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The 24 Hours of Daytona saw a Porsche 935 win with Peter Gregg, Toine Hezemans and Rolf Stommelen in a Brumos backed car. Second was the Dick Barbour-Johnny Rutherford and Manfred Schurti's car. The GTO class was won by Diego Febles and Alec Poole in a very reliable Porsche Carrera RSR. Bonky Fernandez-John Paul and Phil Currin were next in a similar car. Porsche also won the GTU class with Dave White-J Dana Roehrig and Gary Mesnick winning over George Drolsom-Hugh Davenport and Mark Greb.

Sebring would see another Porsche domination, with Brian Redman-Charles Mendez and Bob Garretson win the race winning over Bob Hagestad and Hurley Haywood, who suffered from setbacks which deprived them from victory. John Paul and Bonky Fernandez had a great race at the wheel pf their Porsche Carrera RSR, in order to win the GTO class. They finished well ahead of the BMW 3.0CSL driven by Kenper Miller and Walt Bohren, who were not running at the finish. Pepe Romero and Ernesto Soto had a great race, too, as they ended up sixth overall to wrap up the GTU class. Chiqui Soldevilla and Luis Gordillo were second, six laps down. Gene Felton and Vince Gimondo took the AC honors at the wheel of a Buick Skylark, well ahead of Dave Sloyer and Jim Fitzgerald, who drove a Plymouth Volare.

The next race was to take place in Talladega, for a 6 Hour race. Peter Gregg and Brad Frisselle powered off to an amazing eight lap win. Bill and Don Whittington, who started their racing career earlier in the season, were second at the finish. Bonky Fernandez and Dave Cowart easily won the GTO class, well ahead of Richard Valentine and Roger Pierce, who drove an outdated Chevrolet Corvette. Frank Thomas and Lee Mueller earned their first GTU class win in a Porsche 911, beating Dave White and Dana Roehrig in another Porsche 911. Gene Rutherford and Tom Wallace, who drove an Oldsmobile Cutlass, won the AC class, one lap ahead of Clay Young, Eddie Johnson and Bob Buchler in a Pontiac Grand Am. For the first and only time in history, RS cars would run with the GT cars. Andy Vann and Joel Neshkin, who drove an AMC Gremlin, won this class.

At Road Atlanta, which was the first sprint race of the season, Peter Gregg, who had a new twin turbo Porsche 935, shattered the record, and would remain unchallenged throughout the race. Danny Ongais finished second, while Carl Shafer did a great job to end up third in his Chevrolet Camaro. The GTO class was won by Kenper Miller, in his BMW 3.0CSL, who overcame Randy Blessing, who was the fastest qualifyer in his Chevrolet Corvette. The GTU race saw a fantastic race between Dave White, who finally won over Dennis Aase and Sam Posey. They ended up nose to tail until the finish!

The Laguna Seca race was quite different, with George Follmer back to the winner's circle in a race that ended up under the rain. Peter Gregg had a tough and was passed by Hurley Haywood who finished second. The GT class was won by a dominating John Morton in a BMW 3.0CSL entered by Vasek Polak. Howard Meister finished second in a Porsche Carrera RSR. The GTU race was a premiere for Frank Leary who took his Datsun 260Z to a well deserved win. He was 21 seconds ahead of Sam Posey in another Z car. Third was Rodd Harrison in a Porsche 914/6.

David Hobbs drove his BMW 320 Tc to a fine victory, after Peter Gregg broke an axle. John Paul ended up second in his AAGT Chevrolet Corvette, edging Gianpiero Moretti in his Porsche 935. Dennis Aase won the GTU race in a Porsche 911 he had borrowed, beating up Don Devendorf, who drove a Datsun 260Z.

The Lime Rock race saw Peter Gregg back to Victory Lane. Bill Whittington finished second while John Paul put up another very good race in his Greenwood Chevrolet Corvette. Sam Posey won the GTU race, as Don Devendorf broke a rocker arm, losing his second place to Dennis Aase.

Brainerd saw another Porsche sweep with Peter Gregg winning over Gianpiero Moretti and Don Whittington. Dave Cowart won the GTO class in a Porsche Carrera RSR, finishing ahead of Paul Brand in a Chevrolet Camaro. Dave White won the GTU class over Don Devendorf in his Electramotive Datsun 260Z.

Peter Gregg won the Paul Revere race in a very convincing way, after losing time after pitting for a flat tire. He finished well ahead of Clif Kearns and Milt Minter, with Don and Bill Whittington in third place. Kenper Miller was fourth, and firstvin GTO, with Mauricio de Narvaez and Diego Febles trailing him. Dave White won the GTU class, followed by Bill Bean and Bill Bean in another Porsche 911.

Gene Felton won the AC class in his Buick Skylark with Tim Chitwood and Sam Fillingham in second place at the finish.

David Hobbs took another victory at Sears Point, while Peter Gregg had one his rare dnf. Don Whittington finished second with Gianpiero Moretti in third place. Howard Meister won the GTO class in his Porsche Carrera RSR, easily beating Kenper Miller in his BMW 3.0CSL. Frank Leary took his second GTU victory over Dennis Aase and Don Devendorf.

Peter Gregg again won the race at Portland, clinching the Camel GT title in the process. He clearly dominated the race while Gianpiero Moretti and Bill Whittington took second and third. Dave Cowart won the GTO class over Bob Bergstrom and Ren Tilton in a Porsche 911. Dennis Aase won the GTU race over Don Devendorf and Frank Thomas.

The Mid Ohio 250Mile race was to be run under high temperatures. Bill Whittington and Jim Busby survived this race over David Hobbs and Tom Klausler in the BMW 320Tc. David Cowart and Mauricio de Narvaez paired to win the GTO class with Bonky Fernandez and Walt Bohren just behind. Bill Bean also survived this race to win the GTU class with Bob Speakman second in his Datsun 260Z.

The Atlanta race saw another Porsche domination with Peter Gregg again the fastest of this squadron. Brothers Don and Bill were behind, ahead of Gianpiero Moretti. Howard Meister won the GTO class, followed by Kenper Miller and David Cowart. In GTU, Don Devendorf, in his very first season, took his first victory over Jim Fitzgerald in another Datsun 260Z. Dennis Aase was third. Clay Young, who drove a Pontiac Grand Am, won the AC class over Vern Smith in a Chevrolet Malibu.

The Daytona Finale saw Peter Gregg again end his dominating season by a victory. Danny Ongais took the second place over John Paul, who entered a Porsche 935 for the first time. The GTO class was totally different from the other races, with Rick Thompkins Chevrolet Corvette winning over Bob Tullius and Brian Fuerstenau in a Jaguar XJS. Mauricio de Narvaez was third. The GTU class also was unusual, too, with Richard Kendrick and Scott Hoerr winning the class over Ray Mummery and Tom Sheehy. Many of the top contenders were not there, for various reasons. Don Yenko was the AC winner in his Chevrolet Nova with Gene Felton second.