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 1 75 NISSAN 300ZX Tc Steve Millen 24 Laps 1.GTO
 2  1 MAZDA RX7 Pete Halsmer 24 Laps 2.GTO
 3  6 MERCURY COUGAR XR7 Dorsey Schroeder 24 Laps 3.GTO
 4 76 NISSAN 300ZX Tc Jeremy Dale 24 Laps 4.GTO
 5 74 FORD MUSTANG George Robinson 24 Laps 5.GTO
 6 08 CHEVROLET CAMARO Fomfor 24 Laps 6.GTO
 7 96 NISSAN 240SX David Loring 24 Laps 1.GTU
 8 07 DODGE DAYTONA Don Knowles 24 Laps 2.GTU
 9 68 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Luis Mendez 24 Laps 7.GTO
10 06 DODGE DAYTONA Mike Davies 24 Laps 3.GTU
11 37 MAZDA MX6 GT Lance Stewart 24 Laps 4.GTU
12 46 NISSAN 240Z Adriano Atreu 24 Laps 5.GTU
13 38 MAZDA MX6 GT John Finger 24 Laps 6.GTU
14 43 PONTIAC FIERO Joe Varde 24 Laps 7.GTU
15 23 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Javier Garcia 24 Laps 8.GTO
16 17 MAZDA MX6 GT Al Bacon 24 Laps 8.GTU
17 10 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX Clay Young 24 Laps 9.GTO
18 63 MAZDA RX7 Jim Downing 24 Laps 10.GTO
19 20 CHEVROLET BERETTA Dan Osterholt 23 Laps 11.GTO
20 79 PONTIAC FIERO Juan Vento 23 Laps 9.GTU
21  5 MAZDA RX7 Eduardo Pellerano 23 Laps 10.GTU
22 11 CHEVROLET BERETTA Mark Porcaro 23 Laps 12.GTO
23 18 MAZDA RX7 Mike Green 23 Laps 11.GTU
24 33 CHEVROLET BERETTA Albert Ruiz 23 Laps 13.GTO
25 57 NISSAN 300ZX Henry Camferdam 23 Laps 12.GTU
26 70 MAZDA RX7 David Russell 23 Laps 13.GTU
27 09 PONTIAC FIERO Luis M.Mendez 21 Laps 14.GTU
28 41 PONTIAC FIREBIRD Del Taylor 21 Laps 14.GTO
29 00 DODGE DAYTONA Kal Showket 20 Laps 15.GTU
30 71 MAZDA MX6 GT Amos Johnson 10 Laps 16.GTU
31 95 NISSAN 240SX Bob Leitzinger 9 Laps 17.GTU
32 35 CHEVROLET CAMARO Mandy Gonzalez 8 Laps 15.GTO
33 99 CHEVROLET CAMARO Phil Currin 8 Laps 16.GTO
34 48 BMW 325 Mike Graham 8 Laps 18.GTU
35 51 BUICK REGAL Bill Fuller 8 Laps 17.GTO
36 77 MAZDA RX7 Juan Negron 7 Laps 19.GTU
37  9 MERCURY COUGAR XR7 Robby Gordon 2 Laps 18.GTO
38 15 MAZDA MX6 GT Paul Lewis 1 Lap 20.GTU
39 28 PONTIAC FIREBIRD Raul Garcia 1 Lap 19.GTO
40 22 CHEVROLET CAMARO Gary Smith 0 Lap 20.GTO

Cars that did not start

   91 PORSCHE 944GTR Chet Vincentz GTO

Running under yellow

It was a promising race, as every potential winner of each class was here. Nissan, Ford and Mazda had two cars, but things started badly for Ford, with Robby Gordon and Dorsey Schroeder crashing their cars. Pete Halsmer tangled with Chet Vincentz Porsche 944GTR. He would be able to start the race, however. Only Nissan seemed to run without any crash to happen. Steve Millen would stick his 300ZX on the pole with 1m18s560. Pete Halsmer was finally in his repaired Mazda RX7. Jeremy Dale put his Nissan 300ZX in third place, while Robby Gordon was fourth in his Mercury Cougar XR7. Dorsey Schroeder would start in ninth place, behind every GTS cars, but ahead of every GTO and GTU cars, with on time. The start of the race saw Steve Millen slip into the lead, followed by Pete Halsmer, Jeremy Dale, Robby Gordon, Dorsey Schroeder and George Robinson in his Ford Mustang. Robby Gordon would not last more than four laps, as he dropped out with a broken flywheel. Steve Millen and Pete Halsmer managed to open up a gap of three seconds over Jeremy Dale and Dorsey Schroeder who battled for third place. Dorsey Schroeder managed to overtake Jeremy Dale. Then, Bob Leitzinger crashed his Nissan 240Sx, while leading the GTU class with Bill Fuller's Buick Regal. The race, then, was almost done. The race ended up under yellow, with the crowd heartily booing. They felt cheated.

The GTU race was to be dominated by David Loring, who drove the Nissan 240SX That took Bob Leitzinger to the GTU Championship. A trio of Dodge Daytonas faced him and some Mazda RX7s and MX6s were right behind. Don Knowles would start in second place, followed by Lance Stewart in his Mazda MX6. David Loring jumped into the lead, quickly building up an eight second lead. Kal Showket, Don Knowles and Mike Davies were bunched up in second, third and fourth. Then Bob Leitzinger moved past Mike Davies, Kal Showket stopped in his pits and David Loring had to slow down when a piece of paper lodged onto the front air intake. Then Bob Leitzinger tangled heavily with Bill Fuller, which ended the race and allowed David Loring to win, despite his temperatures rising steadily. The concrete barrier was moved back and the race direction decided it was unsafe to continue, so the race ended under yellow.