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 1 83 NISSAN ZX Tc GTP 88-01 Geoff Brabham-John Morton 149 Laps 1.GTP
 2 61 JAGUAR XJR9 TWR-J12C-388 Jan Lammers-Davy Jones 149 Laps 2.GTP
 3 16 PORSCHE 962GTi DR-1 Price Cobb-James Weaver 148 Laps 3.GTP
 4 33 SPICE FIREBIRD 001 Bob Earl-Jeff Kline 147 Laps 4.GTP
 5  8 FABCAR GTP Chevrolet 001 Chip Mead-Tim McAdam 145 Laps 5.GTP
 6 15 PORSCHE 962 HR5 Jim Rothbarth-Bernard Jourdain 142 Laps 6.GTP
 7 10 PORSCHE 962 HR5/F02 John Hotschkis-Jim Adams 139 Laps 7.GTP
 8  9 TIGA GT286 Buick 322 David Loring-Tom Hessert 139 Laps 1.Lights
 9 80 ALBA AR6 Ferrari Martino Finotto-Ruggero Melgrati 138 Laps 2.Lights
10 63 ARGO JM19 Mazda 107 Jim Downing-Howard Katz 137 Laps 3.Lights
11 40 TIGA GT286 Ferrari 341 Uli Bieri-Guido Dacco 137 Laps 4.Lights
12 25 ARGO JM19 Buick 113 Brent O'neill-Bill Wolff 135 Laps 5.Lights
13 52 CHEVROLET CORVETTE GTP T8710-HU01 Bobby Rahal-Elliot Forbes Robinson 133 Laps 8.GTP
14 19 TIGA GT286 Mazda Bill Jacobson-Justus Reid 131 Laps 6.Lights
15 43 FABCAR Porsche FEP-002 John Higgins-Lorenzo Lamas 130 Laps 7.Lights
16 01 SPICE FIERO 001 Charles Morgan-Dominic Dobson 130 Laps 8.Lights
17 14 PORSCHE 962 HR7 Chip Robinson-Derek Bell 102 Laps 9.GTP
18  4 SPICE SE88P Buick 002 Scott Schubot-Linda Ludemann 90 Laps 9.Lights
19 79 SPICE FIERO 003 Bill Koll-Skeeter McKitterick 85 Laps 10.Lights
20 60 JAGUAR XJR9 TWR-J12C-288 John Nielsen-Martin Brundle 83 Laps 10.GTP
21 30 MARCH 86G Buick Gianpiero Moretti-Michael Roe 82 Laps 11.GTP
22  1 PORSCHE 962 HR4 A.J Foyt 69 Laps 12.GTP
23  7 FORD MUSTANG PROBE John Wood-R.K Smith 58 Laps 13.GTP
24 97 SPICE FIERO 004 Claude Ballot Léna-Jean Louis Ricci 55 Laps 11.Lights
25 42 FABCAR Porsche FEP-001 James King 53 Laps 12.Lights
26 37 SPICE FIERO PSGTPL1 Frank Everett 30 Laps 13.Lights
27 09 SPICE FIREBIRD 003 Steve Durst-Mike Brockman 20 Laps 14.GTP
28 22 CHEVROLET CORVETTE GTP T8610-HU02 Sarel Van der Merwe 6 Laps 15.GTP
29 55 SPICE FIERO PSGTPL2 Paul Lewis-Terry Visger 6 Laps 14.Lights
30 67 PORSCHE 962 108C/C02 Bob Wollek-Mauro Baldi 2 Laps 16.GTP
DQ  3 PORSCHE 962 128 Oscar Larrauri-Massimo Sigala Disq 16.GTP

Cars that did not start

   31 MARCH 86G Buick GTP
   66 JAGUAR XJR9 TWR-J12C-188 Martin Brundle-John Nielsen GTP

Nissan again

This event was the third one to take place in Florida, but it would suffer any comparison with Daytona or Sebring. The track was a mere 2,606km circuit and had been moved in the middle of nowhere. In fact, from the beginning of the practice sessions, many accidents were to happen that would modify the timetable. The practice session would take place under a 35° C. It would be dominated by the Electramotive Nissan ZX T GTP driven by Geoff Brabham. The second place was taken by the Jaguar XJR9 driven by John Nielsen-Jan Lammers-Davy Jones. Unfortunately, this car would not start. The Nissan was the only car running under the 1minute mark. An interesting car was the Spice Pontiac Firebird driven by Bob Earl-Jeff Kline which would wind up a very good fourth overall, only beaten by two Jaguars and the Nissan! Seven Porsche 962s were to start the race, but they were no more fighting for victory in the shorter events. It was interesting to notice that, as for the 935s, they were now heavily modified. Each team was trying his own solutions, and each car was quite unique. The BF Goodrich Team had a long tail while Dyson Racing did test a short one, with little success. The best Lights car was the Whitehall Racing Spice Fiero driven by Bill Koll and Skeeter McKitterick, starting on the twenty first spot. The race would first be dominated by the Jaguar driven by Jan Lammers, which took the lead right from the start. Geoff Brabham stayed behind the Jaguar after missing a turn. John Nielsen was witnessing the duel, glued in third position. Behind those cars, the Porsche 962s, now playing second fiddle, were having good times and fought hard for position. After a first under yellow caused by the Sarel van der Merwe Chevrolet Corvette GTP, who hit the wall after a puncture, the Nissan would take the lead. Jan Lammers was now second with John Nielsen third. Jean Louis Ricci, leading the GTL class, was sent into the wall by the #42 Fabcar. This piece of action resulting in yet another safety car neutralisation. In fact, the race would be run under yellow for nearly one-third of the event. Then would happen the incident AJ Foyt and Oscar Larrauri, the latter willing to pass the idol, would find a very tiny hole in a left hander and send AJ into the wall. Furious, AJ Foyt would pit for repairs and wait for Oscar Larrauri to pay him back! But he would retire later and the two pilots would be blamed for that. The race seemed to be over for the lead as the Nissan, driven by Geoff Brabham-John Morton was maintaining its position. The Jaguar driven by Jan Lammers-Davy Jones would keep its second place during the entire race, the gap never over ten seconds. However, the Jaguar never seemed to be in a position to take the lead. Each time the Nissan was pulling ahead, the safety car would have to appear whenever an accident happened. The gap would then be nullified, but then the Nissan again would pull ahead. It seemed that the Japanese car was unbeatable. The Porsche 962 driven by Price Cobb and James Weaver took while the surprising Spice Pontiac Firebird driven by Bob Earl-Jeff Kline was next, fifth was the not less surprising Fabcar Chevrolet driven by Chip Mead and Tim McAdam. In the Lights class, the Tiga GT287 Buick, driven by Tom Hessert and David Loring was declared as the winner, which was quite a feat, the car starting last. The Alba AR6 Ferrari driven by Martino Finotto and Guido Dacco had been declared first as the winner, but it seemed that confusion helping, the standings had to be reversed later. Finally, the race was over and not quite exciting at all. The many safety car appearances spoiling a race dominated by a single car : the Nissan GTP.