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 1 67 PORSCHE 962 108C/C02 Bob Wollek-Darin Brassfield-John Andretti 621 Laps 1.GTP
 2 61 JAGUAR XJR9D TWR-J12C-388 Price Cobb-John Nielsen-Andy Wallace-Jan Lammers 621 Laps 2.GTP
 3  3 PORSCHE 962C 002BM Oscar Larrauri-Walter Brun-Hans Stuck 603 Laps 3.GTP
 4 86 PORSCHE 962 139 Klaus Ludwig-James Weaver-Sarel Van der Merwe 600 Laps 4.GTP
 5 77 MAZDA 767B 001 Yoshimi Katayama-Takashi Yorino-Elliot Forbes Robinson 559 Laps 5.GTP
 6 16 MERCURY COUGAR XR7 Pete Halsmer-Bob Earl-Mark Martin-Paul Stewart 554 Laps 1.GTO
 7 11 MERCURY COUGAR XR7 Wally Dallenbach Jr-Dorsey Schroeder-Mark Martin 534 Laps 2.GTO
 8  9 TIGA GT287 Buick 367 Charles Morgan-John Morrison-Tom Hessert 530 Laps 1.Lights
 9 92 MERCURY CAPRI Bob Zeeb-Jeff Purner-Bobby Akin 530 Laps 3.GTO
10 90 MERCURY CAPRI Andy Peterey-Les Delano-Craig Carter 528 Laps 4.GTO
11 38 MAZDA RX7 Roger Mandeville-Kelly Marsh-Brian Redman 528 Laps 5.GTO
12 17 MAZDA RX7 Al Bacon-Bob Reed-Rod Millen 526 Laps 1.GTU
13 95 NISSAN 240SX Bob Leitzinger-Chuck Kurtz-Butch Leitzinger 517 Laps 2.GTU
14 71 MAZDA RX7 Amos Johnson-Dennis Shaw-Buddy Lazier 516 Laps 3.GTU
15  8 FABCAR Chevrolet 001 Tim McAdam-Bill Adam-Chip Mead 515 Laps 6.GTP
16 89 PORSCHE 911 Jack Refenning-Rusty Scott-Freddy Baker-Peter Uria 511 Laps 4.GTU
17 03 CHEVROLET CAMARO Tom Kendall-Max Jones-Buz McCall-Jack Baldwin 498 Laps 6.GTO
18 64 PORSCHE 962 HR2 Bernard Jourdain-Oscar Manautou-Allen Berg-Andres Contreras 485 Laps 7.GTP
19 62 PORSCHE 911 Terry Wolters-Chris Kraft-Rusty Bond-Alex Job 485 Laps 5.GTU
20 10 PORSCHE 962 HR5/F02 John Hotschkis-Jim Adams-John Hotschkis Jr 483 Laps 8.GTP
21 82 MAZDA RX7 Dick Greer-Mike Mees-John Finger 478 Laps 6.GTU
22 40 TIGA GT286 Ferrari 341 Martino Finotto-Paolo Guatamacchi-Uli Bieri 475 Laps 2.Lights
23 55 SPICE FIREBIRD PSGTPL2 Dan Marvin-Alan Freed-Mike Allison-Scott Liebler 471 Laps 3.Lights
24  5 FORD MUSTANG PROBE Jean Pierre Frey-Marty Roth-Albert Naon Jr 465 Laps 9.GTP
25 26 ARGO JM19 Mazda 106 Dave Cowart-Scott Brayton-Mike Meyer-Jim Fowells 460 Laps 4.Lights
26  4 SPICE SE88P Buick 002 Linda Ludemann-Scott Schubot-John Williams 456 Laps 5.Lights
27 83 NISSAN ZX Tc GTP 88-01 Arie Luyendijk-Chip Robinson-Geoff Brabham-Michael Roe 453 Laps 10.GTP
28 33 SPICE FIREBIRD 001 Costas Los-Dieter Quester-Jeff Kline 427 Laps 11.GTP
29 09 SPICE SE88P Buick Steve Durst-Jay Cochran-Mike Brockman-Tony Belcher 426 Laps 12.GTP
30 63 ARGO JM19 Mazda 107 Howard Katz-Jim Downing-John O'steen-John Maffucci 412 Laps 6.Lights
31 43 FABCAR Porsche FEP-002 John Higgins-Lorenzo Lamas-Buddy Lazier-Justus Reid 395 Laps 7.Lights
32 75 BADGER BB Mazda Max Schmidt-Todd Brayton-Rusty Schmidt-Jack Engelhardt 391 Laps 8.Lights
33 35 CHEVROLET CAMARO Craig Rutright-Jean Paul Libert-Kermit Upton 360 Laps 7.GTO
34 04 PORSCHE 911 Gary Auberlen-Bill Auberlen-Cary Eisenlohr-Monte Shelton 351 Laps 7.GTU
35 05 ROYALE RP40 Porsche 1 Tato Ferrer-Rolando Falgueras-Manuel Villa-Mandy Gonzalez 349 Laps 9.Lights
36 85 PORSCHE 962 121 Bruce Leven-Rob Dyson-Dominic Dobson-John Paul Jr 347 Laps 13.GTP
37  0 PORSCHE 962C 129 Frank Jelinski-Claude Ballot Léna-Jean Louis Ricci 346 Laps 14.GTP
38 87 MAZDA RX7 Lance Stewart-Ron Cortez-Jeff Alkazian-Chet FerrariLightsip 344 Laps 8.GTU
39 51 BUICK SOMERSET Jack Boxstrom-Dale Kreider-Mark Porcaro-Carson Hurley 341 Laps 8.GTO
40 32 BUICK SOMERSET Ric Moore-Pieter L.Baljet-Randy McDonald 335 Laps 9.GTO
41 74 PONTIAC FIERO George Robinson-Bart Kendall-Johnny Unser 323 Laps 9.GTU
42 91 TIGA GT285 Mazda David LaCroix-David Seatroke-Buzzy Smith-Tommy Johnson 310 Laps 10.Lights
43 60 JAGUAR XJR9D TWR-J12C-288 Jan Lammers-Davy Jones-Raul Boesel 288 Laps 15.GTP
44 53 CHEVROLET CAMARO Richard McDill-Robert Whitaker-Bill McDill 287 Laps 10.GTO
45 94 CHEVROLET CAMARO Henry Brosnaham-Steve Burgner-Ken Bupp-Rob Peters-Mark Montgomery 269 Laps 11.GTO
46 28 TIGA GT286 Mazda tony Adamowicz-Albert Rocca-Tomas Lopez-Aurelio Lopez 266 Laps 11.Lights
47 68 PORSCHE 962 HR7 Mario Andretti-Michael Andretti 237 Laps 16.GTP
48 02 SPICE FIREBIRD PSGTPL1 Parker Johnstone-Frnak Everett-Ron Nelson 229 Laps 12.Lights
49 31 CHEVROLET CAMARO Wayne Akers-Kent Painter-Anthony Puleo-David Donner 217 Laps 12.GTO
50 98 TOYOTA 88C 87C-007 Drake Olson-Chris Cord-Steve Bren 180 Laps 17.GTP
51 88 ARGO JM19B Ferrari 118 Tom Philips-Steve Johnson-Bob Lesnett 165 Laps 13.Lights
52 46 CHEVROLET CAMARO Daniel Urrutia-Gene Whipp-Gary Smith-Jack Swanson 160 Laps 13.GTO
53 07 DODGE DAYTONA Tommy Riggins-Joe Varde-Kal Showket 156 Laps 10.GTU
54 57 NISSAN 300ZX Reed Kryder-Zoltan Polony-Brian Goodwin-Craig Shafer 142 Laps 11.GTU
55  6 FORD MUSTANG PROBE Tom Pumpelly-Ruggero Melgrati-Jack Baldwin 117 Laps 18.GTP
56 36 ARGO JM16 Mazda John Grooms-John Fergus-Frank Jellinek-Charles Monk 111 Laps 14.Lights
57 47 CHEVROLET CAMARO JimBurt-Nort Northam-Chaunce Wallace 111 Laps 14.GTO
58 27 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS Scott Pruett-Jerry Clinton-Les Lindley-Paul Gentilozzi 101 Laps 15.GTO
59 20 TIGA GT285 Mazda Fred Phillips-Ron McKay-Randy Pobst 92 Laps 15.Lights
60 30 PORSCHE 962 003BM Massimo Sigala-Mauro Baldi-Gianpiero Moretti-Stanley Dickens 80 Laps 19.GTP
61 84 NISSAN ZX Tc GTP 88-03 Michael Roe-Geoff Brabham-Chip Robinson-Arie Luyendijk 51 Laps 20.GTP
62 12 PONTIAC FIREBIRD Ken Bupp-Rob Peters-Del Taylor-Mark Montgomery-Paul Goral 50 Laps 16.GTO
63 29 CHEVROLET CAMARO Oma Kimtrough-Robert Kahn-Hoyt Overbagh-Robert Siegal-Rob Peters 31 Laps 17.GTO
64 58 LOLA T616 Mazda Bill Bean-Michael Dow-Gary Wonzer 19 Laps 16.Lights
65 96 CHEVROLET CAMARO Paul Reisman-Bob Hebert-Tom Gaffney-Doug Mills 4 Laps 18.GTO
66 72 PORSCHE 911 Jay Kjoller-Patrick Mooney-Robin Boone-Bob Dotson 2 Laps 12.GTU
67 66 JAGUAR XJR9D TWR-J12C-188 Derek Daly-Martin Donnelly-Patrick Tambay 1 Lap 21.GTP

Cars that did not start

    7 FORD MUSTANG PROBE Lyn St James-David Loring-Marty Roth GTP
   79 SPICE FIREBIRD 003 Jim Rothbarth-Mike Ciasulli-Kenper Miller-Gene Felton Lights
   00 DODGE DAYTONA Kal Showket-Neil Hanneman-P.J Jones GTU
   01 SPICE FIREBIRD 001 Don Bell-George Wilkie-Hendrick ten Cate Lights
   99 EAGLE HF89 Toyota Willy T.Ribbs-Juan Fangio II-Rocky Moran GTP

Bob Wollek, Darin Brassfield and John Andretti in the Busby Porsche 962.

The very first race of the season saw a big entry field, with a bunch of new cars. The only disappointment being Toyota, whose new car could not make it to the start. The field was nonetheless exciting with Porsche, Nissan, Jaguar, Spice, Fabcar and even Mazda whose teams had competitive cars. Nissan had brought two cars, but it appeared that only one car would eventually try to go to the chequered. The second car was more a back up car with spare parts to be used just in case. Geoff Brabham, Chip Robinson, Arye Luyendijk and Michael Roe would share both cars. Jaguar was there with three cars and nine drivers, obviously willing to make it two in a row. The cars were '89 models with 18" wheels and new NACA ducts. Davy Jones, Jan Lammers and Raul Boesel were on car #60, Price Cobb, John Nielsen and Andy Wallace on car #61 and Derek Daly, Martin Donnely and Patrick Tambay on car #66. Porsche had nine cars entered, none of them being lookalike. Two types of cars were entered : the Group C powered cars and the IMSA cars. Three cars were from the first type(Joest, Brun and Bayside) and the remainder used the second type. Klaus Ludwig, James Weaver and Sarel van der Merwe drove the Bayside car, while Bob Wollek, Derek Bell and John Andretti drove the #67 Busby Racing entry. Mario and Michael Andretti were at the wheel of the more conventional chassis. Walter Brun, Hans Stuck and Oscar Larrauri drove the Brun Motorsport car, which displayed a brand new livery. Jean Louis Ricci, Claude Ballot Léna and Frank Jelinski drove the Joest entry. Gianpiero Moretti, Massimo Sigala, Gianfranco Brancatelli and Mauro Baldi were at the wheel of the Gebhardt entry. The two other entries were less competitive. Chris Cord, Drake Olson and Steve Bren drove the Toyota 88C, which was a Group C car updated to GTP specs. The Mazda 767B was entered by MazdaSpeed and sported a left sided exhaust system. Elliot Forbes Robinson, Yoshimi Katayama and Yojiro Terada. Spice had a bunch of cars, with Costas Los, Jeff Kline and Dieter Quester driving the semi Works car. It was powered by a 5,0L Pontiac prepared by Ed Pink. Steve Durst, Michael Brockman and Jay Cochran drove a SE88P Buick. The lonely Fabcar was powered by a Chevrolet engine, and was driven by Tim McAdam, Chip Mead and Bill Adam. Tom Milner had purchased the two Ford Probes, and had some of the former Roush drivers too. Tom Pumpelly and Ruggero Melgrati were on the #6, while Albert Naon Jr, Jean Pierre Frey and Lyn St.James drove #5.

The Lights class was interesting, and would feature some Spices, Argos and Tigas. Jim Downing and John Maffucci brought their familiar Argo JM19C Mazda. The other JM19 was Ferrari powered, and driven by Herman Johnson, Steve Phillips and Bob Lesnett. Another car was entered by MSB Racing, and driven by Jim Fowells, Scott Brayton, David Cowart ne Mike Meyer. A JM16 Mazda was fielded by Erie Scientific, and driven by Frank Jellinek, John Grooms, John Fergus and Charles Monk. They would have a bundle of Spice to fight. Scott Schubot, Linda Ludemann and Tom Williams drove a Buick powered car, the other cars, powered by Pontiac power plants, were called Spice Firebird or SE87P, according to their age. Dan Marvin, Scott Leibler and Mike Allison drove the Huffaker entry. Jim Rothbarth, Jim Miller and Gene Felton drove a former SE87P, which was Pontiac powered, and entered by Whitehall Racing. The Bieri Racing Tiga GT 286 Ferrari was fast, and driven by Martino Finotto, Uli Bieri and Paolo Guatamacchi. The GT287 Buick entered by Essex Racing could do well with Tom Hessert, Charles Morgan and John Morrison. Another entry was by a GT285 Mazda for Tomas Lopez, Al Rocca and Tony Adamowicz, plus another GT286 for Peter Welter, Bill Boyer and Randy Pobst. A single Fabcar Porsche, driven by John Higgins, Lorenzo Lamas and Justus Reid, a Lola T616 Mazda and a Royale RP40 Porsche were also entered.

The GTO class was also exciting, with Roush Racing now entering Mercury Cougar XR7s instead of Merkurs. Pete Halsmer, Bob Earl and Paul Stewart drove car #16, Wally Dallenbach Jr, Dorsey Schroeder and Mark Martin drove car #11. The main opposition seemed to come from the new Oldsmobile Cutlass entered by Rocketsports. It was driven by Paul Gentilozzi, Scott Pruett, Jerry Clinton and Les Lindley. The car derived from those entered in Trans Am in 1988. Two Mercury Capris were entered, driven by Les Delano, Andy Peterey and Craig Carter on car #90, and Bob Zeeb, Bobby Akin and Jeff Purner. Those cars were powered by V8 Ford 5,5L and could Be a threat ni terms of reliability. Skoal Bandit entered a Chevrolet Camaro, which was the famous chassis #861. It was driven by Buz McCall, Tom Kendall and Max Jones. An interesting entry was the Buick Somerset entered by Oftedahl Racing. Rick Moore, Pieter Baljet and Randy McDonald drove it. Dale Kreider had a similar car. Roger Mandeville drove his usual tri-rotor Mazda RX7, which was improved but still underpowered. He was partnered by Brian Redman, Kelly Marsh and Gary Drummond. Another Bunch of Chevrolet Camaros, as well as a pair of Pontiac Firebirds, would run for the fun of it.

The GTU class was somewhat richer than the previous years, with Mazda RX7s not outnumbering the field. Only four of them were entered, which was the smallest number ever since 1979! The cars were effective, with the Team Highball car as a favorite. Amos Johnson, Dennis Shaw and Bob Lazier were running for victory. Al Bacon, Bob Reed and Rod Millen were serious contenders, too. The Overton Racing car was runner up. Nissan had two 240SXs, with Leitzinger Racing fielding a very competitive car for Bob and Butch Leitzinger, Co-driven by Chuck Kurtz. The Kryderacing car was slightly off the pace, but well driven. A single Dodge Daytona was entered, but Joe Varde, Tommy Riggins and Terry Earwood were strong contenders. Three Porsche 911s were entered, but they only had to count on their reliability.

The practice sessions were to last four days, with Nissan Ready to tackle the track record. However, the weather being extremely hot, it would not be beaten. Geoff Brabham would do a 1m39s182, followed by a surprisingly fast Jan Lammers in a Jaguar XJR9. Chip Robinson was third, followed by Hans Stuck in the Brun Motorsport Porsche 962. Jeff Kline posted a 1m40s525, good enough for 6th place on the grid. The best Lights car was Scott Schubot's Spice SE88P Buick in 1m49s578. Pete Halsmer was slightly faster in his Mercury Cougar XR7, with a 1m49s192, two seconds faster than the Oldsmobile. Al Bacon, in a Mazda RX7, was the fastest GTU qualifier in 2m01s248.

Bob Holbert took the wheel of the Löwenbraü Porsche 962 in memory of his son Al, who lost his life in a plane crash a few months before. The start of the race would be given under a very sunny weather and in front of a relatively big crowd. Surprisingly, it was Klaus Ludwig who would take the lead in an easy way, leading the race ahead of Jan Lammers and Arie Luyendijk. Frank Jelinski, who started 16th, would work his way to the top and was 4th after 10 laps. Behind them, Mario Andretti, Price Cobb, Bernard Jourdain and Bob Wollek were running in a pack. The beginning of the race saw a big collision between Derek Daly and Michael Roe. While the Nissan was in for minor repairs, the Jaguar was out with a broken suspension. The Texaco Havoline Porsche 962 was in front, and maintain this position for about three hours. The Jaguars were The First to pit for fuel, while the leading car was to run five more laps before refueling. The Nissan pitted on lap 32 and Klaus Ludwig on lap 34. Positions would remain stalled for a while. At 6PM, the s'un disappeared, and Klaus Ludwig-James Weaver were still in the lead, followed by Jan Lammers-Davy Jones-Raul Boesel. Geoff Brabham-Bob Earl were next, followed by the two BF Goodrich cars. The Joest Porsche 962 was right behind them, with Claude Ballot Léna-Jean Louis Ricci-Frank Jelinski. They were followed by the Momo Gebhardt Porsche 962, which would retire shortly after, when the brakes would fail. Mauro Baldi was driving and had to be driven to the Hospital with leg injuries.

The pace car was out for 18 minutes, which was a true opportunity for the leading car. A broken throttle cable had to be fixed. Jan Lammers would inherit the lead with the Nissan ZX Tc GTP right behind. The second Jaguar XJR9, driven by Price Cobb-John Nielsen. The Nissan and the two Jaguar would swap their positions for a long while. The Busby Porsche 962, driven by Bob Wollek-Derek Bell-John Andretti was next, waiting for its time. Behind those cars, the Toyota was at pain, with an overheating engine. The car was retired shortly after the six hour mark. While everything seemed to run smoothly, car #60 was pushed behind the pits at 0.48 PM. The engine was out, which left one car for every make fighting for the win. Nissan was more than happy with the fact that the car was still around. At 1.12, something occured, which was to lead to the red flag being waved. A blanket of fog has been spotted by drivers, which made it unsafe for the drivers to carry on running. The race was at a standstill for more than three hours.

The race would restart at 5.38 PM. Geoff Brabham and Chip Robinson were leading the race when the race was stopped, Price Cobb-John Nielsen were in second place and Bob Wollek-Derek Bell in third place, two laps down. Shortly after the 19th hour Mark, the Nissan engine failed. That left the Busby Porsche 962 in the leas, with the Jaguar now trying to catch up. Jan Lammers was aside by Tom Walkinshaw to assist the Jaguar's drivers. They would try to get closer, but the Porsche 962 remained in front, and won the race. Bob Wollek-Derek Bell-John Andretti did 621 laps, winning with a 1m26s665 gap over Prive Cobb-John Nielsen-Jan Lammers-Raul Boesel Jaguar XJR9. The GTO class was won again by Jack Roush, with Pete Halsmer-Bob Earl-Paul Stewart winning in a Mercury Cougar XR7. The second place car was the sister car driven by Wally Dallenbach Jr-Dorsey Schroeder and Mark Martin. Al Bacon-Bob Reed and Rod Millen took the GTU honors in a Mazda RX7, winning over the Nissan 240SX driven by Bob and Butch Leitzinger and Chuck Kurtz. Amos Johnson had to settle for third place. The Lights class was won by a Tiga GT286 Buick driven by Charles Morgan-Tom Hessert and John Morrison. They won by an unprecedented marginal of 55 laps over their followers.