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The Daytona race was dominated by the Joest entered Porsche 935J driven by Volkert Merl, Rolf Stommelen and Reinhold Joest. They won by a thirty lap margin over the Porsche 935 driven by Al Holbert and John Paul. The Porsche Carrera RSR driven by Tony Garcia, Alberto Vadia and Terry Herman won the GTO class over the sister car driven by Mauricio de Narvaez, Albert Naon and Ricardo Londono. However, the most spectacular result was to be performed by the Porsche 914/6 driven by Bill Koll, Jim Cook and Greg LaCava. They ended up fifth overall and were ahead of the best GTO cars at the finish. Roger Mandeville, Jim Downing and Brad Frisselle finished second in class, fourteen laps down.

Sebring was quite different, with another domination, however, by John Fitzpatrick, who was Dick Barbour's new recruit and co-driver. Danny Ongais and Ted Field finished second, with the Whittington bros coming in third. Bob Tullius and Bill Adam shattered the Porsche opposition and won the GTO class with a comfortable margin. Luis Mendez, Jaime Gonzalez and Ernesto Soto finished in second place with a dnf! Roger Mandeville, Jim Downing and Brad Frisselle improved their Daytona result by winning the GTU class, with Mike Ramirez, Manuel Villa and Luis Gordillo second in a Porsche 911.

The Road Atlanta race was wet and full of Porsche 935K3s. Bill Whittington cruised to victory with Hurley Haywood and Peter Gregg taking second and third. Phil Currin won the GTO class in his Chevrolet Corvette, beating Bob Raub in an Oftedahl Chevrolet Camaro. Walt Bohren won his first GTU race over Dennis Aase and Paul Newman, at the wheel of the Bob Sharp Racing Datsun 280ZX.

The next race was to take place at Riverside, for a very unusual 5 Hour format. John Fitzpatrick proved he was one of the best drivers in the world and dominated the race, with team owner Dick Barbour co-driving him. Bob Garretson and Bobby Rahal finished second, three laps down. Bruce Leven and Hurley Haywood ended up in third place. The GTO class could have been a Triumph victory but the transmission did not survive the race and Tony Garcia-Terry Herman inherited a nice win. Ernesto Soto and Pierre Honegger finished second in class. Brad Frisselle and Yoshimi Katayama overcame early fuel feed problem to blow past the Datsun 280ZX driven by Frank Carney and Dick Davenport, who finished second in class.

The Laguna Seca race saw a very nice John Fitzpatrick versus Peter Gregg confrontation. A fine race in the end, with John Fitzpatrick taking the lead on lap 35, and the win. John Paul was third, one lap down. Tony Garcia had a nice run in his Porsche Carrera RSR, and he defeated Bob Tullius at the wheel of his Triumph TR8. Luis Mendez rounded out the top three. The GTU race would see another Mazda win, with Walt Bohren beating Don Devendorf and Dennis Aase, who had a new Porsche 911.

The Lime Rock race was to be really different, as many of the top drivers were off to Le Mans. Peter Gregg seemed to have the race for himself, but he didn't have much luck. John Paul, co-driven by his son, enjoyed his first IMSA race win. Ted Field, running solo, took second while Luis Mendez also enjoyed his first class win in his Porsche Carrera RSR. Bob Tullius and Bill Adam were next, each of them driving a Triumph TR8. The GTU race saw Don Devendorf back in winning form, as he won the race, with Dennis Aase and Walt Bohren following.

The Brainerd race featured GTO and GTU cars. It seemed that those two classes were running tightly close on such a course. Luis Mendez won the race in his Porsche Carrera RSR, with Jeff Kline ending up in second place in his Mazda RX7 and winning the GTU class. Brad Frisselle was third, also in a Mazda RX7, Tony Garcia was fourth, and second in GTO, in a Porsche Carrera RSR too.

John Fitzpatrick was back and secured the victory at the Paul Revere Daytona race, winning over John Paul Sr and Jr. Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood were next. The GTO class was a 1-2 for Triumph, with Bob Tullius and Bill Adam leading the Porsche Carrera RSR driven by Ernesto Soto. Walt Bohren won the GTU class over teammate Jeff Kline, Brad Frisselle finished third for a nice Mazda sweep.

The next round took place at Mosport, and it was also a WEC round. Three Lancia Beta Montecarlos were entered and would be more than valuable contenders to the Porsche 935s. It would remain clear, however, that John Fitzpatrick was the class of the field as he and Brian Redman won the race over John Paul Sr and Jr. Ted Field and Danny Ongais finished third. In GTO, the Triumph TR8 driven by Bob Tullius and Bill Adam had it their own way and easily won the race over Mauricio de Narvaez and Tony Garcia. Jeff Kline, John Morton and Walt Bohren won the GTU class over while Brad Frisselle and Roger Mandeville finished second and Pierre Honegger and Ernesto Soto completed the Mazda 1-2-3.

The Lumbermens 500 at Mid Ohio was the only race the Porsche 935s would not dominate, as the CanAm cars competed. Brian Redman and David Hobbs won in a Lola T333CS, with Vern Schuppan and Howdy Holmes second. Gianpiero Moretti and Jim Busby emerged as the winners of the Group 5 cars. Ludwig Heimrath Sr and Jr were five laps down. Werner Frank and Rudy Bartling won the Group 4 class over Chet Vincentz and Dave White.

The Road America race was different as John Paul Sr and Jr had their first ever victory, breaking John Fitzpatrick streak. He finished second with Dick Barbour. Bob Tullius and Bill Adam again won but they had to fight the Dennis Aase-Bob Bergstrom Porsche Carrera RSR, who faltered. Don Devendorf and Tony Adamowicz won the GTU class and Jeff Kline-Walt Bohren took the second place.

John Fitzpatrick clinched the championship at Road Atlanta, as he won again the race over Dale Whittington and John Paul. Phil Currin broke Bob Tullius recent domination and won the GTO class in his Chevrolet Corvette. The Triumph was second and Dennis Aase took third in his Porsche Carrera RSR. Jeff Kline won the GTU race over Wilkiam Koll in his Porsche 911 and Wayne Baker in his Porsche 914/4. It was a very tiny field of thirteen cars.

The Daytona Finale was extremely competitive, with four lead changes. At the end, it was Gianpiero Moretti and Reinhold Joest who took the win ahead of John Paul father and son. Third were Mauricio de Narvaez and Volkert Merl in another Porsche 935J. Bill Adam took his first GTO solo win in a Triumph TR8, beating his boss Bob Tullius and Carl Shafer-Craig Carter who led most of the race in their Chevrolet Camaro. The GTU class was won by George Alderman who earned his first class win over Charles Morgan-Jim Miller also driving a Datsun 280Z. Walt Bohren retired after dominating.