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Jaguar took the IMSA Championship by storm, winning the 24 Hours of Daytona in a convincing way. Martin Brundle, John Nielsen and Raul Boesel took their Jaguar XJR9 to a great win. They defeated the Porsche 962 driven by Mauro Baldi, Bob Wollek and Brian Redman by a mere one lap. Another Jaguar XJR9, driven by Eddie Cheever, Johnny Dumfries and John Watson ended up third. Tom Hessert, David Loring and David Simpson won the Lights class in a Tiga GT287 Chevrolet, beating the Argo JM19 Mazda driven by Jim Downing, Howard Katz and Hiro Matsushita. The GTO class was really a disappointment for the Skoal Bandit Chevrolet Camaro driven by Buz McCall, Paul Dallenbach, Max Jones and Jack Baldwin, who lost the race in the very last moments of the last laps. Scott Pruett, Pete Halsmer, Paul Miller and Bobby Akin grabbed another win for Roush Racing in a new Mercury Merkur XR4Ti. Amos Johnson, Dennis Shaw and Bob Lazier took another class win in GTU, with the Porsche 911 driven by Gary Auberlen, son Bill, Cary Eisenlohr and Adrian Gang taking the second place.

Miami would see a reverse of trends, with Price Cobb and James Weaver taking the win out of Jaguar in a much modified Porsche 962. Martin Brundle and John Nielsen finished on the same lap. Oscar Larrauri was third in the Brun Porsche 962. Martino Finotto and Ruggero Melgrati dominated the Lights class in the Alba AR6 Ferrari. Tom Hessert and David Loring finished second, three laps down. The GTU race was won by Tom Kendall, who drove the all new Chevrolet Beretta. He was just ahead of Amos Johnson's Mazda RX7. In third place was Luis Mendez' Porsche 911.

At Sebring, Porsche was conquering, as Klaus Ludwig and Hans Stuck won the race, nine laps ahead of John Winter, Frank Jelinski and Paolo Barilla. Price Cobb and James Weaver ended up third. Wally Dallenbach Jr and John Jones won the GTO class in the Protofab Chevrolet Corvette, Deborah Gregg, Lyn St James and Pete Halsmer took the second place in a Mercury Merkur XR4Ti. Tom Hessert and David Loring won the Lights class with a Tiga GT287 Buick, beating the Alba AR6 Ferrari driven by Uli Bieri, Paolo Guaitamacchi, Angelo Pallavicini and Martino Finotto by thirteen laps. Amos Johnson and Dennis Shaw took another GTU class win in the Team Highball Mazda RX7. Bart Kendall and Tom Frank finished second.

Road Atlanta should be remembered as the beginning of a domination. Geoff Brabham and John Morton won the race, defeating the Jaguar XJR9 driven by John Nielsen and John Watson by 3s7s. Chip Robinson and Derek Bell finished third in the Holbert Racing Porsche 962. Martino Finotto and Ruggero Melgrati led their very fast Alba AR6 Ferrari to a clear Lights victory over Jim Downing and Howard Katz, who drove an Argo JM19 Mazda. Hiro Matsushita and John Maffucci, in the second Downing/Atlanta Argo, finished third.

The West Palm Beach race was another one owned by Nissan, with Geoff Brabham and John Morton again taking the win out of the Jaguar XJR9 driven by Jan Lammers and Davy Jones. Price Cobb and James Weaver again were third at the finish. David Loring and Tom Hessert took the Lights class, followed by the Alba AR6 driven by Martino Finotto and Ruggero Melgrati. Pete Halsmer won the GTO race, followed by Jack Baldwin's Skoal Bandit Chevrolet Camaro. The two Toyota Celica Tcs driven by Chris Cord and Willy T.Ribbs were next.

The Summit Point race was a special GT event. Scott Pruett and Pete Halsmer had a great 1-2 for the Roush team in their Mercury Merkur XR4Ti. Chris Cord and Dennis Aase were always threatening, but they were in third place at the end in the AAR Toyota Celica Tc. Tom Kendall won the GTU class in the C & C Chevrolet Beretta, while Al Bacon was second in his Mazda RX7.

Geoff Brabham was again dominant at Lime Rock, this time beating the two Jaguar XJR9s driven by Martin Brundle-John Nielsen and Jan Lammers-Davy Jones. Skeeter McKitterick earned his first solo victory in a Spice Firebird in the Lights class, just ahead of Charles Morgan in a Spice SE88 Buick.

Mid Ohio was no different, with Geoff Brabham co-driven by Tom Gloy winning the race over the two Jaguar XJR9s driven by Martin Brundle-John Nielsen and Jan Lammers-Davy Jones. Charles Morgan and Dominic Dobson took the Lights class win in a Spice SE88 Buick, with Terry Visger and Jim Miller second in a Spice Firebird. Chris Cord won the GT race in his Toyota Celica Tc over Greg Pickett's Chevrolet Corvette and Jack Baldwin's Chevrolet Camaro. Tommy Kendall and Max Jones had a great one-two Chevrolet Beretta show. Kal Showket was third in his Dodge Daytona.

Geoff Brabham went on winning the Watkins Glen race, with John Morton co-driving him. Chip Robinson and Derek Bell had their best result of the season, taking second. The same could be told of Sarel van der Merwe and Elliot Forbes Robinson, who led the Chevrolet Corvette GTP to third place. Skeeter McKitterick and Costas Los won the Lights class, beating the Alba AR6 Ferrari driven by Martino Finotto and Ruggero Melgrati.

The Nissan team was still in winning form at Road America, Geoff Brabham and John Morton finishing over Chip Robinson-Derek Bell and Price Cobb-James Weaver Porsche 962s. Dennis Aase took the GTO win for Toyota with Pete Halsmer right behind. Terry Visger-Dan Marvin drove the Huffaker Spice Firebird to the Lights win, with Skeeter McKitterick and Bill Koll second in a similar car. Dorsey Schroeder and Kal Showket had a sensational 1-2 in GTU, driving their Dodge Daytonas.

Two Nissan ZX GTPs were entered at Portland, and Geoff Brabham and John Morton were first and second at the finish. Martin Brundle and John Nielsen took third place. Charles Morgan captured another Lights win in his Acxiom Spice Firebird, right ahead of Scott Schubot's Spice SE88 Buick. Roush Racing had a great weekend, doing 1-2 with Pete Halsmer and Scott Pruett finishing ahead of Dennis Aase's Toyota Celica. Max Jones earned his first GTU victory, driving a Chevrolet Beretta, with teammate Tom Kendall and Dorsey Schroeder coming next.

No change in plan for the Nissan team, with Geoff Brabham winning the race, followed by Martin Brundle and John Nielsen, Jan Lammers and Davy Jones ending up in third place. Dan Marvin used his perfect knowledge of the track to win the Lights class. Scott Schubot took second place in his Spice SE88 Buick. Willy T.Ribbs won the GT race in his Toyota Celica Tc. Wally Dallenbach Jr was second in his Chevrolet Corvette, followed by Scott Pruett. Dorsey Schroeder enjoyed another GTU win, in his Dodge Daytona. Max Jones took the second place while Bart Kendall had a good race in a Pontiac Fiero and took third.

The San Antonio race saw Price Cobb and James Weaver take a fine win in the Dyson Racing Porsche 962. Davy Jones and John Watson were second in the Jaguar XJR9, but Bob Earl and Jeff Kline had a great race and took third place in the works Spice Firebird GTP. Dan Marvin, who ran with Bob Lobenberg, took a Lights class win over Jim Downing and Howard Katz coming in second place.

The Lime Rock GTO race was won by Wally Dallenbach Jr, who powered his Chevrolet Corvette to a fine victory. Willy T.Ribbs' Toyota Celica Tc finished second, but Dorsey Schroeder was the biggest surprise of the race, taking third place in his Dodge Daytona, which sported an oversized engine, to accomodate the GTO class. The GTU race was also won by Dorsey Schroeder, who easily won over Tom Kendall and Max Jones' Chevrolet Berettas.

The Watkins Glen 500 GT race was captured by Chris Cord and Dennis Aase, in the AAR Toyota Celica Tc. Scott Pruett finished second, with Roger Mandeville and Kelly Marsh in third place in the tri-rotor Mazda RX7. Tom Kendall and Max Jones wound up a nice 1-2 for the C& C team. George Robinson and Bart Kendall had a fine third place with the Huffaker Pontiac Fiero.

Geoff Brabham resumed his winning ways at Columbus, beating up Klaus Ludwig's Bayside Porsche 962. Bob Wollek and Mauro Baldi finished in third place in the Busby Racing modified Porsche 962. Tom Hessert and Davis Loring took another Lights win ahead of Jim Downing. The GT race went to Irv Hoerr, who gave Oldsmobile its only GT win of the season. He defeated Scott Pruett's Mercury Merkur and Buz McCall in his Chevrolet Camaro. Tom Kendall, who clinched the GTU title, won the GTU class in his Chevrolet Beretta, followed by PJ Jones in a new CCR Mazda RX7.

The final race took place at Del Mar, with Jaguar ending up the season with a victory. Jan Lammers and Martin Brundle drove their XJR9 to a win over Klaus Ludwig's Porsche 962. Bob Wollek finished in third place. Dan Marvin proved he was someone to be counted upon by winning the Lights class in his Spice Firebird. Tom Hessert and David Loring's Tiga GT287 Buick were second. Willy T.Ribbs scored another GTO win in this very last race, beating Scott Pruett's Mercury Merkur and Wally Dallenbach's Chevrolet Corvette. Tom Kendall also ended up a fine szason by winning the GTU race in his fast Chevrolet Beretta. John Hogdal's Mazda RX7 went on to finish second, ahead of Dorsey Schroeder's Dodge Daytona.