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 1 14 PORSCHE 962 103 Al Holbert 98 Laps 1.GTP
 2 44 JAGUAR XJR5 007 Bob Tullius-Chip Robinson 98 Laps 2.GTP
 3 04 JAGUAR XJR5 009 Brian Redman-Hurley Haywood 96 Laps 3.GTP
 4 68 PORSCHE 962 105 Pete Halsmer-John Morton 96 Laps 4.GTP
 5 67 PORSCHE 962 106 Jim Busby-Rick Knoop 96 Laps 5.GTP
 6 15 MARCH 85G Porsche 6 John Kalagian 93 Laps 6.GTP
 7 05 ALBA AR5 Ford 006 Ludwig Heimrath Jr 93 Laps 7.GTP
 8  6 ROYALE RP40 Buick JM16/102 Bill Alsup 91 Laps 1.Lights
 9 63 ARGO JM16B Mazda 097 Jim Downing 91 Laps 2.Lights
10 93 ARGO JM16 Mazda 098 Kelly Marsh 91 Laps 3.Lights
11 83 NISSAN GTP ZX Tc HU1 Don Devendorf-Tony Adamowicz 91 Laps 8.GTP
12 72 FABCAR Porsche FGTP-701 Elliot Forbes Robinson 91 Laps 4.Lights
13 11 LOLA T600 Chevrolet HU5 Chuck Kendall 87 Laps 9.GTP
14 01 ROYALE RP40 Buick JM16/101 Don Bell-Mike Brockman-Michael Hammond 86 Laps 10.GTP
15 86 PORSCHE 962 109 Bob Wollek 44 Laps 11.GTP
16  7 FORD MUSTANG PROBE Klaus Ludwig 27 Laps 12.GTP
17 45 MARCH 85G Buick John Paul Jr 24 Laps 13.GTP
18 29 MARCH 85G Chevrolet 4 Darin Brassfield 15 Laps 14.GTP

Cars that did not start

   46 HAWK Buick John Paul Jr-Bill Adam GTP
   69 ARGO JM16 Ford E.B Lunken GTP
   75 ALBA AR4 Mazda AR3-101 Ira Young-Jeff Kline Lights

Al Holbert with a smile

A thin 18 car field was to take the green for the sixth round of the 1985 IMSA Championship. Racing was expected to be fierce with four cars in less than 0.4s. Bob Wollek took the pole in the Bayside Disposal Porsche 962. John Paul Jr was right behind him in the Conte Racing Hawk Buick, then came Klaus Ludwig in the new Ford Probe, Al Holbert Porsche 962 and Bob Tullius-Chip Robinson in a Jaguar XJR5. A handful of Lights cars were entered, with Jim Downing and John Maffucci leading the field. The start of the race saw John Paul Jr jump into the lead, while Bob Wollek failed his race start. John Paul Jr was to be fined with a five second penalty for his supposed too quick start. He was leading the race easily when he was about to lap Pete Halsmer on lap 25. While attempting to pass him, he tore up his suspension. Darin Brassfield had dropped from the race after 15 laps. Klaus Ludwig, whose car was running great, suddenly lost his fuel pressure. Bob Wollek, who ran also steadily, began closing in on Al Holbert. He was 16s back, but was running more and more fast. By lap 44 however, his turbo failed. Al Holbert was now leading the two Jaguar XJR5s, and he pitted for fuel on lap 60. Bob Tullius and Chip Robinson took 2nd place while Brian Redman and Hurley Haywood finished 3rd. Pete Halsmer and John Morton finished 4th, ahead of their teammates Jim Busby and Rick Knoop. Bill Alsup ran solo and took his first Lights victory, driving Charles Morgan Royale RP40 Buick. He ran most of the race behind Jim Downing, but did not miss the opportunity to pass him during his pit stop.