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 1 59 PORSCHE CARRERA RSR 911 360 0727 Peter Gregg-Hurley Haywood 65 Laps 1.GTO
 2 18 CHEVROLET CAMARO Warren Agor 65 Laps 1.TO
 3 1 PORSCHE CARRERA RSR 911 360 0755 Michael Keyser 65 Laps 2.GTO
 4 76 PORSCHE CARRERA RSR Mike Downs 64 Laps 3.GTO
 5 62 PORSCHE CARRERA RSR 911 460 0111 Bob Bergstrom 63 Laps 4.GTO
 6 97 PORSCHE CARRERA RSR 911 360 0997 Bob Hagestad 63 Laps 5.GTO
 7  9 PORSCHE CARRERA RSR 911 360 0386 Harry Bytzek 62 Laps 6.GTO
 8 95 PORSCHE CARRERA RSR 911 360 0686 R7 Guillermo Rojas-Peter Gregg 62 Laps 7.GTO
 9 84 CHEVROLET CAMARO Roy Stamey-Gene Felton 62 Laps 2.TO
10 30 PORSCHE CARRERA RSR 911 360 0557 George Dyer 62 Laps 8.GTO
11 24 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Cam Champion-Robert Barg 62 Laps 9.GTO
12 99 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Bruce Morton-Phil Currin 61 Laps 10.GTO
13 43 PORSCHE CARRERA RSR 911 360 0705 Dave Helmick-John Graves 61 Laps 11.GTO
14 40 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 194678S402486 Jerry Thompson-Ken Nielson 61 Laps 12.GTO
15 94 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Wilbur Pickett-Bill Bean 61 Laps 13.GTO
16 72 PORSCHE CARRERA RSR 911 360 1008 John Thomas-Peter Papke 61 Laps 14.GTO
17 41 CHEVROLET CORVETTE George Garcia-Henry Simon 61 Laps 15.GTO
18 74 PORSCHE 911S 911 230 0934 Ludwig Heimrath 61 Laps 1.GTU
19  7 PORSCHE CARRERA RSR 911 360 0588 R6 Roberto Quintanilla-John McClelland 60 Laps 16.GTO
20 15 CHEVROLET CAMARO Javier Garcia 60 Laps 3.TO
21 77 PORSCHE 911S Bob Beasley 59 Laps 2.GTU
22  6 PORSCHE 911S George Dickinson-Eddie Wachs 59 Laps 3.GTU
23  4 PORSCHE 911S Bill Webbe-Mike Landrum 58 Laps 4.GTU
24 58 PORSCHE CARRERA RSR 911 360 0614 Diego Febles 58 Laps 17.GTO
25 98 SHELBY 350GT French Hickman 58 Laps 18.GTO
26 13 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Dick Bauer-Mel Shaw 58 Laps 19.GTO
27 51 PORSCHE 911S Michael Sherwin 57 Laps 5.GTU
28 86 PORSCHE 911S Jim Lynch-Toby Milne 57 Laps 6.GTU
29 63 FERRARI 365GTB4 13367 Harry Jones 56 Laps 20.GTO
30 66 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Mike Oleyar 56 Laps 21.GTO
31 67 PORSCHE 914/6  914 043 1262 David McClain 56 Laps 7.GTU
32  5 JAGUAR XKE Glenn Bunch 55 Laps 22.GTO
33 90 CHEVROLET CAMARO Armando Alvarez-Albert Naon 51 Laps 4.TO
34 29 CHEVROLET CAMARO Richard Small-Ralph Noseda 51 Laps 5.TO
35 82 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Jim Otto 50 Laps 23.GTO
36 87 FORD MUSTANG Rob Henry 49 Laps 6.TO
37 33 PORSCHE 911S John Belperche 48 Laps 8.GTU
38 00 PORSCHE 911S Brian Goellnicht 44 Laps 9.GTU
39 68 PORSCHE 911S Rusty Bond 41 Laps 10.GTU
40 78 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Babe Headley 41 Laps 24.GTO
41 52 FORD MUSTANG Lem Cammack 40 Laps 7.TO
42 28 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Terry Wolters 40 Laps 25.GTO
43 16 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Clark Howey-Don Findlay-Jerry Yoder 39 Laps 26.GTO
44 22 PORSCHE 911S Pedro Vasquez 37 Laps 11.GTU
45 35 BMW 2002 Phil Dermer 37 Laps 2.TU
46 88 CHEVROLET CAMARO Maurice Carter 30 Laps 8.TO
47  8 CHEVROLET CAMARO Tom Nehl 30 Laps 9.TO
48 20 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Alex Davidson 26 Laps 27.GTO
49 80 DATSUN 240Z Bob Lapp 25 Laps 12.GTU
50 12 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Ford Smith 20 Laps 28.GTO
51 38 DE TOMASO MANGUSTA Max Sebba 19 Laps 29.GTO
52 11 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Nick Engels 14 Laps 30.GTO
53 65 PORSCHE CARRERA RSR 911 360 0701 Pete Harrison 13 Laps 31.GTO
54 19 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 194679S721688 Lamar Mann 13 Laps 32.GTO
55 10 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Tony de Lorenzo 13 Laps 33.GTO
56 36 CHEVROLET CAMARO Kenper Miller 12 Laps 9.TO
57 27 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Don Yenko 10 Laps 34.GTO
58 110 SHELBY 350GT SFM6S1828 Bob Mitchell 4 Laps 35.GTO
59  2 CHEVROLET CAMARO Tim Chitwood 4 Laps 10.TO
60 61 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Bill McVey 4 Laps 36.GTO
61 25 FORD MUSTANG Joe Rodriguez 1 Lap 11.TO
62 17 CHEVROLET CAMARO Vince Gimondo 0 Lap 12.TO

Cars that did not start

    3 FORD CAPRI Harry Theodoracopoulos-Horst Kwech GTO
    4 PORSCHE 911 Bill Webbe-Mike Landrum GTU
   14 CHEVROLET CAMARO C.C Canada-Russ Boykin TO
   21 PORSCHE 911 Jeffrey Foster-Charles Hurst-Bert Everett GTU
   23 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 194679S702572 Allan Anderson GTO
   31 DE TOMASO PANTERA 2344 Warren Tope GTO
   34 PORSCHE 911 Tom Kuentz GTU
   35 BMW 2002 David Vogel TU
   37 FORD MUSTANG Danny Moore TO
   39 CHEVROLET CAMARO Herb Jones-Radjah Rodgers TO
   42 CHEVROLET CAMARO Dale Koch-Jerry Mull-Arnold Reid TO
   44 TRIUMPH GT6 Dale Kreider GTU
   45 SHELBY 350GT Manuel Quintana-Luis Sereix TO
   46 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Al Cartlidge-Ron Metcalf GTO
   47 SHELBY 350GT Augusto Molina-Mike Tabernero TO
   49 DATSUN 240Z William Frates-Vic Capone GTU
   50 PONTIAC FIREBIRD Dennis Dallmeyer-Jacques Groleau TO
   53 FORD MUSTANG Roberto Boza-Pepe Romero TO
   54 BMW 2002 Bob Lazebnik-Milner Nobley TU
   56 PORSCHE 914/6 Lee Cutler GTU
   69 OPEL MANTA Steve Coleman-Dennis Shaw TU
   73 DATSUN 240Z Tom Flavin-Carson Baird TU
   79 CHEVROLET CORVETTE John Carr-Susan Call GTO
   81 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Joe DeFever-Bob Kiefer TO
   89 DATSUN 240Z Gordon Johnson-Jacques Groleau-Craig Ross GTU
   91 PORSCHE 911 Marc Dancose-Jacques Bienvenue GTU
   92 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Tony Ansley-Ron Connelly GTO
   93 CHEVROLET CAMARO Gene Harrington TO
   138 MAZDA RX2 Paul Fleming TU

Peter Gregg in the end.

Porsche drivers aren't the only hot-shoes around these days, as was clearly demonstrated during a November weekend in Daytona at the final Camel GT Challenge series race. With only one and one half- points between first and second place in the series, held respectively by Mike Keyser (Toad Hall Racing Porsche) and Peter Gregg (Brumos- Garrard Porsche), one knew that this race would be no picnic for anyone except the spectators. Vying strongly for a piece of the action was a Camaro driven by Warren Agor, a young man who obviously did not take seriously Gregg's prediction that Porsche would win both the Trans-Am and the IMSA series this year. Agor and his Camaro were reportedly clocked at around 197 mph on the high banks and such a claim was entirely credible as he metho- dically built up a 35 second lead over the starting field of 61 cars in the first few laps of the race.

The start of the race with Warren Agor leading the field.

Veteran driver Wilbur Pickett, of Daytona, in a Corvette, found his "Pig" seized an engine in practice Saturday morning and sent to St. Petersburg for another. Not being able to qualify, he was forced to start at the back of the pack on Sunday, sporting a smaller engine. Never being comfortable at the rear, Pickett threaded his way through the traffic and less than halfway through the race was sitting serenely in forth place after Bruce Currin's Vette took a long, literal, break. So, there we were - Camaro (Agor), Porsche (Gregg), Porsche (Keyser), Corvette (Pickett). Time for Agor's first pit stop (one of two that were necessary for the bigger cars, versus only one for the Porsches). Turned out his 35 second lead wasn't enough since the Camaro declined to restart, costing Agor over 50 seconds in the pits while he had to be pushed off. He moved back up as high as second, but other problems forced further stops and Pickett moved up to second place for awhile. Pickett eventually was slowed by shock and suspension problems and at the checkered flag found himself unhappily in 15th place while Agor sorted things out and claimed second overall for his team


After 31 of the 65 laps, Gregg brought his Carrera in, relinquishing the wheel to co-driver Hurley Haywood. We clocked the pit time at 17 seconds, with Haywood and Gregg changing seats faster than the car could be refueled. Gregg's second car, an identical Carrera (number 95), driven by Guillermo Rojas of Mexico, was brought in after 4-5 laps and Gregg then took the wheel of that car to finish the race, pulling up to 8th place by the finish, We were beginning to wonder whether Keyser was running his engine on imagination when, after nearly 55 laps he still has not pitted. Finally he stormed in, gassed up, and roared out in a smooth 18 second stop that was nearly as well choreographed as Gregg's routine. Try as he might, though, Keyser just couldn't get the best of the Gregg Porsche and Peter took home the bacon ---- again. Later, in victory circle, Gregg modestly stated that he had not thought he could beat Agor. But then when you've won two major series in one year, you can afford to be magnanimous!