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 1 55 PONTIAC FIERO GTU-001 Terry Visger 36 Laps 1.GTU
 2  1 MAZDA RX7 Tom Kendall 36 Laps 2.GTU
 3 75 MAZDA RX7 Bart Kendall 36 Laps 3.GTU
 4 54 PORSCHE 911 911 210 0224 Bill Auberlen 35 Laps 4.GTU
 5 95 NISSAN 300ZX Bob Leitzinger 35 Laps 5.GTU
 6 32 NISSAN 300ZX Max Jones Tc 35 Laps 6.GTU
 7 85 MAZDA RX7 John Daley 34 Laps 7.GTU
 8 14 PORSCHE 911 Nick Kunewalder 33 Laps 8.GTU
 9 53 NISSAN 280ZX Don Reynolds 33 Laps 9.GTU
10 16 MAZDA RX7 Tom Birden 32 Laps 10.GTU
11 15 PONTIAC FIERO GTU-002 Dick Murray 28 Laps 11.GTU
12 36 PORSCHE 924GTR Margie Smith-Haas 26 Laps 12.GTU
13 56 PORSCHE 911 Karl Durkheimer 23 Laps 13.GTU
14 82 MAZDA RX7 Dick Greer 23 Laps 14.GTU
15 50 PONTIAC FIERO Al Rocca 19 Laps 15.GTU
16 71 MAZDA RX7 Amos Johnson 8 Laps 16.GTU
17  0 PONTIAC FIERO Fred Staffilino 3 Laps 17.GTU
Disq 39 PORSCHE 911 Jim Torres GTU

Cars that did not start

   18 PORSCHE 924GTR Don Chilsen GTU
   48 NISSAN 280ZX Doug Barnhold-Frank Honsowetz GTU
   57 PORSCHE 911 Monte Shelton-Neil Shelton GTU
   70 PORSCHE 911 Brent Regan-Larry Chmura GTU
   94 NISSAN 280ZX Cary Eisenlohr-Frank Leary GTU

Terry Visger owned it

19 cars would be entered in the last race of the season. The street circuit was to confirm the domination of Terry Visger in his Huffaker built Pontiac Fiero. He would have to face Tom Kendall, who was the series leader, in his CCR Mazda RX7. Tom Kendall would secure his second straight GTU title. He was to drive a new Mazda RX7, which was aimed at running faster than the ageing ex-Downing car. Bart Kendall would inherit this car, while John Daley drove the third CCR RX7. Amos Johnson had his own Mazda RX7, which was a new version, too, and he was runner up. Dick Greer was also in a RX7, which was an old version, as was Tom Birden's. Three other Pontiac Fieros were entered. Al Rocca drove the second Huffaker entry, which was powered by a 2,7L engine. Dick Murray drove his own car, and Fred Staffilino had another 2,7L car. Nissan was slightly in arrears, with Bob Leitzinger Driving his 300ZX. Max Jones drove the Datsun Alley car, powered by a 2,0L turbo engine. Dave Kruse drove the former Kent Racing Mercury Merkur XR4Ti. The car was finally withdrawn before the start. A bunch of Porsche 911s was to be run, with Bill Auberlen the fastest amongst them. Karl Durkheimer, in the Escort car, was not far behind him. The race would prove tough in the first laps. Tom Kendall knew he had to take the lead if he was to stand a chance against the Pontiac. When the green was waved, he jumped into the lead, followed by Amos Johnson, who made a demon start. Terry Visger, who was somewhat asleep, quickly reacted and overtook Amos Johnson before the end of the first lap. Behind the two of them, Dick Murray Pontiac Fiero was running strong and passed Amos Johnson in the process. The latter was to be slowed by ignition woes, which led him to a retirement on lap 8. Tom Kendall was still leading the race while Terry Visger and Dick Murray put on a fight, followed by Bart Kendall. On lap 14, Tom Kendall spun, and Dick Murray suddenly took the lead. Terry Visger was in second place, followed by Tom Kendall. Terry Visger would stay behind Dick Murray for a four lap stint, then he passed him in turn one. Then Tom Kendall would do the same a few laps later. Behind the four leading cars, Karl Durkheimer was running consistently, but he would tangle with Dick Greer's Mazda RX7. The latter was subsequently black flagged by IMSA officials. Bill Auberlen Porsche 911 inherited fourth place. Behind him, Max Jones and Bob Leitzinger were fighting hard. Both had been plagued by various problems. Dick Murray was maintaining his position, but he would hit a concrete wall on lap 28. Terry Visger was running fine, and his lead was growing steadily. Tom Kendall had the Pontiac Fiero in sights, but he would brush the wall, and he had to reduce his speed substancially. Terry Visger son the race with a one minute advantage over Tom Kendall, while brother Bart took third place in the old chassis. Bill Auberlen was third, one lap down.