienced troubles. He was ahead of David Tennyson, both of them driving a Spice SE90P Ferrari. Price Cobb won the GT race over Jeremy Dale and Pete Halsmer, for a neat Mazda victory. Tommy Riggins finished fourth in his Oldsmobile Cutlass, easily winning the AAC class. Jeff Purner and John Fergus ended up 1-2 in GTU, giving Dodge a fine win.

Juan Fangio won the Portland race in his Eagle Toyota, ahead of Geoff Brabham, in his Nissan NPT91, and teammate Rocky Moran. Ruggero Melgrati went on to defeat Parker Johnstone in his Spice SE90P Ferrari, for a new Lights class win. Robby Gordon gave Ford a fine victory in the GT race, beating Steve Millen and Price Cobb. Tommy Riggins again took the AAC class, while John Fergus would take the GTU victory, beating David Loring in his Nissan 240SX.

Davy Jones won the Road America round, ahead of Chip Robinson and Wayne Taylor. Jim Pace took his first solo Lights victory in his Kudzu DG1 Buick. Dan Marvin finished second in his Spice SE90P Acura. Steve Millen won the GT race in his Nissan 300ZX, followed by Pete Halsmer's Mazda RX7 and Robby Gordon's Ford Mustang. Tommy Riggins was set for another AAC win over Michael Dingman's Ford Mustang. David Loring and Butch Leitzinger would wind up a nice 1-2 in GTU.

The Road Atlanta GT race saw Robby Gordon dispose of the two Mazda RX7s driven by Pete Halsmer and Price Cobb. Tommy Riggins was getting used to winning the AAC class in his Oldsmobile Cutlass. Jeff Purner and John Fergus had another fine win in the GTU class.

Steve Millen and Jeremy Dale teamed up for a fine win at Watkins Glen, with Dorsey Schroeder taking the second place in his Ford Mustang. Pete Halsmer was third in his Mazda RX7. John Fergus won the GTU class in his Dodge Daytona, beating David Loring and Bob Leitzinger. Phil Currin won the AAC class in a Chevrolet Camaro.

Steve Millen took yet another win at Lime Rock, his Nissan 300ZX ending ahead of Pete Halsmer's Mazda RX7 and Dorsey Schroeder's Ford Mustang. John Fergus won again the GTU class over teammate Jeff Purner. Dick Greer won the AAC class in his Chevrolet Camaro over Phil Currin.

The final round, held at Del Mar, was won by Juan Fangio II who led his Eagle Toyota MKIII to a close victory over John Paul Jr, who drove the Wynn's Spice SE90P Pontiac. Geoff Brabham finished third. Parker Johnstone took the last Lights win of the season, but he had clinched the championship since long. David Tennyson finished second. Robby Gordon won the GT race over Price Cobb's Mazda RX7 and teammate Dorsey Schroeder. Randy Ruhlman won the AAC in his Chevrolet Camaro. Bob and Butch Leitzinger owned the GTU class with a perfect 1-2.