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The season began at Daytona, with a victory for the Porsche 935K3 driven by Bob Garretson, Bobby Rahal and Brian Redman, who had a very clever race. They outlasted the opposition and won by a thirteen lap margin over Bob Akin, Derek Bell and Craig Siebert who drove the Coke machine, a K3 too. Third place overall was the Porsche 911 driven by Bill Koll, Jeff Kline and Rob McFarlin, who posted a great result and easily won the GTU class. They were followed by the Datsun 280ZX driven by Frank Carney, Dick Davenport and Rameau Johnson. Hans Stuck, Alf Gebhardt and Walter Brun were next and the best in GTO, following the Jolly Club Lancia Beta Montecarlo driven by Carlo Facetti, Martino Finotto and Emmanuele Pirro.

The Sebring race was the next event. It was a very tough race, as per usual, and the Bayside Disposal Porsche 935 emerged at the end with Bruce Leven, Hurley Haywood and Al Holbert winning the race. Roy Woods, Ralph Kent Cooke and Skeeter McKitterick ended up in second place, while Marty Hinze, Milt Minter and Bill Whittington finished third. Chuck Kendall, Pete Smith and Dennis Aase won the GTO class in a very fast and reliable Porsche Carrera RSR, six laps ahead of Tim Selby and Earl Roe, in another Porsche Carrera RSR. Lee Mueller and Walt Bohren won the GTU class after losing many laps early in the race. Mike Ramirez and Luis Gordillo finished second.

At Road Atlanta, John Fitzpatrick won his first race as a team owner and driver. Second was Klaus Ludwig, who ran a Ford Mustang Tc, prepared by Zakspeed. Bobby Rahal finished third. David Cowart, in the Red Lobster BMW M1, easily took the GTO win over Larry Trotter in a Chevrolet Corvette and David Deacon in another BMW M1. In GTU, it was a Kent Racing show with Walt Bohren and Lee Mueller doing 1-2. Third was the fantastic little Renault Le Car Tc driven by Patrick Jacquemart, who earned his best result in his first race.

John Fitzpatrick and Jim Busby won the race over John Paul father and son, who lost three laps early in the race, but ended up 33s down. Bobby Rahal and Brian Redman finished third. David Cowart and Kenper Miller won the GTO class over Albert Naon, Tony Garcia and Hiram Cruz who just christened their BMW M1. Frank Carney and Dick Davenport inherited a late GTU lead and victory after Bill Koll and Jeff Kline looked set for the win. Roger Mandeville and Amos Johnson finished second.

Laguna Seca was probably the biggest upset of the Camel GT in years, with the arrival of the new Lola T600 Chevrolet driven by Brian Redman. He had a flawless race and won over John Paul Jr and John Fitzpatrick, both driving Porsche 935s. David Cowart won the GTO class, with Al Unser Jr taking second place in Joe Crevier's BMW M1. Dennis Aase was third in a Porsche Carrera RSR. The GTU race was another Kent show, with Lee Mueller taking the win over teammate Walt Bohren, while Patrick Jacquemart had another strong race in his Renault Le Car Tc, again capturing third place.

The Lime Rock race was exciting, with many contenders eager to win. However, at the end, it was Brian Redman who took his second straight victory in the Lola T600 Chevrolet. Ted Field and Bobby Rahal took second place and Rolf Stommelen was third in the Andial Porsche 935. David Cowart and Kenper Miller again won the GTO class but Sam Posey had a very strong race in the NTS Datsun 280ZX.

Brainerd saw another premiere, with Klaus Ludwig earning his first ever IMSA victory, in the new Ford Mustang Tc. He finished ahead of John Fitzpatrick, in his Porsche 935K3, and John Paul Sr. The GTO class was won by Dave Cowart, who easily hold off Tom Winters, in a Porsche 924GTR. Lee Mueller won the GTU class in the Kent Racing Mazda RX7, with Logan Blackburn trying to pass him but with no success.

The Daytona Paul Revere night race was won by Hurley Haywood-Mauricio de Narvaez in a Porsche 935J. They were two laps over Dave Cowart-Kenper Miller in a BMW M1 who won the GTO class. John Paul Jr was third, ahead of Ren Tilton in a Porsche 934, second in GTO. The GTU class was all Datsun, with Dick Davenport winning over Logan Blackburn. Roger Mandeville and Amos Johnson were the best Mazda drivers, finishing in third place. -At Portland, the Lola T600 Chevrolet was back and again was dominant. He finished one lap ahead of Gianpiero Moretti in his Porsche 935L. Dave Cowart had a tough race but would still win in class beating Neil Shelton who drove a Porsche Carrera RSR. Next was Don Devendorf in his Datsun 280ZX Tc. The Kent Racing show went on in GTU, with Lee Mueller winning over Walt Bohren while Wayne Baker did a great job with his Porsche 914/4.

Mosport was a 6Hour race, and the race was really exciting. For the first time, the Lola T600 Chevrolet driven by Brian Redman, co-driven hy Eppie Wietzes, would be defeated. Harald Grohs and Rolf Stommelen had a great race and took the win. Dave Cowart and Kenper Miller grabbed another GTO win, with the similar car driven by Tony Garcia, Albert Naon and Hiram coming in second place, but seven laps down. Lee Mueller and Walt Bohren wrapped up another class win, with Frank Carney and Dick Davenport second.

At Road America, Rolf Stommelen and Harald Grohs would go on their winning way, and again beat the Lola T600 Chevrolet driven by Brian Redman and Sam Posey. Chris Cord and Jim Adams took third place in another Lola T600 Chevrolet. The GTO class was also dominated by Dave Cowart and Kenper Miller, but they had a dnf, and Dennis Aase, Chuck Kendall and Pete Smith earned their first class victory in the BMW M1. Tim Selby and Earl Roe finished second. Walt Bohren and Lee Mueller were dominant, and had an easy victory. Logan Blackburn and Dave Frellsen were second, but nearly three laps down.

At Sears Point, no Porsche would appear in the top three positions, as Klaus Ludwig would set his Ford Mustang Tc to the first place at the end. Brian Redman finished second, with John Paul Jr next, both driving Lola T600 Chevrolets. Dennis Aase did a great job at winning the GTO class, beating Dave Cowart in the process. The GTU race had a new story, with Wayne Baker earning a great victory at the wheel of his Porsche 914/4. Bill Koll finished second, ahead of Walt Bohren.

The Lumbermens Mid Ohio race was a confirmation of what was up : the Andial Porsche 935 was the car to beat. Rolf Stommelen and Derek Bell won the race over John Fitzpatrick and Jim Busby, in their usual Porsche 935K3. Richard Guider and Bertil Roos finished third in their Cicale March. Dennis Aase and Jim Cook took the Group 4-GTO win in their BMW M1, followed by Al Holbert and Doc Bundy in a Porsche 924GTR.

The Road Atlanta race was won by Brian Redman who finished ahead of Ted Field and Mauricio de Narvaez who drove Porsche 935s. Kenper Miller took back his domination of the GTO class and Dennis Aase took second while Denny Wilson was third, all of them driving BMW M1s. Walt Bohren and Lee Mueller resumed their show and were 1-2 at the finish of the GTU race. Jim Cook took third place in the John Casey Mazda RX7.

Pocono was a little bit different, with John Paul Sr and Jr capturing the win in their Porsche 935JLP2. They defeated the Lola T600 Chevrolet driven by Brian Redman and Ralph Kent Cooke. John Fitzpatrick and Jim Busby were third. Dave Cowart and Kenper Miller again dominated the GTO class and were three laps ahead of Tony Garcia and Albert Naon in the Montura BMW M1. Walt Bohren and Rick Knoop won the GTU class, followed by Lee Mueller and Kathy Rude, with Jim Cook and John Casey in third place.

The Daytona Finale was dramatic, with John Paul Jr beating Brian Redman in the very last lap, while Hurley Haywood was third in the Bayside Porsche 935. Brian Redman was the GTP Champion and ushered a new era of racing. No surprise in GTO, with Dave Cowart and Kenper Miller garnering their eleventh win of the season. Tony Garcia and Denny Wilson were second and third. Walt Bohren also made his point at winning the GTU class over Logan Blackburn in his Datsun 280ZX, Lee Mueller took third. He was the GTU Champion.