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 1 31 PORSCHE 911S Jim Locke-Bob Bailey 131 Laps 1.GTU
 2 49 PORSCHE 911S 911 230 0056 Klaus Bytzek 128 Laps 2.GTU
 3 99 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Phil Currin 127 Laps 1.GTO
 4  1 PORSCHE 911S Bob Beasley-Levon Pentecost 127 Laps 3.GTU
 5 76 PORSCHE 911T George Stone 127 Laps 4.GTU
 6 77 PORSCHE 911T Bruce Jennings 126 Laps 5.GTU
 7 14 PORSCHE 911S 911 030 0043 Andrew Carduner-Hurley Haywood 125 Laps 6.GTU
 8 92 PORSCHE 911S Bill Schmid-Jim Glanton 125 Laps 7.GTU
 9 86 ALFA ROMEO GTV Walter Simendinger-John Diamanti 125 Laps 1.TU
10  8 FORD PINTO Carson Baird 124 Laps 2.TU
11 70 PORSCHE 914/6 Lee MacDonald 123 Laps 8.GTU
12 29 SHELBY 350GT George Gunlock-Bob McClure 123 Laps 2.GTO
13 15 CHEVROLET CAMARO Jocko Maggiacomo 123 Laps 1.TO
14 46 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Craig Carter 120 Laps 3.GTO
15 43 PORSCHE 911 John O'steen-Dave Helmick 117 Laps 9.GTU
16 41 DATSUN 240Z Bob Speakman-William McFarlane 117 Laps 10.GTU
17 98 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Harold Keck-Ken Beck 114 Laps 4.GTO
18 62 PORSCHE 911 Richard Schuck-Jeffrey Foster 114 Laps 11.GTU
19 78 FORD MUSTANG Fred Kashork-Ted Sullivan 114 Laps 2.TO
20 82 ALFA ROMEO GTV Bob Heiberg 112 Laps 3.TU
21 63 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Mike Oleyar-Robert Luebbe 111 Laps 5.GTO
22 54 DATSUN 510 Tom Ciccone-Mike del Sesto 109 Laps 4.TU
23 83 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Tom Felton-Lou d'Amico 107 Laps 6.GTO
24 22 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Sam Posey-Denny Long 100 Laps 7.GTO
25 64 CHEVROLET CAMARO 124379N555039 Richard Sterbins 88 Laps 3.TO
26 59 PORSCHE 911S Peter Gregg 62 Laps 12.GTU
27 89 PORSCHE 911T Mike Tillson 48 Laps 13.GTU
28  2 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Bob Farrell 42 Laps 8.GTO
29 16 BMW 2002 Phil Dermer-Russ Norburn 30 Laps 5.TU
30 42 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Rod Harris 21 Laps 9.GTO
31 91 CHEVROLET CAMARO Mike Summers 20 Laps 4.TO
32 65 FORD MUSTANG Lee Tomczyk 20 Laps 5.TO
33 23 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Charlie Kemp 20 Laps 10.GTO
34 93 FORD PINTO Jerry Walsh 15 Laps 6.TU
35 28 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Andrew Bach 12 Laps 11.GTO
36  9 PORSCHE 914/6 914 043 0033 Harry Bytzek 5 Laps 14.GTU
37 21 AMC JAVELIN Russ Norburn 4 Laps 6.TO

Cars that did not start

   0 BMW 2002 Jacques Fortin-Monique Proulx TU
   6 TVR Joseph Little GTU
   19 ALFA ROMEO BERLINA Eric Jacobsen TU
   20 LANCIA FULVIA Mike Tillson TU
   25 FORD PINTO Rick Schiesz-Jac Hamm TU
   26 FORD PINTO Carl White-Charles Alexander TU
   32 MINI COOPER S Harold Oakes-William Holden-Chris Gross TU
   33 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Silas Allen-Neil Wiernicki-Michael Wiernicki GTO
   36 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Kenper Miller-Paul Miller GTO
   37 SAAB 96 Billy Couch-Steve Dunn TU
   48 FORD PINTO Ron Brown-Jim Lyles TU
   50 FIAT 124 124AC0068989 Steven Shepherd TU
   53 DATSUN 510 Ron Lockhart-Wayne Lockhart TU
   55 CHEVROLET VEGA Bob Keslin-Jack Hundertmark TU
   61 DATSUN 510 Dick Stockton-Gerald Truitt TU
   67 FORD PINTO John Leonard TU
   71 ALFA ROMEO GTV Guiliano Verna-John McCleaf TU
   72 PORSCHE 911T Marc Dancose-Marc Cantin GTU
   73 DATSUN 240Z Tom Flavin-Don Haines GTU
   74 TOYOTA CELICA Buzz Marcus TU
   81 TRIUMPH SPITFIRE Alec Gillespie TU
   88 DATSUN 510 Bob Bunce-Charles Hansen TU
   94 FORD PINTO Jerry Baird TU
   95 MINI COOPER S Roy Bullington-Ed Spreen TU
   96 CHEVROLET CAMARO Gene Felton-Tom Fraser TO
   97 SHELBY 350GT Roger Pierce-David Laughlin TO

Jim Locke and Bob Bailey.

Lime Rock was staging a 200 Miler on Memorial Day, and it would become a familiar venue for the years to come. 65 cars would enter the race, but 37 would actually be qualified. It would be a Porsche versus Chevrolet battle, with a lot of action at stake. Chevrolet Corvettes were dominating the field, on the power side, but they had to face a high fuel consumption. Denny Long was co-driven by Sam Posey in a 454ci Corvette, while Tom Felton and Lou D'Amico had a C2 Corvette, which Tom Felton put on the pole. James Locke was second, ahead of Peter Gregg and Denny Long.

At the start, Jim Locke jumped into the lead, followed by Tom Felton, Peter Gregg, Sam Posey and Harry Bytzek. The power of the big Chevrolet enabled Tom Felton to pass Jim Locke on the straight line. Behind them, Sam Posey was trying to do the same with Peter Gregg, but with no success in the first place. He found his way in the next lap, then went on to pass Jim Locke. Harry Bytzek, meanwhile, had been bumped off the track and had retired. The following thirteen laps would hold the spectators' breath with Tom Felton and Sam Posey running nose to tail. Sam Posey would edge Tom Felton on the 17th lap while sneaking by solder cars. A very unfortunate incident occured when a corner worked was truck by Rod Harris Chevrolet Corvette.

While it seemed that the two leaders were somewhat keeping the opposition at bay, both cars were having brakes problems. Sam Posey and Tom Felton had made off course excursions, the former losing his brakes on lap 30. Jim Locke had reclaimed the lead and was 15 second ahead of Peter Gregg. But the Brumos car would break a suspension link on lap 62. Jim Locke was to be followed by Sam Posey, who had run consistently. He handed his car to Denny Long on lap 65. His followers, all driving Porsche, were now ahead of him. He would have a great run, however, and had mode into 2nd place by lap 100, but he was two laps down from Bob Bailey, who was now in the leading car. He would be sent off course by a spinning car, and break his front nose. Tom Felton and Lou D'Amico would run out of gas on lap 107, after being truck by vapor lock trouble. Surprisingly, the Rinzler Motoracing Chevrolet Corvette, driven by Charlie Kemp, would join the race at the 110 lap mark. The car's engine was being rebuilt during most of the race time. The car ran flawlessly. Klaus Bytzek finished second, two laps behind Jim Locke and Bob Bailey, who had a trouble free race. Phil Currin finally won the GTO class in his 1963 Chevrolet Corvette. Jocko Maggiacomo won the TO class in his Chevrolet Camaro while Walt Siemindinger took the TU win in his Alfa Romeo GTV.