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The TO and TU classes were dropped, sending every car into the GTO and GTU.

Al Holbert and Ellliot Forbes Robinson in a new Porsche Carrera RSR, beating Michael Keyser and Milt Minter. George Stone and Mike Downs took the third place. Michael Sherwin and Fred Baker were the GTU winners, beating Mike Landrum and Jerry Schaub.

Milt Minter won the Laguna Seca race, winning the two heats and ahead of Horst Kwech and Peter Gregg or Elliot Forbes Robinson. Walt Maas, in a Datsun 240Z won easily the GTU class with Jim Cook taking second place in a Posche 911 Targa.

Ontario was all Porsche, and Peter Gregg won the race over George Dyer-Bob Bondurant and Michael Keyser-Milt Minter. Walt Maas and Frank Leary won the GTU class in the FAR Datsun 240Z. Adrian Gang was second.

Al Holbert teamed up with Peter Gregg to win the 5 Hours of Mid Ohio in the Holbert's Porsche Carrera RSR. Bill Webbe and Hurley Haywood were second, with Michael Keyser and Milt Minter coming in third place. Bruce Jennings and Bob Beasley won the GTU class over Ray Walle and Tom Reddy in a Mazda RX3.

Hurley Haywood won the Paul Revere Daytona race in the Applejack Porsche Carrera RSR. Bob Bergstrom was second in his own Porsche Carrera RSR, followed by Gregg Loomis' one. Juan Montalvo was the GTU class winner in his Ford Escort. Paul Spruell and Bill Bean were second in a Porsche 911.

Talladega was won by Milt Minter, who was hired by John Greenwood to drive his Chevrolet Corvette. George Dyer and Peter Gregg were next, finishing in the same lap as the winner. Don Parish won the GTU class in his Porsche 911 over Rusty Bond also in a Porsche 911.

At Charlotte, Peter Gregg took a new victory over Hurley Haywood and Gregg Loomis-Steve Behr. Spencer Buzbee and Craig Ross captured their first ever GTU win in a Datsun 240Z. Russ Norburn and Fred Miller were second in a BMW 2002.

Lime Rock was a two heat race, with Peter Gregg winning the first one and only in seventh place in the second one, Michael Keyser was second in the first one but won the second heat, this made him the winner of the race. Steve Behr was third in the first heat, just ahead of Bob Sharp, who posted an outstanding show to win the GTU class. Brad Frisselle was second in class, with John Morton taking over in the second heat, to take a second place behind Bob Sharp again, who finished second overall!

At Mexico City, local drivers Hector Rebaque, Fred van Beuren and Guillermo Rojas won the sole event to be held here. They finished ahead of Gregg Loomis and Steve Behr. Bob Hagestad and Skip Barber were third for another Porsche sweep. Adrian Gang and Dennis Aase won the GTU class in the Edelweiss Porsche 911. Luis Iglesias and Andres Contreras were second in a local Porsche 911.

The Daytona Finale became the traditional venue for John Greenwood, who unleashed his new racer. His 1975 car, nicknamed 'Batmobile' was a nickel rocket. He was unchallenged, finishing well ahead of Al Holbert and Dave Heinz-Jerry Thompson in another Chevrolet Corvette. Juan Montalvo won the GTU class in his Ford Escort, Bob Speakman was second in a Datsun 240Z, followed by George Drolsom.