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 1 16 PORSCHE 962 122A Price Cobb-Johnny Dumfries 81 Laps 1.GTP
 2  3 PORSCHE 962 128 Oscar Larrauri 81 Laps 2.GTP
 3 14 PORSCHE 962 103 Chip Robinson-Al Holbert 81 Laps 3.GTP
 4  1 PORSCHE 962 HR1 Derek Bell 81 Laps 4.GTP
 5  5 PORSCHE 962 C04 James Weaver-Vern Schuppan 79 Laps 5.GTP
 6 76 PORSCHE 962 HR5 John Hotschkis-Jim Adams 76 Laps 6.GTP
 7  6 SPICE FIERO 002 Jim Rothbarth-Charles Morgan 75 Laps 1.Lights
 8 01 SPICE FIERO Don Bell-Jeff Kline 93 Laps 2.Lights
 9 28 CHEVROLET CAMARO Paul Dallenbach-Chris Kneifel 74 Laps 1.GTO
10  2 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Greg Pickett-Tommy Riggins 74 Laps 2.GTO
11 99 TOYOTA CELICA Tc Rocky Moran-Wally Dallenbach Jr 74 Laps 3.GTO
12 63 ARGO JM19 Mazda 107 Jim Downing-John Maffucci 73 Laps 3.Lights
13 43 FABCAR Porsche FEP-002 Chip Mead-Tim McAdam 72 Laps 4.Lights
14 42 FABCAR Porsche FEP-001 Howard Cherry-James King 72 Laps 5.Lights
15 36 ROYALE RP40 Mazda John Grooms 72 Laps 6.Lights
16 83 NISSAN ZX Tc GTP 8701 Elliot Forbes Robinson-John Morton 71 Laps 7.GTP
17 75 MAZDA RX7 Tom Kendall 71 Laps 1.GTU
18 96 TIGA GT286 Mazda 342 Tom Hessert-Howard Katz 71 Laps 7.Lights
19 71 MAZDA RX7 Amos Johnson-Dennis Shaw 71 Laps 2.GTU
20 19 TIGA GT285 Mazda 286 Scott Schubot-Linda Ludemann 70 Laps 8.Lights
21 55 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Dave Heinz-Dale Kreider 69 Laps 4.GTO
22 70 DENALI Mazda David Loring-Pierre Honegger 69 Laps 9.Lights
23 17 MAZDA RX7 Al Bacon-Bob Reed 68 Laps 3.GTU
24 30 CHEVROLET CAMARO Buz McCall-Walt Bohren 67 Laps 5.GTO
25 81 OLDSMOBILE TORONADO Pau l Gentilozzi-Mark Dismore 67 Laps 6.GTO
26 56 PORSCHE 911 Karl Durkheimer-Jim Torres 66 Laps 4.GTU
27 47 MAZDA RX7 Richard Oakley-Chaunce Wallace 66 Laps 5.GTU
28 20 PORSCHE 914/6 Mark Altman-Gary Altman 66 Laps 6.GTU
29  4 PONTIAC FIERO Spice-GTO-001 Bob Earl-Steve Millen 66 Laps 7.GTO
30 76 CHEVROLET CAMARO 861 Jack Baldwin 65 Laps 8.GTO
31 23 ARGO JM16 Buick George Petrilak-Rex McDaniel 65 Laps 10.Lights
32 82 MAZDA RX7 Dick Greer-Mike Mees 65 Laps 7.GTU
33 41 MAZDA RX7 Helmut Silberberger-Dennis Krueger 64 Laps 8.GTU
34 91 PORSCHE 930S 009 00030 Chet Vincentz-John Bauer 63 Laps 9.GTO
35 38 MAZDA RX7 Roger Mandeville-Kelly Marsh 63 Laps 10.GTO
36 86 PORSCHE 962 121 Bruce Leven-Hurley Haywood 61 Laps 8.GTP
37  0 MARCH 86G Buick 11 Gianpiero Moretti-Whitney Ganz 60 Laps 9.GTP
38 09 SPICE FIERO PSGTPL1 Steve Durst-Mike Brockman 59 Laps 11.Lights
39 52 CHEVROLET CORVETTE GTP T8610-HU2 Sarel Van der Merwe-Doc Bundy 58 Laps 10.GTP
40 61 MAZDA RX7 Carlos Bobeda-George Robinson 58 Laps 9.GTU
41 03 FORD MUSTANG Tom Gloy-Scott Pruett 57 Laps 11.GTO
42 26 PONTIAC FIREBIRD Del Taylor-Ken Bupp 57 Laps 12.GTO
43 98 TOYOTA CELICA Tc Chris Cord-Juan Fangio 56 Laps 13.GTO
44 79 SPICE FIERO 003 Tom Winters-Skeeter McKitterick 52 Laps 12.Lights
45 64 ARGO JM19 Buick Bobby Brown-Ken Knott 51 Laps 13.Lights
46 33 FORD MUSTANG Bruce Jenner-Bobby Akin 50 Laps 14.GTO
47 11 FORD MUSTANG Lyn St James 29 Laps 15.GTO
48 29 TIGA GT286 Buick 321 Ron Canizares-Bill Wolff 28 Laps 14.Lights
49 32 NISSAN 300ZX Tc Max Jones 21 Laps 10.GTU
50  7 BADGER BB Mazda Jim Dentici-Augie Pabst 21 Laps 15.Lights
51 06 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Steve Gentile-Leo Franchi 20 Laps 16.GTO
52 57 NISSAN 300ZX Reed Kryder-Paul Cory 1 Lap 11.GTU
53 73 TIGA GT286 Chevrolet 322 Steve Phillips-Howard Katz 0 Lap 16.Lights

Cars that did not start

   00 PONTIAC FIERO Fred Staffilino GTU
   15 ALBA AR8 Buick 001 Jim Mullen GTP
   21 PONTIAC FIREBIRD Del Taylor-Ken Bupp GTO
   53 DODGE DAYTONA Jack Broomall-Tim Evans-Garth Ullom GTU
   67 PORSCHE 962 108B/C-01 Darin Brassfield-Mauro Baldi GTP

The race that should not have been

The Wisconsin track was renowned as being one of the most attractive in the world. The track was smooth, reasonably fast and safe, and the Racing was generally excellent. The entry list was 53 car rich, with a bunch of Porsche 962s facing a Chevrolet Corvette GTP, a new March 86G Buick and the Nissan ZX Tc GTP. It also meant that Porsche had a great chance at winning this race, but a new parameter would add some spice to that race : the weather. Sixteen Lights cars were to fight over, with as much GTO cars and eleven GTU cars. The shape of things to come was to happen as soon as the first practice session took place when a thick fog blanketed the track. The cars would run on a drying track, with Elliot Forbes Robinson setting the fastest time in 2m06s275 at the wheel of the Nissan ZX Tc GTP. The second practice session was to be run in worse conditions, with the rain back again. Sarel van der Merwe would post the second lap time for the grid, meaning that every Porsche 962 would start behind the front row. The Brun car was the fastest of the squadron, with Oscar Larrauri just behind the leaders. As the race approached big clouds Moore in the sky and it was clear that weather conditions would not improve. Puddles of water had developed all around the track and the race start would be undoubtedly delayed.

The green flag would be set at 1:40, with Elliot Forbes immediately jumping into the lead and building an impressive 5.2 second lead at the end of the first lap. Sarel van der Merwe was in second place, with Derek Bell running fast and carving his way back into second place, before pitting for slick tires. After five laps, Elliot Forbes Robinson also stopped for slicks, leaving Price Cobb in the lead. The track was getting dry and everyone would stop for fresh slick tires at any moment. After ten laps, EFR had recovered the lead with Oscar Larrauri in second place under Sarel van der Merwe pressure. The latter would soon pass the Porsche and trying to overcome the gap, which was around 13 seconds or so. Al Holbert, on the second Lowenbrau car, managed to overtake Oscar Larrauri and was the strongest Porsche runner. Price Cobb was in fifth place, just ahead of Derek Bell, whose car was slowed by some misfires. The First series of refueling pit stops occured on lap 26, with Sarel van der Merwe being the first to lend his car to Doc Bundy. Al Holbert would remain on the track until lap 33, and keep on running fast, right with John Morton, who had taken over the Nissan. Doc Bundy was third. The rain would soon be back while the track was getting dry, and it was time for another tire switch session. Johnny Dumfries, who had stepped in for Price Cobb, was the first into the pits, but the pace car was brought as the track was awash within minutes. The Nissan ZX Tc GTP had stopped on the track, around turn five, but was able to restart after a while. This was not to be the case for the Chevrolet Corvette GTP, which drowned. The race, soon, was red flagged. The race would eventually restart on lap 60. Chip Robinson, Al Holbert's co-driver, was now the leader. Johnny Dumfries was in second place, but he would soon take the lead and build up a substancial lead. Then a seriously accident took place, and Chris Cord lost control of his Toyota Celica Tc and hit the wall. Seconds later, Whitney Ganz would hit Hurley Haywood Porsche 962. The pace car was out again. It looked like the race should have been stopped, with visibility close to zero. From that moment, it looks like everybody was just waiting for the race to finish. While Derek Bell had managed to get back to second, he was soon overtaken by Oscar Larrauri who was 35 seconds behind Johnny Dumfries. The race direction had settled the finish at 6:00, which left 35 minutes until the chequered.

With the track drying again, Johnny Dumfries had a clear path to the win, which he clearly deserved. Oscar Larrauri took a great second place, while Al Holbert and Chip Robinson finished third, just ahead of the second Holbert Racing car driven by Derek Bell, who was quite unhappy with his car. The chequered was welcomed by everyone, from the drivers to the spectators. A race to forget without any doubt! Jim Rothbarth and Charles Morgan won the Lights class in their Spice Fiero, with Don Bell and Jeff Kline second in a similar car. The GTO class was won by Chris Kneifel and Paul Dallenbach, who ran flawlessly their Chevrolet Camaro, with the teammates car of Greg Pickett and Tommy Riggins in second place. Tom Kendall would win the GTU class at the wheel of the CCR Mazda RX7, who dominated the race from the outset. Amos Johnson and Dennis Shaw ended up in second place, but lost a great deal of Time when the pace car went out, being passed by the leaders and allowing Tom Kendall nearly a full lap lead. That's the race, ain't it?