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 1 99 TOYOTA CELICA Tc Willy T.Ribbs 65 Laps 1.GTO
 2 76 CHEVROLET CAMARO 861 Jack Baldwin 65 Laps 2.GTO
 3 98 TOYOTA CELICA Tc Chris Cord 65 Laps 3.GTO
 4 12 FORD MUSTANG Wally Dallenbach Jr 65 Laps 4.GTO
 5  4 PONTIAC FIERO Spice-GTO-001 Bob Earl 65 Laps 5.GTO
 6  7 OLDSMOBILE TORONADO Irv Hoerr 65 Laps 6.GTO
 7 33 FORD MUSTANG Bruce Jenner 64 Laps 7.GTO
 8 11 FORD MUSTANG Lyn St James 63 Laps 8.GTO
 9 55 PONTIAC FIERO Terry Visger 63 Laps 1.GTU
10 75 MAZDA RX7 Tom Kendall 62 Laps 2.GTU
11 94 CHEVROLET CAMARO Ash Tisdelle 62 Laps 9.GTO
12 17 MAZDA RX7 Al Bacon 62 Laps 3.GTU
13 56 PORSCHE 911 Karl Durkheimer 62 Laps 4.GTU
14 22 FORD MUSTANG Tom Gloy 62 Laps 10.GTO
15 26 PONTIAC FIREBIRD Del Taylor-Ken Bupp 61 Laps 11.GTO
16 91 PORSCHE 930S 009 00030 Chet Vincentz-John Bauer 61 Laps 12.GTO
17 85 MAZDA RX7 Bart Kendall 61 Laps 5.GTU
18 74 OLDSMOBILE TORONADO Tom Winters 61 Laps 13.GTO
19 41 MAZDA RX7 Helmut Silberberger 61 Laps 6.GTU
20 57 NISSAN 300ZX Reed Kryder 60 Laps 7.GTU
21 71 MAZDA RX7 Amos Johnson 60 Laps 8.GTU
22 32 NISSAN 300ZX Tc George Alderman 60 Laps 9.GTU
23 82 MAZDA RX7 Dick Greer 59 Laps 10.GTU
24 86 NISSAN 280ZX Rick Haynes 59 Laps 11.GTU
25 89 PORSCHE 914/6 470 29 00076 Ray Hendricks-Bruce Jones 59 Laps 12.GTU
26 29 PORSCHE 914/6 914 043 0538 Earl Roe 58 Laps 13.GTU
27 47 MAZDA RX7 Richard Oakley 57 Laps 14.GTU
28 20 PORSCHE 914/6 Mark Altman 56 Laps 15.GTU
29 72 OLDSMOBILE TORONADO Paul Gentilozzi 29 Laps 14.GTO
30  0 PONTIAC FIERO Fred Staffilino 25 Laps 16.GTU
31 10 PONTIAC FIERO Jack Broomall 22 Laps 17.GTU
32 28 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Dan Furey 8 Laps 15.GTO
33 13 DODGE DAYTONA Rex Ecoff 2 Laps 18.GTU

Cars that did not start

   15 PONTIAC FIERO GTU-002 Dick Murray GTU
   24 PORSCHE 911 Jack Refenning GTU
   73 PORSCHE 911 John Higgins GTU

Willy T Ribbs first one

The race was to feature a fine battle between Ford-Chevrolet and Toyota, with even Pontiac and Oldsmobile getting stronger. Thirty three cars would start the race including GTO and GTU cars. However, one man appeared more eager than anyone when talking about winning that race. Willy T Ribbs, who was driving for Dan Gurney's AAR Team a Toyota Celica Tc. He was always fast, but something prevented him from winning in each of the previously races. He would dominate the practice session and be nearly one second faster than Jack Baldwin, in a Peerless Chevrolet Camaro. At the start, Willy T Ribbs jumped into the lead and pulled ahead of everybody, leading Jack Baldwin, who was also clear of Tom Gloy Ford Mustang, Chris Cord, Paul Gentilozzi, in an Oldsmobile Toronado, Bob Earl Pontiac Fiero and Wally Dallenbach, in a Ford Mustang. The latter would do away with Bob Earl and Paul Gentilozzi and began to get comfortable with his car. Then, he would trailing Chris Cord and pressure him. Amos Johnson was leading the GTU class, followed by Terry Visger who passed him on lap seven. After ten laps, the leaders would be some twenty seconds ahead of Paul Gentilozzi, when the first full caution was set to remove Dan Furey's Chevrolet Corvette had a broken wheel and had to be removed from a sandbank. The race restarted five laps later, and Amos Johnson tangled with Richard Oakley just before the pit entrance. He lost his second place in GTU to Tom Kendall. Tom Gloy, still in third place, had to pit to fix loose spark plug wires. The leaders were lapping the backmarkers and the gap was doing yoyo. Chris Cord was keeping Wally Dallenbach at bay, but the duel was exciting. The GTU class was still led by Terry Visger Pontiac Fiero, nineteen seconds ahead of Tom Kendall. Then came Al Bacon Mazda RX7, George Alderman Nissan 280ZX and Karl Durkheimer Porsche 911. Willy T Ribbs, still leading the race, pitted for fuel on lap 36. His pit stop was not so fast, as he would get back to the track in fifth place. Wally Dallenbach got back to the track just ahead of him on lap 42. He had just overtaken Bob Earl, at that point. Jack Baldwin was in the lead, just ahead of Chris Cord. He would pit on lap 44, while Chris Cord lasted one more lap. The Camaro driver had a very quick pit stop, which made him keep the lead when Chris Cord went in. But it was to be Willy's day. He was soon around Wally Dallenbach and Chris Cord, grabbing second place, and then closing the gap on Jack Baldwin. The Chevrolet Camaro was about to lap Bruce Jenner, who kind of blocked him. His car began overheating. When he managed to pass the third Roush Mustang, Willy T Ribbs was right on him. He would overtake him for turn Steven, on lap 61. Then the race was over. Jack Baldwin chose not to chase the Toyota : he was far away from Chris Cord. Six cars would finish on the lead lap. Amos Johnson had another mishap during the race, when he collided with a Chevrolet Camaro. He ended up eighth in GTU. The two leading cars remained the same throughout the race, with Terry Visger winning the class by 25 seconds over Tom Kendall. Willy T Ribbs took a very well deserved first victory in 1987.