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 1 16 PORSCHE 962 101 Drake Olson-Price Cobb 136 Laps 1.GTP
 2 86 PORSCHE 962 109 Bob Wollek-Mauro Baldi 136 Laps 2.GTP
 3 68 PORSCHE 962 105 Pete Halsmer-John Morton 136 Laps 3.GTP
 4 05 ALBA AR5 Ford 006 Jim Trueman-Ludwig Heimrath 132 Laps 4.GTP
 5  5 PORSCHE 962 113 Bob Akin-Dennis Aase 123 Laps 5.GTP
 6 63 ARGO JM16B Mazda 097 Jim Downing-John Maffucci 123 Laps 1.Lights
 7  6 ROYALE RP40 Buick JM16/102 Charles Morgan-Bill Alsup 123 Laps 2.Lights
 8 01 ARGO JM16 Buick JM16/101 Don Bell-Mike Brockman 115 Laps 3.Lights
 9 69 ARGO JM16 Ford Ken Knott-Mike Carder 115 Laps 6.GTP
10 30 ALBA AR5 Ford Gianpiero Moretti-Steve Millen 107 Laps 7.GTP
11 75 ALBA AR4 Mazda AR3-001 Jack Baldwin-Jeff Kline 97 Laps 4.Lights
12 21 TIGA GT285 Mazda 282 Ron Nelson-Scott Pruett 93 Laps 5.Lights
13 83 NISSAN ZX Tc GTP HU1 Don Devendorf-Tony Adamowicz 86 Laps 8.GTP
14 70 MAZDA GTP David Loring 84 Laps 6.Lights
15 19 NIMROD NRA/C2 Aston Martin 002 Jack Miller 77 Laps 9.GTP
16 93 ARGO JM16 Mazda 098 Kelly Marsh 76 Laps 7.Lights
17 00 PORSCHE 935 009 00043 Richard Silver-Joe Varde 73 Laps 10.GTP
18 04 JAGUAR XJR5 004 Brian redman-Hurley Haywood 66 Laps 11.GTP
19  7 FORD MUSTANG PROBE Klaus Ludwig-Doc Bundy 57 Laps 12.GTP
20  9 TIGA GT285 Mazda 287 Scott Schubot-Dennis Vitolo 55 Laps 8.Lights
21 25 TIGA GT285 Mazda 286 Bob Herlin-Bryant Goodwynn 54 Laps 9.Lights
22 14 PORSCHE 962 HR1 Al Holbert 51 Laps 13.GTP
23 67 PORSCHE 962 106 Jim Busby-Rick Knoop 48 Laps 14.GTP
24 44 JAGUAR XJR5 010 Bob Tullius-Chip Robinson 46 Laps 15.GTP
25 22 MARCH 84G Chevrolet 1 Al Leon 39 Laps 16.GTP
26 45 HAWK Buick Whitney Ganz-Ken Madren 35 Laps 17.GTP
27 12 MARCH 83G Chevrolet Steve Alexander-Joe Hill 32 Laps 18.GTP
28 73 CHEVRON Ford Dale Wise 14 Laps 10.Lights
29 40 CHEVROLET CORVETTE GTP T710-HU1 David Hobbs 13 Laps 19.GTP
30 46 HAWK Buick John Paul Jr 10 Laps 20.GTP
31  4 CHEVROLET CORVETTE GTP T711-HU2 Chip Mead 7 Laps 21.GTP
32 61 ROYALE RP40 Buick JM16/099 Brent O'neill-Mike Hackney 3 Laps 11.Lights

Cars that did not start

   92 MANTAC Ford Robert Harris-Steve Noffke Lights
    2 MARCH 85G Porsche 5 Skeeter McKitterick-Walt Bohren GTP
    3 MARCH 84G Buick 2 Ken Madren GTP
   11 LOLA T616 Mazda HU1 Chuck Kendall-Chip Mead Lights
   15 MARCH 85G Porsche 6 John Kalagian-Harald Grohs GTP

Street fighting

It was the first time that the GTP cars would hit the Columbus roads. And it seemed that they would really enjoy their stay. The racetrack was beautifully designed and very spectator friendly. So everybody would be happy with this new venue. Thirty two GTP and Lights cars would take the green. It seemed to be a Ford vs Porsche battle, as the two makes dominated the practice sessions. John Paul Jr, who seemed to be able to stand apart, was to be hampered by a broken suspension mount. In fact, it would be Klaus Ludwig who finally took the pole, capturing the 100 bottles of Champagne in the process. Bob Wollek was a fine second, just ahead of Al Holbert, who was concentrating on his Porsche 962 setup. Drake Olson was fourth in the Dyson Racing Porsche 962, with Bob Tullius Jaguar XJR5 just behind him. David Hobbs was in sixth place at the wheel of the Chevrolet Corvette GTP. The best Lights car was the Tiga GT285 Mazda driven by Ron Nelson who was co-driven by rising star Scott Pruett. Jim Downing and John Maffucci were next.

The race was to see Klaus Ludwig take the lead and hold it for six laps, then he was passed by Drake Olson, who extended his lead to seven seconds. He would hold it until lap thirty nine, and then pitted for fuel. Klaus Ludwig was still in second place, followed by Bob Wollek, Bob Tullius and Pete Halsmer. By that time, Brian Redman's Jaguar had succumbed to a string of broken devices, including a throttle and a pinion. When the Bob Wollek and Pete Halsmer also pitted for fuel, Bob Tullius would take the lead, but he would keep it only one lap, before also succumbing to a broken pinion. Next, it was Klaus Ludwig's Ford Probe to retire with a broken gear linkage, then Rick Knoop's Porsche 962 caught fire.

A full caution period would ensue. After the first refueling session, Rob Dyson was now in the leading car, followed by Mauro Baldi who had taken over the Bayside Porsche, and John Morton in the BF Goodrich car. Mauro Baldi would have a spalsh and dash during the caution period. In fact, it was at this moment that the leading car probably won the race. The following cars would simply not follow his pace as he was allowed to pace the lap without the pace car. He would restart the race with a 35s lead over John Morton. Mauro Baldi would be able to overtake John Morton later in the race, and even to take the lead when Rob Dyson. However, it seemed that he had probably pushed his tires too hard, and John Morton was able to recover the lead. The next series of pit stops gave back the lead to Drake Olson. He would drive his car to the finish, with Bob Wollek slowly closing in on him. His fading brakes were a real concern in the end, as were Pete Halsmer's, who carefully drove his Porsche 962 to third place.

Ludwig Heimrath and Jim Trueman had a fine race with their Alba AR5 Ford, taking fourth place, after duelling for a long time with Gianpiero Moretti's similar car. Al Holbert had a very bad day, when his car caught fire. He did not win the $100000 purse, which was to be earned by the driver who could win both Ohio races.

The Lights race had been dominated by Ron Nelson and Scott Pruett's Tiga GT285 Mazda, as expected. The duo had built a 27s lead over David Loring's Mazda GTP and Jeff Kline's Alba AR3 Mazda. Shortly after Ron Nelson took over Scott Pruett, a shock tower broke and the car was retired. A few laps later, it was David Loring who parked his car when his gearbox failed. Jeff Kline and Jack Baldwin were in the lead, with Jim Downing and John Maffucci right behind them. A broken driveshaft left a clear path to the Argo JM19 Mazda driven b y John Maffucci. Both of them had built a clear lead of more than one minute over Charles Morgan and Bill Alsup Royale RP40 Buick, but a puncture would seriously reduce their advantage. Back to the track after a tire change, Jim Downing was able to keep ahead of Charles Morgan, capturing another Lights win. Don Bell and Mike Brockman ended up third in class. A very entertaining race in the end.