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1979 GTX facts

Winston was now the main sponsor, in place of Camel.

Riverside and Road America were added to the schedule and counted towards the World Challenge for Endurance Drivers.

Porsche 935 with single turbo were allowed to run lighter.

Jim Busby campaigned a BMW 320Tc which was powerful, according to him.

The Ferrari 512BBs entered at Daytona were struck with tire problems.

The Whittington Bros purchased the first Porsche 935K3 to the Kremer Bros after their Le Mans win.

Mo Carter still campaigned his AAGT Chevrolet Camaro, which was to the limit.

Jim Busby was the first to run a BMW M1 in the US.

Glenn Bunch brought in an improved version of his Dodge Challenger. The car no longer looked like a Challenger!

1979 GTO facts

Carl Shafer did not drive his own Chevrolet Camaro, but a car entered by Gordy Oftedahl.

Rick Hay, a Greenwood employee who campaigned a nice looking Chevrolet Corvette for years, died from leukomia.

Group 44 entered a Triumph TR8 in place of the Jaguar XJS. It was powered by a 3,5L V8 engine.

The Porsche 934 was now eligible for the GTO class, with narrow wheels.

1979 GTU facts

Mazda entered the fray with the new RX7, which proved successful right off the bat.

Paul Newman drove the Datsun 280ZX entered by Bob Sharp Racing.

Racing Beat and Bob Bergstrom also ran a Mazda RX7.

Electramotive developed a Datsun 280ZX, driven by Don Devendorf.

Dennis Aase remained faithful to Porsche.